• Show Date: 24/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sue Shinkfield Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/10/2023

Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Of South Wales



Sunday 24th September 2023

Judge's Critique

The hard working committee gave me a true warm Welsh welcome and my two capable stewards looked after me very well ensuring the ring ran smoothly throughout the day- thank you very much. The quality of exhibits was very high and included a stellar veteran dog class and some extremely exciting youngsters. I was splitting hairs in a few classes where close decisions had to be made mainly on movement where I was looking for the characteristic push and drive. The dogs present demonstrated kind and confident temperaments with wagging tails. Faults were few; heads and expressions were what I had hoped to find; well presented glorious rich red and white coats were evident and movement fore and aft was, for most, as it should be due to sound construction. I was delighted with my final line up in both sexes and thank all the exhibitors for bringing their dogs under me, all were presented and handled well.


Veteran (8,2ab)

1. Graham's Sh Ch Taimere's Twister Round Nyliram JWShCM VW. Best veteran in Show and Reserve Best Dog. He headed up a wonderful trio in a class full of quality. Very fit, well made handsome 8 year old with excellent body properties and standing on well boned legs. Moved out well using powerful, well muscled quarters. Well presented and handled. 2.Williams Sh Ch Isfryn Spot the Difference Trebettyn a very sound dog with good head and eye. Moved well and retaining a correct topline. I judged him earlier this year and like him a lot. 3.Clarke's Sh Ch Ferndel High Fidelity with Tigerrock ShCM ShCEx no disgrace to be third in such a high quality class, this dog looked very well and showed with style. All three retain the required coat colour and are great representatives of the breed.

Minor Puppy (3,1ab)

     1.Harrison Glenbrows Casanova, such a smart, happy puppy showing a great deal of promise. Head just right for his age, captivating expressive eyes. Well off for bone and body. Correct topline on the stack and moving. Moved out with confidence. 2. Barkley Jacranella Galahad of Cherryheath (AI) another happy, confident baby, soundly made all through with good bone and substance.

Puppy (3)

1. Clarke Tigerrock the Wombles, Best Puppy Dog, headed a class of very pleasing top quality puppies. He possesses a well balanced head and dark, expressive eye, clean over neck and shoulder, well bodied and with strong bone. Well angulated quarters used to advantage on the move. 2.Harrison G.Casanova 3.Williams Nyliram the Alibi for Trebettyn.

Junior (2)

1. Clarke Tigerrock Tick Tick Boom a very well proportioned youngster with a pleasing head and eye; deep, well ribbed body; stands on good legs and feet and uses well-made quarters to drive off on the move. Delightful temperament. 2. Thomas Tigerrock Top Gun at just 9 months old he could not match the general development of the winner. That said he has good body and bone and once settled he showed sound movement. Sympathetically handled.

Yearling (0)

Novice (4)

1. Clarke T.T.Wombles 2. Williams N.T.A for Trebetttyn, more settled in this class, liked his head and kind expression, well made and in good body and muscle tone. 3.Hillard Benoveor No Easy Way Out

Post Graduate (2,1ab)

1. Jones Trosley Tamoshanter, mature boy with a pleasing head and eye who is very well put together, well ribbed and in good body and muscle tone. Very well handled.


      1.Gough Julita Rukester, well proportioned dog shown in hard condition. Well ribbed back. Moved with good driving action.

Open (4,1ab)

1. Clarke Sh Ch Tigerrock Magic Woundabout JW ShCex OSW a dog that could not be denied the top spot today, he has a look in his expressive eyes that says “don't ignore me!”. Beautiful, classic head and eye and such a well balanced body with correct topline held on the stack and moving. Well boned limbs and good round feet. Shows both power and grace on the move. Best Dog and Best in Show. 2.Williams Sh Ch I.S.T.Diference Trebettyn 3.Jenkins Cwmbeili Morgan

Special Beginners (1)

      1.Thomas T.T.Gun, much more confident in this class and sympathetically handled.

Special Working (2)

         1. Sutherland Ch Jacranella Solo WGC a truly fit for function dog shown in good coat and condition; pleasing head and expression. Sound in movement. 2. Barkley Cherryheaths Mr Mojito made on a slightly bigger frame but with lots to like. Shown and handled very well.



1. Whitfield Glenbrows Heart to Heart headed another lovely veteran class full of quality. Sweet bitch with gentle expressive eyes. Well balanced with great body, well ribbed and shown in good order. Moved with good drive holding a correct topline. 2. Jones Sh Ch Julita Rumours at Trosley close decision, another well made bitch with well proportioned body, shown and handled well and sound on the move. 3. Sutherland Sh Ch Jacranella Sonata

Minor Puppy (5,1abs)

1. Harrison Glenbrows Harmony such a promising baby with everything right for her tender age. Well bodied, clean over neck and shoulders. Well made hindquarters enabling easy movement once settled. 2. Ward Glenbrows Flame for Tantaraviz , close up, another very pleasing puppy with lovely head and gentle, expressive eyes, developing well for her age but not quite the strength in body of winner just yet, I'm sure this will come. If there was a prize for the best handler her young owner would have won it, she knows how to get the best from her young charge! 3. Sutherland Jacranella Graceful AI

Puppy (6,1ab)

    1.Harrison Glenbrows Wish, an outstanding puppy who just demands attention and I loved everthing about her. Soundly constructed and balanced all through and holding a correct topline on the stack and the on move. Strong, well made hindquarters ensured a good driving action. Beautifully presented and well handled.Best Puppy in Show and Reserve Best Bitch. 2. Harrison G.Harmony 3.Graham Nyliram the Witness

Junior (4,1abs)

1. Harrison G.Wish 2. Harrison G.Harmony 3.Whitfield Glenbrows Thought to Amberdella.


Novice (3,1abs)

1. Graham Nyliram the Witness, gentle expression, clean neck and shoulder, well made and shown in hard condition; drives off strong quarters to move soundly. 2.Ward G. F. for Tantarraviz .

Post Graduate (4,1abs)

1. Ferguson Julita Raindance at Teaselwood liked her overall balance; pleasing head and eye; well boned limbs and good body; holds a correct topline stacked and moving. Good driving action. 2. Morgan Benoveor Endless Love, a little less substance but well balanced all through and shown in good coat and condition. Moved with enthusiasm. 3. Lockie Benoveor Truly to Gwirgariad

Limit (1)

1. Graham Nyliram the Moth Catcher JW, Best bitch and Reserve Best in Show a truly fit for function bitch, so soundly made without anything exagerated. Liked her head and expression. Clean neck and shoulder. Quality in bone and body with good ribbing; well muscled quarters enabled correct driving action. Shown in hard condition, looking and moving as if she could go all day.

Open (3)

          1.Graham Sh Ch Nyliram Telling Tales JW Sh Cex headed another quality class with close decisions. Both 1 and 2 possess correct, attractive heads and expressive eyes. The winner has a strong, well ribbed body; clean neck and shoulder; well boned limbs and good round feet. Another shown in hard condition with the ability to drive off well made quarters. 2.Clarke and Sherlock Sh Ch Crimicar She's Electric with Tigerrock JW splitting hairs with winner having the edge on body today. A bitch with very well proportioned body properties holding correct topline. Moved out with good driving action. I'm sure these two could swap places on another day. 3. Sutherland Jacranella Serenade

Special Beginners (1)

1. Morgan B.E.Love

Special Working (0)

Sue Shinkfield (Judge).