• Show Date: 22/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tania Gardner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 25/09/2023

Southampton & District Canine Association

Southampton & District CS Saturday 22nd July Thank you for the invitation to judge hounds and some gundogs at your show. The weather was not kind unfortunately, it rained all day. Exhibitor were great and we kept smiling Thank you to my stewards who worked tirelessly. Many thanks to the exhibitors for bringing their dogs to be judged. Basset Griffon Vendeen ( Petite ) Class Post Graduate 1st Nykarth Touch Of Class , young bitch , moderate angulations , good front , sternum prominent. Coat of correct texture , good tail set . Steady but correct on the move RBOB Class Open 1st Ch Soletrader Freddie Mercury Mature boy of good type, shown in good coat and of correct texture. Balanced angulations fore and rear. This boy moved very well , showing reach and drive. Very pleased to award him BOB 2nd Nykarth Perfect Moment, not as good on the move today , not happy. She didn’t hold her topline as well. She has a pretty expression. Beagle Class Puppy 1st Haggatty Callisto, Only 8 months bitch , sweet expression , good ear set with long ears . Correct length to height. Needs time . On the move she held her topline , nice even long stride . Class Junior 1st Haggarty Bonafide 10 months dog , good bone and substance for age. Shoulders well set back , forelegs sitting well under the body . Head of good type , kindly expression . Moved proficiently. Good length of stride BP Class Post Graduate 1 st Linkenlees Laurina ShCEx Mature tri bitch, decent shape stood , compact in outline , head of good type , low set ears. Kind expression. Moved steady, just a little loose at elbows today. 2nd Jalhar New Lease Of Life With Haggarty RBOB Pretty expression with low set ears , she has a decent front , with good shapely rear end . Just not as positive on the move . 3rd Nedlaw Queen Of Hearts. Class Open 1st Linkenlees Lyric ShCM ScCEx , liked the bitch for type ,appealing expression, good outline , level topline , high set tail , she was shown in excellent muscular condition . Moving cleanly and with drive. BOB DACHSUND Mini Smooth Class Puppy 1st SIOUXLINE Maisie Rayne , lovely baby , sweet expression, she had good body to leg ratio , forechest sufficient , sufficient ground clearance and moved well for one so young. 2nd not really of breed standard , too much white on body . Moved okay with level topline Class Junior 1st Normpug Apricot Beauty , Bitch who held herself well on the stack and on the move. Very pretty head of correct shape ad showing chiselling. Good front and forechest . She moved very well showing reach and drive RBOB 2nd Rosencrantz Ophelia , another one l liked for outline , balance , correct conical head shape , kind expression , just preferred how the 1st held her shape on the move . 3rd Siouxline Mary Rose Class Post Graduate 1st Dayjaris Xmas Wishes Best mover in the class , showing drive and reach , she has good forechest , well angulated rear quarters . Good ground clearance and correct balance length to height . 2nd Siouxline Master Mariner Just a puppy and a very nice puppy , nicely put together , liked his balance stood , strong topline , which he held on the move , correct tail carriage , enough ground clearance . Very correct on the move . BP 3rd Normpug Tiger Eyes Class Open 1st Pennydach Mystique At Rosencrantz Really lovely bitch , stood she is very correct , good neck into shoulders , strong front and well angled rear . Head of correct type , good finish to muzzle. Moved with purpose keeping topline . BOB 2nd Archidax Betty Boop , similar remarks , moved on a free and easy stride , just preferred hind movement of first. 