• Show Date: 10/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tania Gardner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/11/2023

Rhyl Canine Society

Rhyl Canine Society

10th September 2023


Thank you to the committee for the invite, I was pleased with the entry considering it was hound day at Richmond Ch Show. Thank you to my steward Brian for keeping the ring running smoothly. The adult and puppy groups had some quality dogs to choose from.


Afghan Hounds

Class Puppy – no entries

Class Junior 1 Absent

Class Post Grad(2,1)

1st Geordele Born Free

B/ masked Gold , young male who needs time to fill out and strengthen, head was masculine and dark eye , level topline with pin bones prominent. He had the desired shape stood . Steady on the move. Did enough to win BOB

Class Open (4,3)

1st El Roalito Little Silver Feather

Presented in a lovely coat of silky texture . She had a very feminine head with pretty expression. A shame on the move as she really didn’t like the floor and was slipping and wouldn’t raise her tail.


Basset Fauve De Bretagne

Class Open

1st Blevwil Kept Me Secret for Gloynbyw

Mature bitch, head of good proportions, ears set level with eyes.

Short neck and body with good width to ribs. Topline level with high set tail.

On the move she was a little close behind. BOB


Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petite)

Class Puppy

1st Erylan Poseidon De La Mer

Really loved this young man , well balanced for his age , very happy attitude to life. His head was good in type, slightly domed and good finish to his muzzle, strong in under jaw and furnishings growing well. Good reach of neck sitting into well laid shoulders. Ribs well laid back and short loin.

Decent bend of stifle and when he moved, he was very true showing good reach and holding his topline level. He was shown in good muscular condition and coat of correct texture. Very nice puppy BP and PG1

2nd Erylan Pois De Senteur , bitch puppy who was not as mature as 1st , pretty head with large oval eyes and ears well set, she had a very cheeky expression. Level topline and good tail set . On the move she was a little naughty, but floor was a bit slippy .

Class Open (2)

1st Erylan Zeus Rio Des Dieux ShCEx

The finished dog, he had a lovely masculine head, super expression and good furnishings, good reach of neck and ribs were well sprung. Tail set high and correct length. On the move he excelled, true from all angles. He showed drive and reach, holding his head proudly. Coat of correct harsh texture and presentation was good. Delighted to award him BOB and Group 2.

2nd Erylan Loki Maitre Du Mal, loved this males head, slightly domed and large oval eyes giving the softest expression. He to was well built maybe not as good in front as first, but he didn’t find the floor easy. He had a correct harsh jacket and was in good muscular condition.



Class Open (1)

1st Terina’s Man Of Mischief

Compact male, with good body proportions. He was balanced, moderate angulations front and rear , chest well let down. Firm level topline that he kept on the move.

Steady and true in his movement BOB



Class Puppy

1st Go Go Bolshoi Casino Royal (Imp Hun)

Just a baby at 7 months, head long and lean, dark almond eyes and small pointed ears. Long and well-placed shoulders, desired curved topline and good rear quarters with nice width to second thigh. Handled himself well on the move, showing the desired gait BP

Class Post Grad (3,1)

1st Chalksville Katerina

Long lean head , slight dome to skull , small pointy ears longish neck , shoulders well laid with good return of upper arm , straight in front with bladed bone . Slight rise to topline , rear quarters were well muscled . Moved well , straight on the up and down.

2nd Prime Rubin Castor ( Imp Hun)

Upstanding two year old , long lean head , good infill under eyes , slight arch to his neck, good front assembly, slightly sloping pasterns . He had well muscled rear quarters but not as happy on the floor today.

Class Open (3,1)

1st Jamarqui Alchemy Argent , mature dog , I thought him very well balanced , angulations front and rear were good , nothing overdone , showing forechest and deep through chest and rib cage. Handsome head with a lovely expression . Coat of lovely silky texture and he was the best of the move today long reach in front and showing drive in the rear . BOB

2nd Donskoi Ivanoff , veteran boy , shown in good condition for his age , he was well angulated front and rear , good feet and the smallest of ears , moved very sound just not the same drive .


Dachshund Smooth- Haired

1st Hampdach Suicide Blonde

Nearly 12 months bitch, head long and lean , high set ears , decent reach of neck , shoulders well set with corresponding upper arm sitting close to ribs ,prominent breast bone and good keel, well muscled rear end , slight slope to croup and well set tail . On the move I was pleased to see strong rear movement . Hocks parallel to ground . BP

Class Post Graduate (2)

1st Hampdach Lord Flasheart , Black and Tan, masculine head with dark eye , good finish to muzzle , prominent breastbone and good depth to rib cage , short strong loin and he held his topline well on the move showing good reach and correct rear movement, preferred his length to height ratio. BOB & Group 4

2nd Great Kapriz Ogita To Hampdach (Imp Rus) , conical head and good underjaw , enough length of neck and balanced angulations front and rear, true in movement, he just was not as balanced as first.

Class Open (1)

1st Hampdach End To End , head

Refined bitch , pleasing head with kind expression, well ribbed up and good strength in loin , held her topline on the move , with good rear action ,preferred the front of the BOB .  


Dachshund Mini Smooth

Class Puppy (2,1)

1st Lokmadi Sandstone At Bannonbrig , promising puppy , as you would expect , head needs to break and finish but he has all the potential and type to do well . Very clean and correct on the move , holding his topline well . He looked very well in the group ring BP & PG3

Class Junior (4)

Nice class

1st Rossmia KensingtonBeauty , overall a nice bitch , she won the class on her balanced outline , pretty head and good rear quarters , nice rump and kept her level topline on the move. Hind quarters fairly parallel.

