• Show Date: 19/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Stuart Pearson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Cleveland Dog Society

Cleveland Dog Society – Utiliy Breeds / Group – 19/2/2023

Thank you to the officers and committee for the invitation to judge the Utility Breeds (excluding Dalmatians and French Bulldogs) at their show. Some exhibits handled the flooring better than others and that had to be a factor in some of my decision making, thank you to the exhibitors for bringing your dogs under me and the sporting way in which my decisions were accepted.

Shih Tzu Graduate (1,0)

1st Fairley’s Rossvale Wildest Dream just coming up twelve months, carried himself around the ring with an air of arrogance and demanded my attention helped by his arched neck. Dark round eyes, with no white on display. Slightly longer in body to his height and balanced to his muscle tone that would be expected in a subject of this age. Movement out and back very true and eye catching on the go around. Happy to award BOB, BPIB and PG2.

Shih Tzu Open (2,0)

1st Casentieri’s Alchez Return To The Sea 7 year old, petite bitch, came in the ring with attitude. Great proportions, lighter in bone but in balance with her size and shape. Coat presented in good order. Tail carried over her back and head held high as if she owned the ring.

2nd Fairley’s Senousi Dressed For It By Fairmere a difficult class to judge as both exhibits were at opposite ends of the scale, preferred the overall picture and expression of 1. Presented to me in nice, clean condition, round dark eye with no white showing. Ears drooping and blending in on the move.  

Lhasa Apso Graduate (3,1)

1st Thompson’s Toynbee’s Touch of Silver 9 month old, scored on his movement in this class. Good straight front and was one of the few youngsters who managed to move freely. Ideal substance for his age and this stage of development. Presented impeccably. BPIB and PG3

2nd Moran & Holmes Aibrean Jenga coming up 7 months old, both pups in this class at different stages of development, but I’m sure she’ll develop nicely. Good balance to head and muzzle. Could see she could move, but like a few exhibits today the floor did her no favours.

Lhasa Apso Open (2,0)

1st Pearce & Francis’ Longsdales Wonderful World 14 month old male, masculine and put together well. Presented in pristine condition, showing off his dark oval eyes and displaying the feathering to his ears and tail as he moved around the ring with that characteristic carefree yet reserved style. Happy to award him BOB and G2.

2nd Chesterfield’s Phareal Heartbreaker into Burnsett 19 month old male, broader built than 1 but still balanced with it. Laid back shoulders and presented with good muscle tone. Strong in loin with fitting to his size and his ample bone, round cat-like feet used to propel him around the ring assertively.

Tibetan Terrier Graduate (2,0)

1st Pettit’s Boshanti Elyana Rogspa 13 month old bitch, more or less square in outline and well balanced with little to know exaggeration. Dark eye surrounded by good pigmentation, ears carried fairly high. Good bite, strong neck, ample furnishings and coat for the current age. Scored on the move as took everything in her stride. Happy to award BOB.

2nd Metcalfe’s Pippalata Overtime Magic 2 year old bitch. Feminine expression, bigger built than 1, strong muzzle and nice round eyes. Well-developed chest and ribs, the floor appeared not to help her on the move today as she seemed a little hesitant on it.

Tibetan Terrier Open (2,0)

1st Jordan’s Boshanti Nadeen 6 year old bitch, scored for size and type. Well balanced fore and aft, alert and resolute. Head carried proudly on the move and the level topline gave a great outline whilst going around the ring.

2nd Pettit’s Kyipo Hold That Thought with Rogspa approaching 6, did not paint the same square outline as her kennel mate. Would have preferred a little more leg. However worked well with her handler and showed the lively characteristics expected of the breed.

German Spitz (Klein) Graduate (4,0)

1st Rogerson’s Nosregor Take It All 10 month old male, preferred his overall balance when viewed in this class of similarly aged puppies. Very confident and eye catching with it, presented nearly square, arched toes, cat like feet on well boned legs. Found him to be the best mover on the day BOB, BPIB, PG4

2nd Pearce & Francis’ Longsdale’s Luv Me More 10 month old, slightly longer than 1, alert and attentive to handler. Enough stop on his wedge shaped head, dark eye framed with black rims. Ears carried to attention at all times. Very honest on the move.

3rd Pearce & Francis’ Longsdale’s Remember Me

German Spitz (Klein) Open (2,0)

1st Rogerson’s Ch Nosregor WillHe Surprise Ya 4 year old male, showing the correct profile. Excels on the move using ears to maintain that alert expression, masculine head and an all out attention seeker. Preferred the overall performance of his kennel mate in the challenge.

2nd Rogerson’s Nosregor Sister Sledge 2 and half year old bitch, a little out of coat today, but otherwise presented and handled well. Great temperament and body proportions and angulation balanced. Moved with great energy.