3rd Dayjaris Cream Cracker Dachshund Mini Wire- Haired Class Puppy 1st Griffindax Gin Spritz Nice puppy , good length to height , furnishings on head coming nicely , she was steady but true on move . BP Class Post Grad 1st Martinks Storm In A Teacup For Lonaza Masculine head with kind expressions under his bushy eyebrows, good finish to muzzle , legs well under him giving good forechest. Nicely angulated rear . Moved well 2nd Archidax Hocus Pocus , RBOB Not a fan of the weather today , pretty girl but not as good finish to muzzle and needs time to finish . Class Open 1st Archidax Dark Phoenix Liked this one a lot , deep through chest , keel well back , correct bend of stifle , shown in good coat and furnishings. She moved with drive and purpose BOB Dachshund Wire Haired Class Puppy 1st Sonham Twice as Nice Liked her overall shape and balance , good head with dark eyes and good ears. She was strong in front with good forechest , she moved well , with good front reach Shown in good coat , correct furnishings and muscular condition delighted to award her BP pG1 Class Junior 1st Bolorias SugarN Spice She is a pretty girl , with a kind expression. Correct coat and furnishings , her side gait was very good reach and easy stride, just a little close behind today. Class Open 1st Bolorias Trick Or Treat JW Stood, very nice balance , for me correct proportions and head of correct shape and type. shoulders well laid back and fore chest prominent . Shown in good coat and for me just pipped 2nd on movement today with her length of stride. BOB 2nd Ch Tendrow Makes The Right Turn JW A bitch that has done a lot of winning at the highest level and I can see why , head of good proportions , neck longish , maybe a tad longer in body but her rear end is strong and her topline is level and firm . Shown in good coat and muscle tone . RBOB 3rd Derochaise Vincenzo Di Braego Greyhound Class puppy 1st Rubicon Don ‘t Stop Me Believing ( Imp USA) 8 months , big strong upstanding puppy , with a long head , flat skull . Neck long and muscular. Not the best weather to show a greyhound , so not too happy on the move but has potential. BP Class Post Graduate 1st Ballyoak Queen So very well muscled , good length of neck and shoulders laid back , movement was hard to assess in the weather . Class Open , 1st Ch Skyswift Moonlight Serenade Very nice , strong upstanding but totally feminine , long head and long muscular neck , loved her overall shape and soundness. Her shoulders were well set back and not overly, muscled , she moved on a free and easy stride . Pleasure to judge and award BOB and group 3 2nd Skyswift New Moon Dog with correct proportions of strength and curves and length . Not as positive on the move and tended to roach his back on the move. Wolfhounds What a shame a lovely entry of Wolfhounds but only one present on the day. Class Postgrad 1st Rainster Eilex Among Hunacres An upstanding strong bitch full of substance but still feminine , head with kind expression, small ears , balanced outline moderate angles , long in neck , chest deep . Easy to watch on the move , typical gait . BOB Rhodesian Ridgeback Class Junior 1st Rozelridge Forever Summer Medium size bitch showing strength through her front construction , muscular neck , needs a little more ribbing back , but brisket of good depth . Moved okay , just lacking drive today . BOB 2nd Rovigo Leonello Tall boy , well off for bone and shown in good muscular condition, strong head , dark eye . Needs some ring training but happy enough, needs to tighten in front . Class Post Grad 1st Jacapellis Mr Brightside Young dog needs time to develop , chest still needs to drop , strong muscular neck , head rather plain but dark eye and kind expression. Needs to come together on the move. Class Open 1st Rovigo Leonello Repeat of 2nd in junior 2nd Kinabulas Gitana Smaller bitch would like a bit more leg for balance, good muscular condition , not so happy in the ring today . Whippet Class Puppy 1st Blueflight Brewin Up A Storm 7 months male puppy , head lean and flat skull , long neck sitting correctly into shoulders , deep chest , still needs to drop into rear quarters but moved okay . BP Class Junior 1st Boland Baloo, liked the shape and outline of this dog , good long lean head , long neck , deep brisket , he moved out with free action , would have liked the hind legs to step under him a bit more 2nd Zoraden Maserati Head lean , flat skull , shoulders well set and deep brisket , preferred this dogs rear movement , he just needs time to mature on . 3rd Jackdaw On The Fence Class Post Graduate 1st Mac Bells Purple Patch Over Chelynnah ( Imp SWE) Nice size bitch Curvy girl with good angulations front and rear , hocks well let down , she moved well in the wet weather , keeping her topline . 2nd Stillastar Magic Moments , another I liked , lovely outline stood ,slight rise over loin , good underline and pretty head and expression . Moved out okay . 