2nd Rusaligio Swankypants, feminine head flowing into good shoulders , sufficient neck and front and enough clearance. Moved okay with parallel hocks , just dropping topline on the move.

3rd Violets Quantum Of solace.

Class Post Graduate (4)

1st Paradaxi Final Solution , 19 month mark , overall a nice young dog , head of good shape , enough neck flowing into a decent front , I very much liked him on the move, he showed reach and drive with parallel hocks, tidy to watch on the up and down. He held his topline well BOB

2nd Rossmia KensingtonBeauty

3rd Violets Quantum Of solace.

Class Open

1st Rusaligio Swankypants

2nd Rusaligio Oro Nero

Very pretty head and expression, decent front, not very happy in the ring and looked a little worried today, so didn’t show herself on the move.


Dachshund Wired-Haired

Class Puppy (1)

1st Wyldetarn Genesis

Very much liked this puppy , super head and expression, furnishings coming through , ample reach of neck flowing into well-constructed front and level topline, super rear quarters , on the move he was a sound as I have seen , good parallel hocks , head held proud. Delighted to award him BP & BOB , GrP3 & PG2


Pharaoh Hound

Class Open ​(1)

1st Athanasius Astorte

4 yr old bitch , pretty head and expression, nicely arched neck sitting well into a good front construction, shoulders well laid back , level topline , ample forechest. She moved very well covering the ground with ease. Shown in good muscular condition and coat of deep rust colour. BOB


Rhodesian Ridgeback

Class Junior (1)

1st Kekoa King Midas Of Luanda At Redcrown ( Imp SVK )

Young lad , who was getting over a bad experience in the ring , masculine head with longish muzzle , neck of good strength , bone of good substance . Ample bend of stifle and moved okay. Improved in each class. BOB

Class Post Grad (2)

1st Kekoa King Midas Of Luanda At Redcrown ( Imp SVK )

2nd Redcrown Hawaiian Fire

This girl really wasn’t having the best day, didn’t like the floor and really didn’t want to be here.

Hard to access her. Not as true to type as first.

Class Open

1st Kekoa King Midas Of Luanda At Redcrown ( Imp SVK )


Class Junior (3)

1st Falconcraig Head Over Heels With Snowleana

Nice young bitch , pretty expression , she had the best topline and Co ordinating underline in the class , still needs to drop into chest and ribs to develop. Held herself well on the move showing typical action .

2nd RefftonTibalt At Whipsearle JW( Imp Sp) , decent head and ample reach of neck , not quite the front of the 1st elbows need to tighten , good width to second thigh, he moved steady and true with enough drive behind.

3rd Toupy D’Ochretolievaltt

Class Post Graduate (7, 3 )

1st Pargarni’s Kiss Me Red, moved the best to win this class , nice size of dog , with masculine head , g decent front with good infill, gentle curve to topline. Good width to second thigh , moved steady with drive.

2nd Dapperdiva Four Roses , liked her outline stood , balanced . She has a pretty head, feminine expression. Straight front and decent infill . She moved true and steady just dropped her topline on the move.

3rd Cobyco Cream Sundae

Class Open (5,1)

1st Dapperdiva Milk And Honey JW , very feminine girl , flat skull and the prettiest of expressions, lovely reach of neck , straight in front , enough fore-chest , she has a super curvy topline which she held on the move , great front reach and looked effortless as she moved round the ring . BOB & Grp1

2nd Quick Silver He’s The One For Whipsearle VW , mature lad , at 9yrs he looked and moved very well. Still shown in great condition. Nice rise over loin. Good head with a kind expression.

3rd Cobyco Cream Sundae



Class Puppy

1st Secret Agent With Sufayre ( Hamiltonstovare) really nice put together puppy , he has substance without being course, super bone . Balanced, moderatec angles front and rear . He was a little enthusiastic on the move but showed true steps . BP & BAVNSC & PG4


AV Hound Veteran

1st Quick Silver He’s The One For Whipsearle VW


Hound Group

1st Whippet

2nd PBGV

3rd Dachshund Wire Haired

4th Dachshund Smooth


Puppy Group

1st PBGV

2nd Dachshund Wire Haired

3rd Dachshund Mini Smooth

4th Hamiltonstovare


Handling 6-11

1st Gosia Buchwald , handled dog very well , quiet and unobtrusive. Just remember to smile.

2nd Ella Tobijanski , another nice sympathetic handler , dog was more difficult, she handled the challenge well


1st Maddie Buchwald , what a lovely gentle handler , putting her dog first at all times , concentrated on where the judge was and showed good skills . Moved at correct pace for dog .

2nd Phoebe Jones , very nice with dog , just be aware where the judge is , look up a little more .


17-39 years

1st Nicole Searle, lovely partnership with her dog , moved at one and was always aware of judge and what was been asked of her.

2nd Jayne Croft, dog was rather hot and bothered so made it difficult for handler . She tried her best .


40yrs and over

Well supported class

1st Debra Kay , super partnership , looked at one at all times , very impressed with how they moved . Presented very well

2nd Kirstie Venton , very nice partnership with dog , they moved correctly and at the right pace .