• Show Date: 08/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sue Randle Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Goyt Valley Gundog Society

Goyt Valley Gundog Society 8 January 2023
Many thanks to the Committee for inviting me to judge this very well run show. I was very happy with my entry overall and it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to go over some lovely dogs that, living in the south of the country, I would not normally see. Thank you to my stewards who did a great job keeping me on track.

Gordon Setters
Puppy (4)
1st Ellington’s Beechlake the Storyteller of Finnsfolk
Nice 8 month old dog puppy with pleasing masculine head of correct proportions. Good front angulation with nicely pronounced sternum, deep chest and good spring of rib. Level topline with correct tailset. Good bone and clean marking throughout. Moved well with drive. BPIB
2nd Beddall’s Dwensantinis Dora
Just 6 month old bitch. Feminine head with good stop and earset. Lovely expression. Nice length of neck with correct angles for her age. Level topline and good tailset. Another nice mover.
3rd Fudge’s Fieldberry Secret Weapon at Rufusmoor
Junior (2,1)
1st Beddall’s Dwensantinis Dora
Second in puppy. Stood alone in this class but deserved her place.
Post Graduate (2,1)
1st Markey’s Benbuie Lasting Love
Pretty headed bitch with lovely dark eye. Good bone, short back and level topline. Well sprung ribs. Neat feet. Would prefer more coat and although she moved adequately felt she was not as positive going away as my other winners.
Open (3,2)
1st Ashley-Turner’s Hernwood the Botanist
What a mature boy at 20 months. Well coated and presented in lovely condition. Masculine head with correct proportions. Lovely dark expressive eye with good stop and correct ear set. Straight in front with enough length of neck. Well laid shoulders into level topline and correct tailset. Nicely balanced overall and moved soundly with drive. BOB

Irish Red & White Setters
Puppy (0)
Junior (0)
Post Graduate (1)
1st Jackson’s Taxus Rising Spring
Stood alone in this class but a nice well-balanced 2 year old bitch. Feminine head of correct proportions with kind eye. Adequate length of neck with good layback of shoulder. Enough depth of chest with ribcage laid well back. Sufficient bone and neat feet. Strong hindquarters with enough stifle. Moved well.
Open (2,1)
1st Gardner’s Sh Ch Charnborough Charisma of Danwish JW
Liked this bitch a lot. Great outline. Lovely head with correct width of skull. Cheeky but gentle expression. Well angulated front and rear. Good well sprung ribs and depth of chest. Excelled on the move with drive, held her topline and made it all look so easy. Well handled and presented. BOB

Irish Setters
Puppy (6)
1st Holehan’s Loganrish Out on the Town
What a lovely outline this 9 month old boy presented. Nothing feminine about him. Stood over the ground well. Handsome head with correct planes and very kind expression. Lovely reach of neck into good shoulders leading into gently sloping topline and correct tailset. Deep in chest and well-ribbed back. Good bone with neat feet. Lovely coat for his age. Moved out well. BPIB
2nd Bott, Allen & Morgan’s Quensha Joker and the Queen
Another cracking puppy from this kennel. Just my type and pushed the 1st very hard but let down by her movement on the day, she didn’t like the lines on the floor. Pretty, feminine with a very melting expression. Lovely topline and tailset. Good length of neck, correct angles fore and aft. Will watch with interest.
3rd Bielecka’s Yokohama Lofty NAF
Junior (2,1)
1st Taylor’s Crimpton Rule the World
Stood alone and gave his handler a hard time. What a character! My notes say he’s got everything I’d expect but difficult to assess. 9 month old dog puppy with lovely head, correct length of neck and good in front and rear angles. When he settled on the move he showed drive and correct topline and tail carriage. Persevere!
Post Graduate (6)
1st Bott, Allen & Morgan’s Quensha Crimes of Passion
Took my eye on entering the ring and didn’t fail to come up to the task in hand. Beautiful head and expression with correct ear placement. Good reach of neck leading into well laid back shoulders, gently sloping topline and correct tailset. Good spring of rib which were well laid back. Strong on the loin. Nice wide thigh with correct amount of stifle. Good bone and neat feet. Movement was just a pleasure to watch. At one with her handler, covering the ground and using her tail to good effect. BOB and pleased to see later she went on to be Best In Show.
2nd Longbottom’s Gwendariff We’ll Be Phame Us (IKC)
A lovely bitch who was unlucky to come up against my winner on the day. Slightly taller in stature but elegant outline. Pretty feminine head with gentle expression. Good length of neck. Sufficient angulation front and rear. Another who moved well, holding her topline and using her tail correctly.
3rd Gilk’s Sutteresett Mr Mistoffelees at Gochmawr
Open (4)
1st Holehan’s Loganrish Let’s Go Crazy
Stylish, elegant dog. Masculine head with melting expression and correct ear placement. Lovely length of neck with good shoulders and sternum. Correct angles front and rear. Deep chested with well laid back ribs and strong over the loin. Nice topline and tail set. Good in coat and well presented. Moved out nicely with drive.
2nd Cohen’s Lynwood Merry May King with Shushana
Slightly longer caste than 1st but another dog presented in good coat and muscle condition. Most of the comments on the 1st applied to this boy as well but would have just liked a touch more neck length to give a slightly more elegant picture on the day. Again moved soundly with drive.
3rd Walker’s Thendara Soul Sister

