• Show Date: 07/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Stella Baxter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club Of Great Britain

Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain   

Open Show Show 7th May 2023

Judge: Stella Baxter (Starcove/Davistell)

My sincere thanks to the PMDCGB committee for allowing me the honour of judging my first breed club Open show with one of my favourite breeds.The administration & hospitality were excellent as was my able steward on the day. We were fortunate to have a day of sunshine in which to utilise the grass area outside to give every opportunity to each exhibit. I found the atmosphere happy and relaxed and what a glorious sight to see so many dogs relaxing on blankets; it did take me back some years.  

Finally my thanks to the exhibitors for their support and sportsmanship in accepting my decisions for their beautiful dogs and my final choices on the day.

Overall I found temperaments were generally good. Just a few that appeared to lack confidence which improved as time went on. Overall presentation was excellent, not easy in such a large dog with a profuse white coat.

Size, muscle tone, eye shape, colour and foot shape varied within a few classes. I was pleased with my final line up of dogs that I had not had the pleasure of judging before.  


Veteran Dog 0 Entries

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Puppy Dog (1) (0)

1st Munson’s Travis Bear Du Pyrdanti for Pyrbern (Imp FRA)

Well grown boy of 9 months, lemon patches & head still maturing with an almond eye of good shape & well pigmented. Good shoulder, depth of chest and rib extending to a firm well muscled rear. Excellent croup. Once settled & gained confidence he moved well. Good presentation and well handled.  Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Show

Junior Dog (2) (0)

1st See Puppy Dog

2nd William’s Belmarsh Dark Star  

Well grown & typy boy just shy of 15 months, lots to like, super head without exaggeration, good shoulders and a parallel front , good depth of chest & bone, could not break out of a pacing so sadly not able to fully access his movement indoors or out on the large grass area on the day . Well presented.                           

Yearling Dog (1) (0)

1st Withheld

2nd See 2nd in Junior Dog

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Undergraduate Dog (1) (0)

1st Withheld

2nd See 2nd in Junior Dog

Post Graduate Dog (1) (0)

1st Withheld

2nd See 2nd in Junior Dog

Limit Dog (4) (2)

1st Spier’s Belshanmish Midnight Magic  

2 years and showing good promise as he matures on. Well balanced all through with a good ear, eye, bite making a lovely expression, well bodied with good front and rear angulations well muscled with strong hocks, acceptable foot shape. Moved well once settled, tended to fall into and out of pacing, but what I could access was enough to win the class. Excellent presentation and well handled.              

2nd Cubello’s Night Owl

Mature boy of 6 years with a balanced well pigmented head, good neck, shoulders, depth of chest and rib, strong & well boned, slightly out of coat all through, would prefer just a tad more length of tail. Sound front coming towards, close rear movement, well presented & handled.

Open Dog (4) (1)

1st Reilly’s Ch /Esp /Swiss/Ir/Mult Int Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror JW ShCm ShCEx CW19

Super 6 year, male. Mature & majestic head without coarseness, excellent ear, eye shape and bite. Strong muzzle of medium length well pigmented nose, eye rims and lip. Super static balance & well angulated fore and aft, good depth of chest, well ribbed and short coupled. Initially gave the appearance of a soft top line but hands on it was broad, firm and level. Great strength in his muscled well angulated rear which provided a powerful drive to match is reach. His movement was effortless and a joy to watch, topped off with plenty of ring presence. Finished with excellent presentation and confidently handled with style. Best Dog & Best in Show

2nd Carters Jumicar Just an Illusion           

At just 3 years this boy has great size, still maturing showing promise for the future.  Nothing exaggerated correct head with excellent pigment, good lay of shoulder, deep chest and well ribbed. Medium rear angulation moved well coming towards and in profile, a little close on the move away today, Good presentation and well handled. Reserve Best Dog                                 

3rd Kenyons Charibere Simply the Sequel at Kaianna

Really liked this 2 year old male who needs time to mature on, my notes say best feet of the day, alongside a strong muzzle, good eye shape, pigment and correctly placed ears. Good depth of chest, good lay of shoulder. Excellent rib and well angulated rear giving a picture of unexaggerated balance. Just lacked a little sparkle on the move today. Super coat and presentation, well handled.               


