• Show Date: 25/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sue Shinkfield Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Gloucester & District Canine Society

Judge's Critique for Gundog Breeds judged at

Gloucester and DCS on 25th February 2023

My thanks to Cindy and her committee for the invitation to judge the Gundog Group in this, the Society's, 80th year. I was well supported by my ring stewards on what was quite a long but very pleasureable day so grateful thanks to them too. A good sized ring provided space for dogs to show how well they could move; in some classes movement was very much a deciding factor. The banging doors near the ring unsettled a few exhibits which was a shame. I found more than a few great examples across the breeds that fit the bill as “fit for function” gundogs, shown well muscled, in correct coat and moving as if they could do a day's work. Some lovely youngsters that will no doubt go on and develop well and some golden oldies that are a credit to their owners. There were several incorrect mouths and quite a few between coats. Temperaments were almost all excellent; some lively youngsters still settling to their showing; some closely contested classes. Thanks to the sporting exhibitors for bringing their dogs and accepting my decisions. Well done to my adult group winner, the pointer, who went on to take Best in Show and to my puppy group winner, the cocker spaniel, for taking Reserve Best Puppy in Show under Tony Allcock.

Flat coated retrievers

Junior (4) 1. Pingree Telurn Final Attraction Among Heatheridge, stood out for type in this class, typically moulded head and dark, intelligent eyes; well bodied and in gleaming coat. Well balanced standing and using strong quarters to advantage on the move. 2.BP Perry Glenturret Bumbleberry Pie for Casanjay, well proportioned liver puppy which moved happily and steadily. 3. Colson Windyhollows Ragged Robin.

Post graduate (4) 1. Bellamy Moontorn Better Half of Me JW, smart young bitch shown and handled to get the best from her. Pleasing well moulded head and neat ears. Correct topline and ribbing. She uses herself well on the move, going straight and true. 2.Colson Windyhollows Ragged Robin, good looking male with a typical profile, moved ok. 3.Staff Bonnyhillbrae Lasting Joy.

Open(5)1.BOB Pingree Calzeat Gentleman's Agreement to Heatheridge JW(Imp.Swe.) handsome, mature male shown in good body. Strong topline, well ribbed and well muscled. Well boned limbs. Moderate bend of stifle. Strong and easy mover. 2. Bellamy Bochilbarley Blue Moon(AI) sound, well put together 6 year old covering the ground with ease on the move.3.Staff Bonnyhilbrae Royal Flush.

Golden retrievers

Puppy(3,1abs) 1.McNeish Ambersun Drops of Jupiter, lovely puppy shown in great coat and condition, correct head and kind eye, well made and balanced body, level topline, standing on well boned limbs and good feet, moved very well. 2. Kinmond Fernwyche Ray of Sunshine. Pleasing puppy. Kind, intelligent expression. Moved quite well.

Junior (5,2abs) 1.Archer Haydengold Just a Rumour at Sunandair JW masculine youngster, tidy front assembly leading into strong neck and shoulder, well ribbed back. Drives well on the move. 2. Moore Purbarn Friends Together youngster with good overall balance. Lovely dark expressive eye. Movement was ok but was not quite in harmony with the handler today. 3. F.R of Sunshine.

Post graduate (6,3abs) 1.BOB and Gundog Group Two Haines Leighsham Tullamore JW I really liked this handsome young dog who has the best of fronts, well boned limbs and round, cat like feet. Good neck and shoulder placement, strong in body with plenty of heartroom. Shown in super coat and condition. Moved like he owned the ring at one with his handler. Earned his place in the strong group line up where he was still showing his socks off. 2. Swaine Ohanagold Apollo, another that was pleasing to go over, well balanced with strength through the body. Just not quite as good behind as the winner. Moved quite well. 3.Mc Neish Drumkilty Toodle Pip JW

Open (5,1abs) Type and coat quality more varied in this class. 1. Fry Fenpinque Coco Chanel smaller cream bitch with good overall balance; pleasing head with correct dark eye. Moved well, driving from strong quarters to win this class. 2.Rees Catenae Darling Buds of May JW well made bitch all through, shown and handled well. 3.Swaine Kallixel Caramel Delight

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

The breed standard asks for friendly, alert expression in the eyes of this lovely breed and I saw it in all of them today.

Junior (1) 1.Trickett Cfyre's High Tea at Tollpepper (Imp.Can) very pleasing type, well balanced and with good body properties, super coat,shown and handled well, movement was as it should be for this breed.

Post graduate (3) 1.BOB Rice Tollerice Eberle, another sound and typical example shown in good body and coat; strong body and well boned limbs, agile and lively on the move using strong quarters to advantage. 2.Trickett Cfyre's Spellbreaker at Tollpepper (Imp.Can) bright and alert, well bodied and sound but not in the coat of winner .3. Vest Tollerice Elynuik

Open (3,1abs) 1. Bate-Ash Eusanit Hit the Lights, very well put together dog, strong in bone and body, profuse coat, sound and lively on the move. 2. Rice Tollerice Daneyko, slightly finer than 1 but pleasing to go over, not as settled moving as winner.