Spanish Water Dogs
First time I’ve had the opportunity to judge this breed so thank you to all the exhibitors who took the time to give me a lovely entry to experience such quality animals.
Puppy (5,1)
1st Capille’s Chanderhill End of an Era at Lendever
Lovely brown bitch with a well balanced outline. Pleasant head with correct planes and flat skull and nice expression. Good strong neck, well laid shoulders, ribs well-sprung. Presented in good muscle tone and good coat. Moved soundly with drive and reach. BPIB
2nd Capille’s Zorrazo Kind Regards at Lendever
Nice 9 month white and black dog again with plenty to praise. Head of correct proportions with correct oval eye and ear set. Good angulation front and rear which he used to advantage on the move. Just a little shorter in neck than the 1st.
3rd Kehoe’s Janamorio Norther Izzy
Junior (3,1)
1st Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Rutherford’s Zorrazo Villian of Circumstance at Chanderhill
This young boy took my eye on entering the ring. Medium sized black and white with balanced outline. Correct head with parallel planes, flat skull with correct oval shaped dark eye and ear shape. Muscular neck leading into good shoulder placement and flowing into level back. Good forechest, straight and parallel front legs with neat feet. Deep chested with well sprung ribs. Moderate in stifle with excellent muscle tone. Moved very well with drive and reach. Happy to award him BOB and pleased to see later he’d gone Reserve Best in Show.
2nd Giles’ Fielamigo Dream Team
Slightly bigger white 9 month old dog. Lighter shape. Skull of correct proportions with correct ear shape and oval in eye. Good in angulation and moved well. Would have preferred more bone.
Post Graduate (5)
1st Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Rutherford’s Pabiagas Cupid to Chanderhill
White and black male with pleasant marking. Presents a nice outline. Good flat skull with correct proportions and correct shaped eye. Good earset. Lovely level topline with good spring of rib and strong in loin. Good angulation which he used to advantage on the move.
2nd Peart’s Josalyn Ria Ness via Janamorio
Lovely head and expression on this nicely balanced bitch. Shown in good coat and excellent muscle tone. Good angulation front and rear. Moved with drive and reach but 1st was just a little bolder on the day.
3rd Giles’ Fielamigo Dream Team
Open (4,1)
1st Preece & Cooper’s Janamorio Norther Arlo
A bold masculine brown and white dog. Nicely balanced with good spring of rib. Correct head shape which was up to the standard. Good muscular neck. Shown in excellent condition with good curl to his coat. Moderate bend of stifle. Moved well but in the challenge just preferred overall balance of my BOB.
2nd Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Rutherford’s Zorrazo Cool as a Cucumber
Lovely dog oozing breed type. Proportions correct in head with good expression. Strong topline with good balance throughout and decent angulation. It was very close decision with these two but on the day just preferred the overall balance of the 1st.
3rd Peart’s Josalyn Rio Ziggystardust via Janamorio

Susan J. Randle (Rionore)