• Show Date: 30/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Susan Porter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 25/08/2023

Turriff District Agricultural Association

Turriff District Agricultural Association Open Show


Judge Miss S Porter "Shearstone"

I had a brilliant time and was made to feel most welcome, you can’t beat a dry day out at an Agricultural Show that has a Dog Show attached. Thanks to my two efficient Stewards who kept the ring moving. The ring was large, level and the grass was short, a real credit to the Society, some Championship Shows would be green with envy. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the whole group apart from the Golden Retrievers and was delighted with the quality that I had.

Flat Coated Retriever Open 6 2a

1st Riach Aricdell Kraienkoppe - Youngest in the class and she was raw but had some lovely qualities about her, very clean, lovely angles front and back without exaggeration, standing true front and back on nice feet. Well-proportioned head that was feminine. She moved around the ring with ease, showing the racy lines that you expect. BOB

2nd Macpherson Rachanmill Colombo - A mature boy that had a lovely outline, and moved well, just preferred the head of my winner I was really splitting hairs in this class.

3rd Williamson Hoedun Joy Ride To Sandti

Gordon Setter Open 7 3a

1st Munro Hernwood Northern Adonis Of Dulmaur -This boy wasn’t giving his owner the easiest of times, he did his best to throw it away but I couldn’t look past him. He had a lovely head masculine but without any sign of coarseness. Good reach of neck lovely front angles elbows close to body deep through the chest. Gentle turn of stifle. Moved true.

2nd Munro Panthera Bad Medicine Dulmaur - Lovely head with nice eye, Well made through out just preferred the back movement of the boy.

3rd Tillett Fieldtalk’s King Of Queens

Hungarian Vizsla Post Grad 6 2a

1st Clubb & Mason Oroshaza Bumble Beee - Just out of puppy, this bitch was so eye catching when stacked. She had lovely head proportions with nice eye shape and colour. Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders, lovely forechest, elbows closely fitting. Level topline with a rounded croup. Gentle tuck up in the loin. Good turn to her stifle. Straight when viewed from front and rear. Moved out well. BOB & G3

2nd Angus Calmerell Gie It Laldy - Another lovely bitch who had a lovely shape to her, in lovely condition she moved out well with a lovely tail carriage.

3rd Mcbeath Wallaroo Beyond The Horizon At Redhunt

Hungarian Vizsla Open 3 2a

1st Stalker Kinharrachies Freda Nice head on her with nice eye shape and colour. Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Deep through the chest Level topline, nice back end. Moved out well.

Pointer Open 1

1st Mackay Fleurfield Steals The Dream Sh CM

A grand old gentleman who looked and moved so well for his 9 years, had lovely head proportions with a well-defined stop, with a kind expression. Long neck into well-made front, ribs well sprung, chest level with his elbows. Good turn of stifle. Moved out with ease flowed around the ring. I also placed him 4th in the stunning Veteran class at the end of the day. BOB

German Wirehaired Pointer Open 2

1st Chrystie Bareve Best Done Now A young dog with plenty of substance to him, when he was stacked up he presented a lovely shape, tended to be a lose cannon on the move, needs to get his act together then he will blossom into a real head turner. Not in the best of jackets today. BOB

2nd Dervish-Uman Caeneus Coronus At Todlachie Complete polar opposite to the boy in type, smaller bitch with a lovely head with masses of coat on her, moved out well.

German Shorthaired Pointer Open 2

1st Lindridge Amidala Dancing Queen Turns out that the daughter beat the mother here today. She had a feminine head, lovely neck into shoulders. Deep through the chest nice tuck up on her, lovely turn of stifle. Moved out really well easily covering ground BOB

2nd Lindridge Amidala Fast and Furrous JW Thought she had the best head out of the two, she gave me that superior look that the GSP has cornered the market in. Nice shape on her just felt she was carrying slightly too much weight here today.

Weimaraner Post Grad 2 1a

1st Charlish Harelferg Cookson Another who’s just out of puppy, she has a lovely head and eye on her giving her an intelligent expression. Good reach of neck. Straight front and rear legs. Moved out well. She should mature up nicely.