Special Yearling (4,2abs) 1. Anderson Hollieseast Chanel Chic good looking bitch of moderate proportions, presents a clean outline with good topline, moved and handled well. 2.Poultney Bissellwood Boadicea, more slightly built than I would prefer and less settled than winner when stood, very sound on the move.

Open (5,3abs) 1. BOB Pearman Weipowa Denton at Britmans, all male, has ring presence, shown in good order and well muscled, uses strong quarters to advantge on the move. Very well handled. 2. Anderson Hollieseast C.C.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Junior (4) 1. Bunker Winterwell Little Itch, typy bitch with great balance, good neck and shoulder leading to strong, well ribbed body of good proportions; good head and expressive eyes. Super well muscled quarters used well to drive around the ring. 2. BP Russell Fraulynzway Hayley's Comet my notes say what a fidget! Much to like about this well made puppy which moved well when settled. 3. Russell Fraulynzway Lightning Bolt.

Post graduate (6) 1.Bunker Winterwell L.I rpt.. 2. Davies Faircastle Electra, another shown in good order with correct body and muscle. Moved with drive, well handled. 3.Anderson Knabynnus Autumndays

Open (3) 1. BOB Taylor & Thomas Pingarypoint Puzzled at Knabynnus,imposing example, smart and well balanced in outline, flows well over neck and shoulder, well ribbed back. Sound and sure footed on the move using the ring to advantage. 2.Marsh Kilnrae Berliner, preferred the more balanced outline of winner but still lots to like, another shown in good order and well handled. 3. Whittaker Pingarypoint Milk Shake.

Hungarian Vizsla

Junior (9, 2abs) 1. BOB Rackett Roughshoot Heaven Sent of Solencia, a lot to like about this young dog, pleasing head and eye, well balanced in outline, strong neck and good shoulder, well bodied and with good muscletone, moderate quarters used well on the move. Given changes in handlers (for good reason) he settled to move with purpose. 2. Miles Glenbrows Carbon Copy another pleasing example but had to give way to the greater maturity of the winner. 3. Elliott Vizslanya Pafrany for Zinniaviz (naf/taf).

Post graduate (3) 1. Rackett Roughshoot H.S OF S rpt. 2. BP and Gundog Puppy Group 2 Wall Perllandside Street Party, good type puppy with a balanced outline, well ribbed body, moved out with confidence. 3.Tudor Aldom Sweet Chestnut.

Open (4) 1. Elliott Aldom Dark N'Stormy, one with maturity and substance, pleasing in outline and with good head and eye. Sound and steady on the move. 2.Rackett, Rackett &Wilcox Afanleigh Caitlin Rose, slightly giddy pup giving a lot away in age in this class; well made with smooth neck into well laid shoulders; eager to please on the move. 3. Tudor Aldom S.C.

American Cocker Spaniel

Junior (3,1abs) 1.BP Jones Truly Mine Teddie(Imp.Fra.) black puppy of decent type shown in good coat and with sufficient body and muscle for his age, head is balanced, dark eyes. Well ribbed, moderate angulation, when settled showed he can move with the drive expected in this breed. 2.Woolridge Charlie De Mi Alma (naf/taf) up to size black and tan pup who needs schooling; he was enjoying himself so much he was difficult to assess; I hope his owner works to ring train him.

Post graduate (1) 1.Luczynski Fabelsfee Nothing But Fun for Kanara (Imp. Fin.) pretty headed bitch with expressive eyes. Not the biggest but well balanced and presents a typical outline. Clean neck and shoulder. Good topline which she held well on the move. Very well handled.

Open (2) 1. BOB Edwards Afterglow Bang Tidy very sound male with well balanced head. Strong, well made body. Shown in full coat which was well presented. Uses strong, well angulated quarters to advantage on the move. 2. Luczynski Baladeva Scarlet Letters for Kanara ShCM ShCEx, not the biggest but in great coat and condition for her age and very sound on the move.

Irish Setter

Puppy (6) a lovely class of puppies, close decisions! 1. BP Hall Riverbrue Ophelia Love Glennara,time is on the side of these three beautiful puppies. Winner's head is developing well, lovely kind and intelligent eye; straight front, clean neck and shoulder into well ribbed body. Gleaming coat. Quarters well angulated and enabling her to move with drive. Very well handled. 2. Bell& Barker-Bell Balintyne Say It Isn't So, similar remarks apply, beautifully turned out; loved her head and expression, very good outline when stood and settled; just not quite as confident as winner; they will no doubt change places another day. 3. Bentley Penclippin Celtic Asthore

Junior (3,1abs) 1. Bentley Penclippin C.A. 3rd in a strong puppy class and close up to 1 & 2, very pleasing in balance and outline and moves with ease. 2. Bentley Penclippen Jubilee Flame, litter brother with good body, lovely coat, moved out well time is on his side.

Post graduate (6) 1. Corless Swiftlark Illustrious JW, sound, honest bitch of good type, intelligent expression, strong body with good ribbing and well angulated quarters allowing good drive around the ring. 2. Purves Grousehill Dream Boy, upstanding male presenting a balanced outline and moving with purpose. 3.Fox & Fiders Kerryfair Heart to Heart.

