• Show Date: 19/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Stephen Bardwell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Japanese Spitz Club

Japanese Spitz Club Open Show 19/3/23 SPECIAL AWARD CLASSES

My thanks to the committee for the opportunity to spend the day at your Club Open show and the opportunity to judge your Special Award Classes.

My thanks to the exhibitors who gave me the opportunity to go over their lovely dogs.

Special Award Postgraduate Dog or Bitch

1st Smith’s Kessaku Popping Candy at Yokosaka B Profuse coat with good proportions to outline, well carried tail, strong topline, firm body, nice neck and moderate angulation. Well-shaped head with quite nice eye, well set ears of fair size for balance. Good light action in profile on the move, if a little untidy coming towards.

2nd. Church’s Sanyinko White Ivory taf. B Lots to like, firm build to body with nice rib cage, strong neck, moderate angles and pleasing coat. Lovely eye, and good proportions to top skull and muzzle with well-set ears. Made a nicely balanced side profile on the move with good brisk action, but rather untidy coming and going, and not making the best use of her tail today.

3rd Warren’s Kessaku Scooby Do

Special Award Open or Bitch

1st Bambridge’s Ch. CharneyFine Design At Tartiko B Impressive outline with strong, arched neck, good top-line and well carried tail, with pleasing coat. Firm build to agile body and moderate angulation. Nice proportions to wedge shaped head, with good set and size to ears, lovely shape to dark eyes and good pigment throughout. Pleasing light action on the move, well-balanced for reach and drive, giving her an impressive profile going round.

2nd. Church’s Ch./ Int./Ir. Ch. SanyinkoSilver Spirit B Lovely bitch who impressed in outline and carriage. Carried good coat and has pleasing arch to neck, good rib cage and loins, well carried tail and moderate angulation. Nicely balanced head with pleasing set and proportions to ears and lovely expressive dark eye. But not quite matching the pigment of 1st. today. Well-balanced action on the move with an impressive agile action.


3rd.Warren’s Kessaku Hugo Boss D

Stephen Bardwell