• Show Date: 14/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Stephanie Twigg Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Pollard Canine Society

Pollard Canine Society

English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

Junior (4(1))

1. Mrs Goodfellow, Nasabe Royal Rose. 15 month old bitch. Compact outline and alert expression. Wedge shaped head with high set ears. Fine, straight legs with well arched feet. Correct topline and rear angulation. Stood like a rock. Reserve Best of Breed.

2. Mr & Mrs Whitehouse, Amalric Coco Chanel with Dalmonde. 12 month old bitch. Obliquely set dark eyes with correctly set, candle flame ears. Graceful neck into well laid shoulders. Balanced throughout with excellent pigmentation. Unlucky to meet first today.

3. Mrs & Mr Dowson, Lasagesse Go Your Own Way with Binkota. Elegant 7 month old bitch. Long wedge shaped head with correct scissor bite. Straight legs with fine bone. Balanced outline and glossy coat. A shame there was no puppy class. Best Puppy.

Post Graduate (3(1))

1. Mr & Mrs Whitehouse, Amalric Coco Chanel with Dalmonde. See second in junior.

2. Mrs Love, Tettoy A Whole New World. 14 month old bitch. Flat skull and almond shaped eye. Good size ears with correct placement. Ribs well sprung and loins well tucked up. Correct thumb print on each foreleg. Lacked enthusiasm today.

Open (4(1))

1. Miss & Mr Ramsden & Kagzi, Ch Pallisandre Pocahontas. 2 year old bitch. Alert expression with ears set high and used well. Long narrow wedge shaped head with flat skull. Strong jaws with correct scissor bite. Elegant neck into well laid shoulders. Glossy short ebony black coat with rich tan markings. Stood and moved beautifully. Best of Breed.

2. Mr & Mrs Whitehouse, Twowayshouse Tudor King for Dalmonde. 3 year old dog. Masculine head with dark sparkling eye. Correct set and shape to ears. Straight front with elbows close. Deep, narrow, well sprung ribs and correct low set tail. Close call between first and second.

3. Mrs Love, Witchstone Follow The Dream with Tettoy.

Miniature Pinscher

Post Graduate (1)

1. Mrs Billington, Aquepins Phryne Fisher. 10 month old black and tan bitch, a compact young lady with bags of personality. Well proportioned giving a balanced outline. Dark, well set eyes. Straight front, medium boned with elbows close. Correct topline, short coupled and moderate tuck up. Good sweep to stifle. Very spirited on the move. Reserve Best of Breed.

Open (1)

1. Mrs Billington, Aquepins Jessica Fletcher. 10 month old black and tan bitch, sibling to the winner of post graduate. Love the outline and spirit of this girl. Feminine head with alert expression. Graceful, slightly arched neck into clean, well laid shoulders. Correct amount of forechest with ribs reaching elbows. Muscular hindquarters. Eye catching movement and free stack foot perfect. One to watch. Best Puppy and Best of Breed.

Stef Twigg