3rd Blueflight Sun Warrier Class Limit 1st Abbeyhurst Dancing Queen JW Good outline , slight rise over loin and gentle tuck up and good width to 2nd thigh , hocks well let down and nicely arched feet , good front action and rear legs coming under body . Very much liked her RBOB 2nd Dejare Seeing Stars Similar in outline and size to 1st, masculine head , kind expression,shoulders set back and hocks well let down , just preferred front action in the 1st. 3rd Erinnis Mignonette Class Open 1st Burqa Di Gucci At White Squall JW (IMP ZAF) Loved her outline, she has the correct topline and underline to match , feminine all through with the prettiest of expression , what won her the class then ultimately the hound group was her movement, she has such a ground covering , easy stride . Even in this most awful weather she held her topline on the move . BOB & HG1 and delighted to watch her go BIS . 2nd Collooney Playing Away At Courtbirch. Taller dog with shapely outline , long lean head , well angled rear quarters and good width to 2nd thigh . Not as positive on the move . 3rd Blueflight Bracing Breeze English Springer Spaniel Class Puppy 1st Tiroen Typically Braego Pretty bitch , nicely balanced in angulations front and rear ,good reach of neck . Straight front and enough forechest . Moved with purpose , BP 2nd Kingsheath Sun Dance Chunky boy , head a little stronger than I would like in head , not as forward as the bitch , needs to come together on the move. Class Open 1st Clentonian Pandemonium JW Mature bitch shown in full coat , very pretty expression , rear end well angled and hocks strong and well let down , just a tad close behind , moved well in front. BOB 2nd Cobhay Dazzling Azalea, mature bitch , little short in neck , forechest okay and good bend of stifle. Field Spaniel 1st Redswell Sweet Serendipity Young puppy , needs time to develop , longish in body , ribbed well back , needs ribs to fill out . Steady on move BP Class Open 1st Irisbel English Rose JW 2yr old bitch , lean head , moderate stop decent front and , long and sloping shoulders , stifle moderate , just moving a little close behind BOB 2nd Clandrift Destiny Preferred the head in this bitch , she had a noble look and chiselling , decent body and spring of ribs , very steady on the move RBOB AVNSC Hound Class Puppy 1st Lantlollans Terrazze Dell’Etna To Mochras NAF Happy little chap , nothing overdone , moderate all through , coat of correct texture , very happy on the move . BP 2nd Hayvenhund Hissy Fit Smart smooth ,good forechest and keel . Good reach of neck , moved well 3rd Nagshall The Odd Reason Class Junior 1st Hayvenhund Hunky Dory Good body to height proportions, head of typical type , conical in shape ,ample forechest and enough ground clearance . Move well , good reach and drive for a puppy . 2nd Mochras Marmalade By Jamchala liked the overall shape , short legs , moderate head and good expression , good coat. Correct tail set .Moved out well 3rd Nagshall The Odd Excuse Class Post Grad 1st Nagshall I’m So Dizzy Moved well , head of correct shape , decent front and rear quarters , shown in good body condition and good coat. 2nd Mochras Marmalade By Jamchala 2nd in junior 3rd Alcaliphs Belisama Class Open 1st Tekalhaus The Excelsior What a lovely Long Haired Dachshund, beautiful outline stood , head conical and good dark eye giving a super expression, moved very well behind , showing reach and drive . Presented in immaculate coat and good muscle tone . BAVNSC & HG2 2nd Wanderhund Let’s Celebrate For Hayvenhund JW Smooth , shown in good condition, strong level topline and good muscle tone . Moved very well . 3rd Mochras Marmalade By Jamchala Class AV Hound Puppy 1st Sonham Twice As Nice Repeat 2nd Hayvenhund Hissy Fit Repeat Class Junior 1st Mochras Marmalade By Jamchala Repeat 2nd Boloria Sugar n Spice Repeat 3rd Rosencrantz Ophelia Class Post Grad 1st Mochras Marmalade By Jamchala Repeat 2nd Alcaliphs Belisama Nice Saluki , lovely outline , correct head proportions, just not happy to stand or move out in this weather. Class Open 1st Erinnis Mignonette Decent outline with slight rise over loin , moved out well . 2nd Byabye Brillare With Archidax JW Shown in good coat and muscular condition, correct furnishings and moved out well . 3rd Lillipaw Douglas Hound Group 1st Whippet 2nd Long Haired Dachshund 3rd Greyhound 4th Afghan , nice type with good level topline and correct fallaway , she moved well considering the weather . Hound Puppy Group 1st Wirehaired Dachshund 2nd Basset Fauve De Bretagne 3rd Beagle 4th Greyhound Tania Gardner ( Danwish ) Judge