• Show Date: 23/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Susan Begg Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Sheringham & District Kennel Association



Thank you to the Committee for the invite to judge the Gundog Group at this well run show. Such a shame about the weather, towards the end of the classes, which meant many left early and who could blame them. So much work goes into preparing and presenting. The quality of dogs today was exceptional, so thank you to all exhibitors for entering and giving me the chance to judge some breeds not judged before. This was indeed a pleasure and privilege to have the opportunity to judge so many beautiful exhibits.

Retriever (Golden)

P 3(2), Seamons, 1ST Ramchaine Luminescence over Messano (IMP NLD) B. Loved this girl, so very feminine, her personality shining through, loved her well balanced head and soft expression. Straight front and deep chest, good length of leg with enough bone. good length of leg and proportionate of body, good neck and shoulders, level topline, good spring of rib, her movement was straight and true. BOB, BP. GP2, PGP3. SY 5(3), Tarsey, 1ST Mitchnel You Pierce My Soul, B. Extremely pretty head. Lovely neck flowing into a straight topline, with laid back shoulders, good angulation fore and aft, straight front with tight feet. Moved well in the class. RBOB.

Black, 2ND Bencoe Just in Time Del Avrain, D. Pleasing head, Good lay back of shoulder, neat feet, longer cast than 1. Moved OK.

LIMIT 5, Barber, 1ST Messano Just Good Friends D. Masculine head, with kind expression, good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, level topline, strong hind quarters. Was flying his tail today. Moved OK. King, 2ND Pajula Little Miss Princess B. Finely built bitch, she has a feminine head with soft expression, straight in front with good reach of neck and good spring of ribs, good conformation, just a little bit longer cast, she moved happily and steadily. Black, 3RD Bencoe Just in Time Del Avrain D.

OPEN. King, 1ST Pajula Little Miss Princess.

Retriever (Labrador)

SY 2(1), Shakesshaft’s, 1ST Warringagh’s Coorumba, Strong but feminine head, dark eye, good reach of neck and good lay back of shoulders, good depth of chest, straight front, good bone and with good spring of rib, well covered, strong body all through. She moved very well. BOB. LIMIT No Entries, OPEN NO ENTRIES

Retriever (NovaSDT)

P No Entries, SY (1) Powley’s, 1ST Cfyre’s Prancing Across the Sky, D, Lovely outline, correct wedge shaped head, almond shape eyes of good colour, well placed shoulders. Tight feet, moved really well.

LIMIT 6, Andrew’s, 1ST Tollelkin Dream Spring at Jemmatee. Such a pretty girl, lovely outline, straight front, tight feet, good lay back of shoulders, good turn of stifle, short hocks, lovely colour and coat of good condition., loved her typical happy movement. BOB.

Tester, 2nd Gingafin Forget Me Not, B, Good lay back of shoulder. Well ribbed up, strong hindquarters with good turn of stifles, good bone all through. Moved OK. Collins & Powley, 3rd Danehaven Madeleine. Fincham, Res Danehaven Macdonalds, Tester, VHC Gingafin Aint No Way. OPEN 3 (1) Tester, 1ST Gingafing Careless Whisper, B. Lovely type. Good shaped head, balanced outline, straight front, well bodied up with good length of rib, moved well. RBOB.

Collins & Powley, 2nd Deveron Duchess of Danehaven. Close decision with 1 & 2, Good head piece with good width. Strong neck leading to good lay back of shoulders. Good depth of chest good spring of rib. Moved OK.

Spaniel Cocker

P 7(2) Clarke, 1st, Harbethol Look Magical Tyme, D, Cracking boy of 9 months. Loved his head, lovely dark eye and soft yet masculine expression, ears set on low, well-placed shoulders, compact body and well-rounded hindquarters, nice feet, moved out very well. BP

Wright, 2nd, Chazbaz My Girl Melissa, B. Pretty girl, good bone, tight feet, well presented, good happy mover. Brothwell, 3rd Wissant Moonlit Sky. Randall, Res, Plaiglen Sunshine. Marshall, VHC, Wissant Moon and Stars. SY 5. Taylor, 1st, Black Wildest Dream at Frieljoanipa (IMP HRV) B. Presented in beautiful condition. Pleasing head, ears set on low, well placed shoulders with well-balanced compact body, good bend of stifle, neat feet, moved very well.

Clifford, 2nd, Tomarisroan Shining Star of Chamford B. Quality bitch, compact body, level top-line held on the move, moved soundly.