Weimaraner Open 4 1a

1st Mcmahon Ir Sh Ch Silverkelvin Jupiter Over Magdala CW22 Nice head proportions when looking at him from the front, nice eye. Good reach of neck, shoulders well made, deep chested well sprung ribs extending well back. Super turn of stifle. Good muscle on him which reflected on his movement especially in profile where he held his topline well. BOB

2nd Beckley Gunalt Interviews At Nothfantasma Lovely boy who was well made just slightly longer cast than one. He moved out really well, just fell for the head of 1.

3rd Bannermans Selhendo Special Edition

Irish Setter Open 3

1st Charlish Quensha People Keep Talking of Harelferg - Young boy who has a lovely outline to him showing clean racy lines. Lovely head super front and back angles. Won this class on his movement. BOB & G4

2nd Tillett Finniche Love Is On The Line - Beautiful head long lean lines with chiselling, nice eye shape such a pretty girl. Nicely made with super angles front and back.

3rd Tillett Finniche Foolhardy

Labrador Retriever Junior 6 3a

1st Simpson Strathlana Black Jasper - Loved this boy, from his correct head to the tip of his tail. Just stood himself four square with no effort needed to correct anything into place which must be a joy to his owner, nothing overdone, super length to his leg. It all just flowed with him giving him such a lovely silhouette. Moved out true front and back with his every wagging tail in correct coat. I would be chuffed to bits if he was mine. BOB & G1

2nd Gilroy Claychalk Costa Moneta -Really like this girl as well, she is well made throughout, just unlucky to meet the boy today

3rd Gunn Faye Of The Fair Isle

Labrador Retriever Post Grad 6 4a

1st Larsen & Berrys Exelby Neath - Good head on him, nice reach of neck well made shoulders, Good depth and spring to his ribs, level topline, well turned stifle. He moved out well just carrying far too much weight today.

2nd Nicol Holsky Back In Black - Pretty head on her, she was nicely made throughout just lacked the class of 1

Labrador Retriever Limit 2 1a

1st Nicol Saranden Shoshone At Holsky - Lovely veteran girl very balanced throughout presenting a lovely shape. Lovely coat. Moved out really well.

Labrador Retriever Open 4 2a

1st Rolland Antonine Chickaboo At Strathlana The mum of my BOB. Beautiful type very balanced and moved out straight and true covering the ground well, honest type.

2nd Gilroy Claychalk Costa Yen Good head on him, lovely outline well made, lost out on movement today.

Cocker Spaniel Junior 7 1a

1st Sinclair Claramand Mercury Rising At Duclarus

Felt really sorry for the minor puppies in this class as they looked so out of it compared to the ones at the top end of Junior. My winner had a balanced head, correct ear set, good length of neck set well onto shoulders that had good angulation. Level topline, short in the loin, nice tailset. A little too lively in the movement department to begin with, but he got his act together and covered the ground well.

2nd Brindle Kenwad Golden Dream - Nicely made Golden bitch, that had a lovely head, she was dripping in coat and was presented really well. She had lovely angles front and back.

3rd Duncan Corralet Condesa

Cocker Spaniel Post Grad 8 4a

1st Duncan Dunherl Forget Me Not - Very pretty girl who really came into her own on the move really drove around the ring. Well made present a lovely shape

2nd Lawrie Inverella Magic Coco - This girl was 4th in the junior class she had nice angles front and back, just lost out on movement.

3rd Craigen Lynshow Falcon

Cocker Spaniel Open 7 1a

1st Sinclair Chataway Dress Tartan At Duclarus JW SHCEX OSW - What a beautiful bitch, lovely head on her with such a gentle expression. Good upper arm and layback of shoulder nice length to her neck which flowed well into her shoulder. Well sprung ribs and short in the loin. Level topline. Nice bend of stifle. Moved out so well BOB G2

2nd Cowie Lynshow True Secrets Lovely head on him, good front angles front and back. Nice topline. In super coat and turned out well.