German Spitz (Mittel) Graduate (2,0)

1st Pearce & Francis’ Kelham Kind Hearted Longsdale 6 month old, strode in the ring full of attitude. Presented a balance picture and well off for bone. Compact body with depth of chest already in one so young. Great coat and carried himself well standing and moving. BOB, BPIB, G4 and PG1.

2nd Rogerson’s Nosregor Hercules 20 month old, unfortunate to meet 1 on such fine form. A lovely temperament and great to go over. Plenty of substance under a well presented coat, square in outline and carried his tail over his back whilst moving around the ring.

German Spitz (Mittel) Open (2,2)

Chow Chow Graduate (4,2)

1st Halliday’s It’s Kelda Dajlo (Imp Blr) 14 mth old black, as aloof as they come. Scored for head properties as ears were alert the whole time in the ring. On the move the head carriage was the best today and it was here that Best of Breed was won, short free stride showing just how good the construction is. BOB

2nd Nugent’s Hilltopprides Born A Star 8 month old bitch, a bit longer than I would want but this could be due to an impending growth spurt for this age. Flat skull, dark oval eyes, scissor bite. Strong neck and ample bone.

Chow Chow Open (3,1)

1st Halliday’s Black Call Lilly at Kyleash 4 year old bitch, a little overawed in expression but still had a lot to like about her. Square in outline and moved with attitude.

2nd Nugent’s Hilltoppride’s King Koba 10 month old male, lost out on maturity in this class but I am sure his time will come. Well made and in the puppy challenge took it over his kennel mate due to a superior overall picture and performance. Short level back and nothing appeared to be overdone on him. BPIB.

Bulldog Open (0)

Miniature Schnauzer Open (3,1)

1st Bell’s Glockens Let It Be well built stylish 13 month old male, alert and keen on the stand. A little reticent when moving on the plastic matting but happy to oblige on the wooden floor. Presented with furnishings adorning a smart wiry coat. Great square outline and with just the right body and substance for his size. BOB.

2nd Bell’s Glockens Kryptonite 20 month old bitch, smaller built than 1 whose overall build I preferred. Movement a little difficult to assess at times as it was obvious that she wanted to get to her owner / kennel mate rather than concentrate on the job in hand. When she did stand still there was still a lot to like about her.

Standard Poodle Open (4,1)

1st Zair’s Tuxedo Princess 14 month old bitch, loved her shape and size and she didn’t have make the most of the ring. Plenty of drive as she caught the eye with an air of pride and elegance. Low hanging ears, strong jaw but maintaining femininity. String and muscular, coat of an acceptable length for age. BOB

2nd Heslop’s Tianola Chasing Shadows (Re-Import) 4 year old male, presented on the stand impeccably, lost out to movement of 1 who possibly handled the slippery floor better on the day. Strong, muscular and masculine without losing that elegance.

3rd Heslop’s Tianola Mrs Tiggy-Winkle

Miniature Poodle Open (1,0)

1st Roulston’s The Real Deal (TAF) 4 year old male, another who hasn’t been helped by the flooring. Presented to me well with great shape and substance. Deep chest, well developed rear and tight oval feet. Just a shame the moving picture didn’t match the stand. BOB

Toy Poodle Open (2,0)

1st Hall’s Afterglow Ava Gander 11 month old male, confident and outgoing nature and a pleasure to go over. Moved out with style and caught the eye, carrying head with dignity using his balanced neck and strong muscular front and rear. Not overdone. BOB

2nd Welsh’s Jandabarte Blue Billy 20 month old, presented in good coat and well groomed. Just lacked confidence when being gone over and whilst stood alongside 1. Given time, I am sure that will come. Enough substance and body and did seem to prefer the moving side.

Boston Terrier Open (2,0)

1st Roulston’s Ivy Jewel Dare To Dream 8 month old lively male, free from wrinkle and adequate stop. Preferred his head over the head of 2 and he really excelled on movement. He used his ears to advantage and was handled well, fair neck, good deep chest and body development for age. Good turn of stifle and really moved out rhythmically. BOB & BPIB.

2nd Roulston’s Kenxtwen Beauty Bluebell 2 year old bitch, would have expected further on in her development compared to 1. Round eye with kind expression. Good width of forechest and well sprung ribs. Movement was slightly erratic, which again could be due to the flooring.

Akita Open (1,1)

Tibetan Spanial Open (4,1)

1st Thomson’s Tibbiestars Storm Lord 3 year old male, head proportionally small without losing any of his masculinity. Medium muzzle. Good feathering on the ears carried to advantage whilst moving. Moderate bone and showing that balance in proportion from height to length. Tail dropped on the move a couple of times, but not always, he was still positive in his action. BOB

2nd Thomson’s Tibbiestars Shady Lady 3 year old bitch, litter sister to 1, and you knew she was in the ring as she let everybody know. Overly keen to please her handler, but there was very much a type between 1 & 2 in this class. A lot of what is said about 1, can be said about this girl – except the masculinity you could tell she was a female. It was a really close call between the two of them.

