• Show Date: 06/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Stephen Bardwell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Tunbridge Wells & District Canine Society

Tunbridge Wells & Dist. C.S 6/5/23

Norfolk Terrier.


1st. Walker’s Watercroft Golden Spice. Pleasing, compact bitch with cobby build, nice top-line, very nice fore quarters and excellent harsh, well-presented coat. Decent width of skull and proportions to muzzle, expressive eye, and good size to strong teeth. Nicely and accurate on the move coming and going, and balanced in profile. BOB

Parson Russell Terriers


1st Woods & Boormans Vixenview Gypsy B Athletic build with good proportions to outline and nice rib cage and neck. Well-balanced head with neat ears and nice eye. Good harsh weather resistant coat and good skin. Moved very well coming and going. BOB BP

Post Grad

1st Woods& Boormans Fox Fur Newark B Good outline with nice length of leg, good neck and top-line and well-set tail. Feminine head with neat ear and balanced proportions. Well-muscled she had appositive side action on the move. Harsh, well-marked coat but not at its best today. Res BOB

2nd Woods & Boorman Vixen View Talia Shire. Young dog with strong head with good eye and ears, strong bite and good bone. A little compact in build and not quite matching the outline of the winner. Excellent harsh coat with good under-coat, well marked. Moved quite well but could stride out more.


1st Woods& Boormans Fox Fur Newark

2nd Woods & Boorman Vixen View Talia Shire



1st. Anscombe’s Blenhiemstar’s Taliesan of Jraygon D R/wh. Quality young dog, powerful low-set build ,good rib cage and body shape, fair top-line & pleasing tail, ample bone and good width to straight front. Good size to head with fair width to under jaw, good nose ped and neat ears. Positive on the move, looking good coming and going. BOB

Post Grad.

1st.Anscombe’s Blenhiemstar’sLancelot of Jraygon D R/wh Nice body shape and top-line, fair rib and loin and decent bone and substance. Good width to head with neat ears and expressive well-set eyes. Kept his shape on the move but rather untidy coming towards. Res BOB

2nd. Weller’s Sullybulls Stans the Man at Greenawell R/W Substantial build with good width to rib cage, decent top-line and good bone whilst not as low set as the winner.. Sizeable head but too heavy a wrinkle spoils his expression.


1st Anscombe’s Blenhiemstar’sLancelot of Jraygon

2nd. Anscombe’s Blenhiemstar’sLancelot of Jraygon



1st. Penn’s Sophtspot Quality Street B Lovely outline with good proportions to body and leg, good neck fitting nicely into firm top-line and decent angulation front and rear. Well-balanced head and muzzle with neat ears and pleasing expression. Very nicely balanced side action on the move, with pleasing relaxed gait. BP


1st Poilgrims Nospar’s Drambuie D Quality dog with masculine head and expression and pleasing outline from nice reach to neck, good top-line and well-set tail. Well angulated front and rear with good length to body and leg. Lovely profile going round on the move with excellent co-ordination and fairly tidy coming and going. Res BOB

Post Grad.

1st Penns Dalfellin Agape B Feminine head and expression with neat ears and fair proportions to skull and muzzle. Nice neck carriage and well-set tail with nice depth to rib cage and well angulated hind quarters, giving a pleasing outline but not quite the scope of others in the challenge. Positive and relaxed action on the move.


1st. England & Egans. Dalens Queen of the Seas at Silverspot B Impressive bitch with lovely proportions to outline, pleasing arch to neck and nicely angulated front and rear, good rib cage, strong loin and good feet. Nice proportions to skull and muzzle with feminine expression. Lovely relaxed side gait on the move with plenty of reach and drive and nicely accurate coming and going. BOB

2nd. Healey, Healey & Wilton’s Hebemor Ruby Tiger From Acinonx JW Very nice bitch with feminine head and expression, good length to neck, well-set tail, good proportions to body and leg, well-angulated rear with nice muscle tone. Nice action going round the ring and coming and going but not quite as impressive as the winner today.

3rd.Ely’s Wintermine Hanako B

Japanese Spitz.


1st. Ferry’s Ferrybells Take it easy Nicely balanced in outline and very good, profuse coat. Very attractive head with nice proportions, dark expressive eyes and well-placed ears of good shape. Nice rib cage and good top-line. Moved quite well coming and going. BP Res BOB


1st. Ferry’s Ferrybells Take Cover JW Young bitch with excellent coat and good proportions to outline, with good neck and tail. Good balance to head and muzzle with well-placed ears and eyes. Moved quite well coming and going but could have been a little smoother in side action. BOB

Coronation Stakes

1st Sullivan and Diffy MS J Mrs M Marhilway Driving Edge at Jacquinta Shih Tzu D Good size to head with good width open features and broad under-jaw. Good bone and sturdy construction with pleasing size to rib cage and well-carried tail. Good coat and looked very well on the move.

2nd Lafford Mrs S & Mr I, Lateagain Wild Heart Avec Sariandobes Jw Doberman B Lovely bitch with impressive, clean outline, nicely balanced angulation and good neck and tail. Well-proportioned head with pleasing expression. Lovely side action on the move and strong going away.

3rd. Rogers Mr N & Mrs C Lunafox Gentle Touch Fox Terrier Sm

4th Silsbury Mrs J Juhuas Expecto Patronum for J’adoremy Shih Tzu

5th Ferry’s Ferrybelle’s Take CoverJw Jap Spitz

Stephen Bardwell