Brothwell, 3rd, Wissant Dear Darlin, B. Davies, Res, Mablehope Melrose Miss of Peacevale. Collier, VHC, Pepperbox Midnight Parti,

LIMIT 3, Brothwell, 1st Wissant Uptown Girl, Lovely head with correct dark eye, well set on low placed ears. She is balanced in body and moved very well. RBOB. Marshall, 2nd Wissant Very Special Agent, D, Pleasing head, good feet, neck and shoulders, well sprung ribs, moved well. Clarke, 3rd, Habethol Look Just Perfekt. Open 3. Brothwell, 1st, Wilanorah Ticket to the Moon at Wissant, D. Balanced head good stop and square muzzle. Dark eyes and low set ears. Good neck into well placed shoulders. Well off for bone, straight front legs, strong compact body. Well bodied and balanced, good bend of stifle. Moved straight and true. BOB, Keeley, 2nd Oakbeach Dare to Dream Big, D B/R, Close between these two. Lovely quality and breed type, good head and expression, loved his shape of neck laying neatly into well placed shoulders, sound movement. Randall, 3rd Ziennes Cornflower.

Spaniel (English Springer)

P 4. Frusher, 1st, Chanangel When You Believe, Pleasing head on this young bitch, clean throat and straight front, well ang fore and aft, good topline, well ribbed up, deep chest, and neat feet. Her sound movement with forward reach won her this class. BP.

Osbourne, 2nd Tiroen Typically Braego (KCG), B. Lovely head, straight front and deep chest, good spring of rib, moved well.

Frusher, 3rd Shershona Girl Magic. 

SY No Entries. 

LIMIT 4(2)

Keeley, 1st, Alhambian Amy Winehouse, Gorgeous head, with dark eye and soft expression. Good neck and shoulders, with level strong back. Enough angulation fore and aft. Good forechest with good depth of chest. Sound mover. RBOB. Frusher, 2nd Dexbenella Fenella at Shershona. Pleasing balanced head with kind expression, dark eye, straight front, good shoulders well laid back, enough depth of chest, well sprung ribs, moved ok. OPEN 4 (1) Osbourne, 1st, Petranella Exclusive with Braego, B. Feminine head, with kind expression, good reach of neck, set into well laid shoulders. Loved the markings on this girl. Handler really worked hard to get her going well. BOB GP4. Harris, 2nd Melverly Burano with Coastalglows, B. Pleasant head, strongly built throughout, nice depth of body, well presented, moved OK. Keely, 3rd Shipden Alhambian Diana Dors.


P (1) Alpe & Abram, 1st, Pipruda Jubilation, Gordon Setter, Gorgeous head, so pretty, lovely dark eye, straight front, good ang fore and aft, deep chest, lovely outline, moved very well. BP.

SY 8(Abs 3), Forbes, 1st Canemamans Primo al Fine JW. Bracco I, What a powerful boy he is, flew round the ring driving off his well-placed hocks, so impressive on the move. Cooper, 2nd Hazean Donetsk to Deifstock, WHViszla, B. I loved this bitch, gorgeous head, so clean and balanced in outline, with good bone, good turn of stifle, good harsh coat, good colour, moved well. Slack, 3rd Bonapartist Snow Goose, Sladden, Res, Valcor the Confessor at Canemamans JW. 

LIMIT 9. Sladden, 1st Bushwacker Dangerous Dave at Canemamans JW, Bracco I. Loved this boy, has an excellent head, straight front, excellent bone and well laid back shoulders. I loved his great movement. Alpe & Abram, 2nd Amscot True Lies (AI) Gordon Setter. Presented in lovely condition so feminine in head and expression, low set ears, clean neck into well placed shoulders deep chest and well sprung ribs, good feet. Moved very well. Wellsted, 3rd Aftermarine Gold effect. Beeson, Res, Esined Double Delight. 

OPEN 4. Gaskin, 1st Shadowemane Elderberry wine at Dovestream IR.Sh. (IMP BLR), Spaniel (American Cocker), Eye catching bitch, feminine head and expression, good front and shoulders, well muscled hindquarters, sound top-line, good bone, well sprung rib, her movement was effortless as she flowed round, BEST A.V.N.S.C. GP3. 2nd Ebano Dell’ol Tresavio at Canemamans (Imp ITA) ShCEx. Pleasing head with lovely dark eye, good depth in body with well sprung ribs. Well off for bone and strong tight feet, but not the hind movement Moved OK.


SY No Entries, OPEN 1 Sladden, 1st Khyannes Villette at Canemamans, (Imp Hun) Braque D’Auvergne. My goodness how well this bitch moved, loved her pretty head, straight front, well off for bone, good shoulder placement, deep chest, topline flowed nicely to tail-set, enough turn of stifle. Her movement was straight and true. She was so close up to a place in the Gundog Group. BESTA.V.IMPORTED BREED, REG GUNDOG.

