• Show Date: 20/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tania Gardner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/09/2023

Cheshire Agricultural Society

Royal Cheshire County Show

20th June

Thank you to the committee for the invite to judge at one of the most prestigious premier shows in the north .

The weather wasn’t kind but thank you to my stewards , who kept things moving smoothly.

Hungarian Vizsla

 Class Puppy (3)

1st Castledogley Firenze (Mr D J & Ms E M Hardcastle & Bradley

8 month old bitch , typy head , slight stop , with kind expression. Sufficient front angulations leading into a short level back . Stands on good feet . Steady on the move and in a smallish ring she kept her shape well . BP

2nd Shelseivad Page Three Girl (Mrs E & Mrs H Davies

Not as forward as 1st but decent head , slight stop , upright in pasterns , on the move she just didn’t keep her shape . The weather was awful , which didn’t help .

3rd Castledogley Milano (Mrs E Randall)

Class Junior (6)

1st Perllanside Street Party (Miss J Wall)

Male who is stronger in head than I like , touch too much stop , good bone , strong neck sitting well into withers , positive on the move . Keeping level topline

2nd Vizslanya Pafrany for Zinniaviz (Mrs L & Miss L Elliott)

At the in between stage , lean head with moderate stop , front angulations sufficient but tending to straighten behind on the stack . Moved steadily .

3rd Nicael Coconut (Dr Ke Cosgrove

Class Post Graduate (7,3)

1st Perllanside Fly The Flag (Miss J Wall)

Young bitch who had a decent head , moderate stop , good forechest and front angulations , level back and moved okay . Would like to see a bit more reach and drive . RBOB

2nd Ambravittoriya Art of Love for Marghele (Imp Rus) JW (Miss K G Bradley

Little strong in head for a bitch , front still needs to tighten. Nice outline stood just needs to hold it together on the move.

3rd Onneleys Best Kept Secret (Mrs A Mcbride

Class Open (5,2)

1st Vizslanya Sziena JW (Mr D J & Ms E M Hardcastle & Bradley

Very nice medium size bitch , shown in the best muscular condition of the day , good head , moderate stop , very balanced in angulations , deep chest and this showed in her movement. Graceful and free flowing . BOB

2nd Aldom Dark N'stormy (Mrs L & Miss L Elliott

Good outline stood , adequate angulations front and rear . Pasterns slightly sloping , Short, level back , just needs to show more reach and drive .

3rd Marghele Smooth As Statham (Miss K G B)

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla (6)

Class Puppy (2,2)

Class Junior

1st Enryb Tickled Pink JW (Ms E Loynd)

Lots to like for type , very well constructed and stands on good bone , good furnishings on head and shown in a good harsh jacket. On the move steady and true showing reach and drive which one her BOB

2nd Farnfield Pickpocket for Brightmeadow (Mr J & Mrs M B Stephens)

Very much like this dog , loved his head. He now needs to mature into his frame and his coat needs a little work but moved very well . Powerful and true . RBOB

3rd Zoldmali Ezmi (Imp Srb) (Mrs A L Tasker)

Class PostGrad (1)

1st Enryb Pink Panther (J Elders)

Another good example of the breed , lovely typy head , excellent furnishings and harsh coat . Deep chest and correct bone . Just not as settled on the move today.

Class Open (2,1)

1st Throstlenest Helios (Dr A S & Mrs J C Davidson

More compact all over but balanced , shown in correct harsh coat . On the move she needs to cover the ground a bit more for my liking.

Tania Gardner ( Danwish )