3rd Thomson’s Tibbiestars Time Lord 8 month old puppy, upon the first go around had visions of him being my class winner. However, he just didn’t want to be gone over on the table, which ultimately cost him a higher placing today. Really well built pup from what I could see and hope that the owner can get that sorted, still pleased to award him BPIB.

Keeshond Open (0)

AVNSC Utility Puppy (1,0)

1st Ellwood & Davison’s Alibionspirz Elaida Sedai 9 month old Eurasia bitch, a little shy to be gone over but with a little patience managed to get over her. Wedge shaped head, dark eye, good bone and substance and well bodied for her age. Straight out and back and the move. Best AVNSC & Best AVNSC Puppy

AVNSC Utility Open (0)

AV Utility Imported Breed Register Open (0)

Utility Group

1st Johnson’s Dvojica Evergreen (Dalmatian) a dog that I have previously judged and awarded the highest honours to, now 2 years old and he continues to mature. A little broad but this balances out against his build and frame, shown today with his bold black spotting standing out against a pristine white coat. His handler is getting everything out of him that she can and you can see they are turning into a relaxed couple. Effortless on the move with a deep chest and well sprung ribs allowing him to go all day as the breed would be expected to.

2nd Pearce & Francis’ Longsdales Wonderful World (Lhasa Apso) As above.

3rd Smith’s Pushpa French Shangri-La Bellicose (French Bulldog) 2 year old feminine bitch, scored on her movement in the group. Developing into a quality exhibit, dark eyes and perfect use of the ears to frame what is an excellent expression. Plenty of muscle without any coarseness. A lovely exhibit to watch and go over.

4th Pearce & Francis’ Kelham Kind Hearted Longsdale (German Spitz Mittel) As above.

Utility Puppy Group

1st Pearce & Francis’ Kelham Kind Hearted Longsdale (German Spitz Mittel) As above.

2nd Fairley’s Rossvale Wildest Dream (Shih Tzu) As above.

3rd Thompson’s Toynbee’s Touch of Silver (Lhasa Apso) As above.

4th Rogerson’s Nosregor Take It All (German Spitz Klein) As above.

AV Utility Puppy (10,0)

1st Fairley’s Rossvale Wildest Dream (Shih Tzu) As above.

2nd Thompson’s Toynbee’s Touch of Silver (Lhasa Apso) As above.

3rd Bateman’s Heathershine Prada (Standard Poodle)

AV Utility Junior (4,0)

1st Vocking’s Bellehoud Tipple at Portunes (Dalmatian) another that I have judged previously who lost out to the RBCC winner on that day as the only thing missing was that “look at me” spark. Well balanced and free from exaggeration, typically feminine. Moves with a level topline and clean underline, great to see her break her concentrated look on the stand and give it all in this class.

2nd Pettit’s Boshanti Elyana Rogspa (Tibetan Terrier) As above.

3rd Zair’s Tuxedo Princess (Standard Poodle)

AV Utility Graduate (8,0)

1st Young’s Clonnysmush Lapicolina (French Bulldog) 15 month old bitch, maturing into a solid unit with excellent bone and substance. Plenty of room up front with well sprung ribs, muscular and well-conditioned throughout. A sound mover and deserved her class win.

2nd Metcalfe’s Pippalata Overtime Magic (Tibetan Terrier) As above, although appeared to had got used to the floor by this class.

3rd Noble’s Ruebedu Ace of Spades (Dalmatian)

AV Utility Open (8,0)

1st Noble’s Ruebedu Sheik Yerbouti (Dalmatian) 5 year old black spotted bitch, her free and easy movement won her this class. Shown on a loose lead but concentrated on her handler to get the job of moving and catching my eye done. She has a tendency to not show herself to her best whilst standing but everything else about her is quality, another balanced example of the breed with nothing overdone, she has the sweetest, kind and inquisitive expression.

2nd Metcalfe’s Pippalata Overtime Magic (Tibetan Terrier) As above.

3rd Young’s Clonnysmush My Spartan (French Bulldog)

AV Utility Veteran (6,3)

1st Marley & Libbey’s Bellili’s D’Amore De Loin ShCM ShCEx (Dalmatian) 7 year old black spotted male, who seems to be getting better as he gets older. Deep chest with heart and lung room and attentive to his handler. Bold black spotting, front and back angulation balanced allow him to power around the ring without putting too much effort. A typical Dalmatian male expression and obvious that he just wants to please.

2nd Thomson’s Tibbiestars Moulin Rouge (Tibetan Spaniel) 7 year old bitch, smart looking and still very active. Balanced in outline and a good one to be gone over. Presented in pristine condition in coat, furnishing and muscle tone. Another moving out and back freely and precise.

3rd Casintieri’s Alchez Return To The Sea (Shih Tzu)

Stuart Pearson (Kelevra)