A.V. GUNDOG. P 10 (1W) Levene & Lewis, 1st Quensha Remember the Name, Irish Setter D. Lovely outline. Head is long and lean. Correct eye and ear set, moderately muscular neck into sloping well laid back shoulders. Straight front good bone and neat feet. Shown in excellent condition. Movement was good.

Jennings, 2nd Wallaroo Romeo, Weim. D. Well up to size, body is well covered and nicely balanced. Lovely head, straight front with good bone. Well placed shoulders and deep chest with level topline, slightly sloping croup, strong hindquarters, giving him steady movement. PGP4, 3rd Chazbaz my Girl Melissa, Res, Plaiglen Sunshine, VHC, Wissant moon and Stars. 

JNR 10 (ABS 9), 1st Cfyre’s Prancing across the Sky. 2nd Hazean Donetsk to Deifstock (ick), 3rd Franco Dei Colli Flaimini. OPEN 7 (ABS 4) 1st Danehaven Kovik, (RNSDT) D. Loved this boy he was coping well with the heavy downpour. Masculine head, correct eye shape of good colour, full coated with great texture, good conformation, strode out well covering the ground with ease. Randall, 2nd, Ziennes Cornflower, (Cocker) feminine Bl/R, B, nice size, longer cast than I would like, very pretty, sweetest expression, neck of moderate length, good fore-chest, straight front legs & neat feet, moved OK. Fincham, (RNSDT) 3rd Res Danehaven Macdonalds.

VETERAN 8 (Abs 6) Bougan’s 1st, Irish Setter. Gwendariff Lily The Pink, B, Presents a balanced outline. Long classic lean head, raised brows with oval skull, low set ears, correct almond shaped dk eyes. Straight front with good bone. Moderate muscular neck, well laid back shoulders. Deep chest with well sprung ribs. Slightly sloping topline, held on the move, leading to well set on tail. Well turned stifles and firm feet. As she was soaking wet her excellent conformation was so evident. Movement was sound and true and she flowed round the ring with ease. GP1. 

Powley, 2nd, Adoreas Red Janko at Danehaven (Imp NOR) (RNSDT) D. Pleasing head of good shape. Straight front with good bone. Shoulders are well laid back, moved OK. Sladden, 

3rd, Duchess of Cambridgeshire, H.Viszla.


I apologise for sparse critique in these A.V.Vet Classes, paper work soaking and shredded. 

Baldwin, 1st, Aventine Scotts Bluff, Dachs WH, D, What a delightful happy chap at almost 9 yrs, not at all worried about the rain pouring down. Pleasing long handsome head in proportion, lovely expression, lovely temperament, good coat, body proportionate, his sound movement won him the class.

Hinchcliffe, 2nd, Pretty Bear Zweet Dream at Croftdale, BC. Pretty girl, not happy in the rain, not the movement of 1.

A.V. VET BITCH, Sladden, Duchess of Cambridgeshire, H.Viszla. B. Sweet girl of 11 years young, moved better here than in earlier class. 

Clare, Benoleo Scene Stealer, Chow Chow, 2nd, Beautifully presented, pretty girl in good condition, not the enthusiasm in movement of 1.


The weather up until this point had been kind, sunshine most of the time, but the threat of rain was always there. The deluge of rain chose to descend upon us right at the beginning of the Groups, sadly so many exhibits were affected by the heavy rain.

GROUP 1, Irish Setter, Bougan’s Gwendariff Lily The Pink, B,

GROUP 2, Retriever (Golden) Seamons, 1st Ramchaine Luminescence over Messano (IMP NLD) B

GROUP 3, Gaskin, Spaniel American Cocker, Shadowemane Elderberry Wine at Dovestream Ir.Sh. (IMP BLR)

GROUP 4. Osbourne, ESS, Petranella Exclusive with Braego.



Frusher, ESS. Chanangel When You Believe. B.

GROUP 2. Parsons, Irish Setter. Quensha Thinking Out Loud at Bransett, D. Head is long and lean, with lovely dark correct shape eye and low set ears, slightly muscular clean neck led into well laid back shoulders. Straight front, well off for bone all through and good feet, deep chest, plenty of lung room. Wasn’t making things easy for his handler on the move, but I saw enough to see that he was sound and true in movement.

GROUP 3. Seamons, Retriever (Golden) Ramchaine Luminescence over Messano (Imp NLD)

GROUP 4. Jennings, Weimaraner, Wallaroo Romeo,

Judge Susan Begg