Open (6,1abs) 1. BOB Corless Swiftlark Spellbinder imposing, mature male with dark expressive eye. Shown in full coat and with good body and muscle. Strong neck leading to good shoulders and deep, well ribbed body. Moved out with strong driving action and looking as if he owned the ring. Very well handled. 2. Murray Bluebyeyou Love Affair at Derrydore another of good make and shape that moved with good drive from strong quarters, well handled. 3. Purves Grousehill Penny Lane.

A.V.N.S.C Gundog

Junior (10,5abs) 1. BP & Gundog Puppy Group 3 Lewis Enryb Lily the Pink, HWV, very promising puppy of great breed type, head developing well, strong well made body with correct topline, good front and strong quarters, very well handled in this class and the Puppy Group, moving and showing with confidence. .2 Marsh Kilnrae Black Hawk, Gordon Setter, well turned out puppy which was very well handled, balanced in profile and moving well. 3.Stenning Bedeslea Bishops Tipple, Lagotto Romagnolo.

Post graduate (3,1abs) 1. Thomas Glynderys Moonstone, Gordon Setter, feminine yet substantial bitch with good bone and body, presents a typical outline stacked and moves with drive and purpose. 2. Simpson & Johnstone Ekkolander Persephone Red at Leriton, Large Munsterlander very smart, well presented example of the breed shown in good order and moving with drive.

Open (12, 2abs) a very strong and closely contested class where movement played an important part 1. Best AVNSC Gundog & Gundog Group 4 Cunliffe Ir Sh Ch Calvdale I Say of Fallenleaf CJW 18 CW18 CEN W English Springer Spaniel, headed a wonderful trio of spaniels, liver and white bitch of good proportions and shown in excellent coat and condition, strong, well ribbed body, tidy front assembly, well angulated quarters with sufficient muscle to enable her to show off typical driving action on the move. Very well handled to get the best from her. 2. Williams Isfryn Spot the Difference Trebettyn, Welsh Springer Spaniel another shown in excellent order, strong in body and well conditioned; I could see him being able to do a day's work moving as he did, very close decision with 3.Bradley Sh Ch Stanegate Stage Debut (AI) Irish Water Spaniel.

A.V. Imported Breed Register Gundog

Open (4) 1. Best Import Gundog & Gundog Puppy Group 4 Williams Teisgol Galahad, Portuese Pointer, so well handled to win this class, such a bright, intelligent puppy and eager to please. I liked him for make and shape and his movement when settled showed purpose. A very promising puppy. 2.Clayton-Smith S'Willa Des Hauts de Rouillac at Cairparavel (Imp. Fra.), Braque D'Auverne, well marked young bitch with a pleasing head and eye, sympathetically handled and moved well. 3 Stilgoe & Fox Teisgol Morgana, Portuguese Pointer.

A.V. Gundog

Puppy (20,12 abs) Some very promising youngsters with time on their side 1. Booth Lundgarth Jubilee, Pointer, very smart puppy with a typical profile stacked and very stylish on the move holding a good outline. 2.Thomas & Taylor Gunsyn Hotpants, Bracco Italiano, good looking pup shown in good condition with adequate body and ribbing; well boned limbs; moved correctly. 3. Stilgoe & Fox T. Morgana.

Veteran (19,5 abs) Well done to the exhibitors for keeping your oldies in good shape; I'm sorry I could not place all of you! 1. Williams I.S.T.D.Trebettyn, W.S.S. Headed this lovely class of veterans continuing to move and show with style and energy. 2. Stilgoe Alcazar Amazing Grace via Teisgol, Pointer, very stylish, pleasing head and eye, holding a good topline, shown and moved very well. 3. Cunliffe Chanangel Falling Leaf JW CEN VW English Springer Spaniel.

Gundog Group

1. Philo Pointer Tenshilling It's My Party for Salmonmist JW, and I hope it was his party after taking Best in Show today! I loved the symmetry and the ring presence of this orange and white dog. Well made all through with pleasing, balanced head and kindly expression. Tidy front, sufficient heartroom and with well sprung ribs. Correct quarters enabling him to move smoothly with accuracy and pace around the big ring.

2. Haines Golden Retriever Leighsham Tullamore JW

3. Whitehead Cocker Spaniel Ryallcourt Tandy Floss, super young bitch not long out of puppy and developing well. Good forefront, short, deep body, and with good width across her beam end. When settled she moves with enthusiasm, correct footfall and tail wagging.

4. Cunliffe English Springer Ir.Sh.Ch. Calvdale I Say of Fallenleaf.

Gundog Puppy Group

1. Masters & Dott Cocker Spaniel Manchela Little Tease, very typy dark blue bitch, well made all through, pleasing head and dark eye with sweet expression. Very well presented and handled to advantage. Sound on the move with happy wagging tail. Pleased she went on to take Reserve Best Puppy In Show.

2. Wall Hungarian Vizsla Perllandside Street Party

3. Lewis Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla Enryb Lily the Pink

4. Williams Portuguese Pointer Teisgol Galahad

Sue Shinkfield (Judge)