• Show Date: 02/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Stephanie Presdee Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/12/2023

Exonian Canine Association


Thank you to those who braved the elements, and my hard working steward, special mention to a junior handler who sat for hours doing paperwork.

Things to watch which we are all aware of in Rough Collies, a lack of underjaw; and a round full eye detracts from that sweet expression we should strive to attain. Movement let down many, even allowing for flooring, mats and ring size. Good to see cleaner teeth.

PUPPY. (2,1a)

1. LOCKYER's ULTIMATE RESULT DU CLOS DE SEA-WIND at GATAJ. (Imp Fra). 9 mths old striking tri colour,well set dark eye,wedge head,correct planes,rich tan,ears used well,arch of neck set off by three quarter white collar, shapely,adequate tail length,moved out well. BPIB.PPG3.


1. LOCKYER's GATAJ ALL THAT SPARKLES. Just coming up to a year old S/W bitch, with an attractive expression set off with a dark eye, ears used well,would prefer a tad more underjaw but correct scissor bite,well bodied, rise over her loins, neat feet, took this class on movement.

2. RAE's GATAJ MAJESTIC HOPE. Attractive S/W with a sweet expression,sadly was not very collected in her movement today.

POST GRADUATE. (5,1a) A mixed class of size and type.

1. WARE's GOLDEN GATES EVOLUTION IN BLUE at WASSAIL (Imp Ukr) (NAF TAF) B/M coming up to 3 years old, feminine, dark eyed with sweet expression, good colour overall, shapely, handled well and moved well enough but a little uncertain at times. RBOB.

2. MILL's AMALIE LOVES TO SHIMMY with WILLOWCOMBE. Tri colour, rich tan, sadly let down by her rear movement.


LIMIT. (6,3a)

1. LOCKYER's GATAJ TURN BACK TIME. 18mths S/W male, eye catching, well presented, good double coat,uses his ears the whole time as very alert, good head planes,dark sweet eye, won this class on driving movement. BOB. Invited to do a lap of honour in the group.(1.7.6)

2.MILL's SAMHAVEN SUPER NATURAL at WILLOWCOMBE. 2 1/2 year old B/M bitch of good shape and construction,splashed dark marbled colour, harsh thick coat but bit cloddy around shoulders and mane to be able to feel underneath for shoulder construction, carrying too much body weight.


1.BOLT & HOLLYWOOD's AMALIE A CHANCE TO SHINE. 3 yr old S/W, pleasing overall head pattern,dark eye, rich sable, but not moving well today.

OPEN BITCH. (4,2a)

1. MILL's SAMHAVEN SUPER NATURAL at WILLOWCOMBE. (2nd Limit, same remarks apply)

2. BERRY's ATIRAKIN WILD HIALEAH. Tri bitch of good colour, well presented, not very collected in movement.