3rd Duncan More Than Amazing Time Traveler To Kenwad For Dunherl

AV Gundog NSC Junior 2

1st Toynton Taramount Dazzle Caramel (American Cocker Spaniel) Presented so well and once you get into her coat she had lovely front angles, straight front legs, elbows fitting close to the body, deep chested well sprung ribs. Firm slopping topline. Well-turned stifle. Held her shape well on the move.

2nd Mackay Testaverde Deal Or No Deal (Italian Spinone) 9 month old boy, nice head shape with kind expression. He presented a square shape, with nice conformation and he trotted out and back well.

AV Gundog NSC Post Grad 3 1a

1st Garden Leiborschy Theano (Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla) Nice head proportions with eye and nose colour all adding to the picture, good double coat. Lovely angle front and back. Moved out true and effortlessly.

2nd Spence Sonnetend Naughty Naughty For Cabharan (Field Spaniel) Not the most confident girl, she had a lovely head and is well worth persisting with. She was shown in such hard condition what a fit dog.

AV Gundog NSC Open 3 1a

1st Mackay’s Feriia Jacomelo (Italian Spinone) Really hard choice between these two in the end it went down to movement and breed type. He has a good head on him, good angles front and back really square powerful dog.

2nd Spence Sonnetend Picture This At Cabharan (Field Spaniel) Another super fit dog that felt so muscled up. She had a pretty head with lovely expression. Just lost out on the trueness of movement.

AV Gundog Special Minor Puppy 7 4a

1st Lawries Mablehope You’re the One. (Cocker Spaniel) Lovely baby puppy she was compact and square, who moved out so well displaying reach and drive not flashy, but had that tail that didn’t stop. Pretty head with correct ear set. Good neck, lovely angles front and back.

2nd Duncans Corralet Condesa (Cocker Spaniel) She was 3rd in my Junior class, another really cracking baby, who is put together well and moved true front and back.

3rd Warden Holinbrae Zoom Time At Glentochty (Golden Retriever)

AV Gundog Special Puppy 8 3a

1st Gilroy Claychalk Costa Moneta

2nd Saunderson Moloko Izipzi At Crobeag (Golden Retriever) Lovely head very pretty. Dark pigment. Lovely angles front and back, stood on straight legs with tight catlike feet. Her topline was better stacked than when moving.

3rd Warden Holinbrae Zoom Time At Glentochty (Golden Retriever)

AV Gundog Special Junior 8 2a

1st Clubb & Mason Oroshaza Bumble Bee

2nd Sinclair Claramand Mercury Rising At Duclarus

3rd Stalker Valentine Magyar-Tim for Kinharrachie (Hungarian Vizsla)

AV Gundog Special Veteran 22 8a

Everyone of these Veterans were a credit to their owners, show people certainly know how to look after their precious oldies, no overweight unfit dogs present. I’m a Golden person and I found myself putting up 2 Goldens first and second.

1st Younie Largymore Live To Love You SHCM This boy had the most beautiful soft head, I looked into his eyes and my heart melted, you would have to go a long way to find a better head. He was correctly made throughout, he moved out true front and back holding his topline in profile. In lovely coat and turned out to perfection.

2nd Grays Knockothie Fairway Dark boy with slightly more size to him than one. Well-made throughout and moved out well. Lost out on head here today.

3rd Clubb & Mason Sh Ch Oroshaza Chukar VW CW18 (Hungarian Vizsla)

AV Gundog Open Dog 6 2a

1st Warden Noblemoon Tak The High Road To Glentochty (Golden Retriever) Lovely head on this boy, plenty of bone straight when viewed from front and back, lovely tight cat like feet. Level topline moved really well.

2nd Mcmahon Ir Sh Ch Silverkelvin Jupiter Over Magdala CW22

3rd Larsen & Berrys Exelby Neath

AV Gundog Open Bitch 9 2a

1st Munro’s Panthera Bad Medicine Dulmaur

2nd Thompson Tenfield Princess Royal At Tillycorthie (Golden Retriever) Freestanding wagging girl, with lovely head and expression. With good bone and neat feet. Lovely topline held well when moving, not in the best of coats.

3rd Bannermans Selhendo Special Edition