Veteran Bitch (1) (0)

1st Thorne’s CH Belshanmish Pretty In Pink at Pyrajay ShCM ShCEx

Full of breed type, loved everything about this white girl who was not showing her age at almost 9. Pretty classic feminine head ratios, good eye shape, colour and pigment, really took my eye with her well balanced shape & front and rear angulations, level topline held on the move and great strength all through, moved well showing a clean pair of heels  presented in  beautiful coat and expertly handled.  Reserve Best Bitch & Best Veteran                 

Minor Puppy Bitch (0) (0)

Puppy Bitch (1) (0)

Fieldhouse & Haslett’s Tessa Du Massif De L’esterel (Imp FRA)

A confident, happy & pretty young girl of 10 months, showing a lovely balance outline. Good head, ear, eye & bite, good lay of shoulder, enough width between the withers and all through, would prefer a better foot shape, enough rear angulation to provide positive movement with easy flowing clean strides once settled. Well presented and handled.                

Junior Bitch (2) (0)

Downe’s Belshanmish Ocean Soul

Good sized young lady of 15th months. Nothing exaggerated throughout & showing the elegance I was looking for, feminine head with pretty lemon & badger tipped ears, excellent muzzle shape, well pigmented all though with a clean lip. Good length of leg, bone & lay of shoulder, deep chest, well ribbed with a firm level topline, good rear angulation, well muscled inner thigh and strong hocks. Moved well coming towards & in profile, keeping a level topline & showing good drive with a clean pair of heals. Well presented and handled. Showing good promise as she matures on. Best Bitch & Reserve Best In Show                 

Yearling Bitch (1) (0)

1st Cole’s Gillandant Jasmine

A pretty young lady only just out of puppy at 12 months, good head & bite would prefer a better eye shape, balanced throughout, with good front and rear angulation, excellent croup, well muscled inner thigh, plenty of time to mature on. Once settled moved well from all angles, although a little out of coat was well presented and handled.              

Novice Bitch (2) (0)

1st See Yearling Bitch

2nd See Puppy Bitch

Undergraduate Bitch (2) (0)

1st Syke’s Penellcy you’ve got The Love

Lovely young lady of 2 years. Good head, ear, bite & pigment with a lovely shape eye. Well balanced in profile with a strong parallel front, deep chest and close fitting elbows. Nice length of rib with a strong rear and correct croup.  Once settled moved well coming and going. Well presented and handled

2nd Shanlimore Baby Love

A mature 4 year lady with a happy temperament, classic head shape and eye with a good bite, moderate font angulation, broad chest reaching just below elbows, slightly rounded ribcage extended well to rear. Good length back, broad, muscular & level .  Moved correctly and with purpose but a little close behind, well presented and handled.  

Post Graduate Bitch (4) (0)

See 1st Junior

2nd Carter’s Jumicar Moonstone

20 months with lots to like maturing on, good head and eye, moderate angles all through with a muscular level back of good length. Moved well, but a little close behind today. Well presented and handled.    

3rd Harris’s Febus Hardknott

Just 2 years with more to come as she matures on. Well shaped head with a good eye ear and bite. Moderate lay of shoulder with plenty of width all through, good rear with a strong hock. Moved well in profile and coming towards but today a little close behind. Well presented and handled.          

Limit Bitch (4) (2)

1st Carter’s Jumicar Sweet Lady Luck

Well balanced outline to this mature 4 year lady. Good head shape & well pigmented, well angulated front and rear, deep chest, well fitting elbows and good rib, Good length of back keeping a level topline on the move.  Well presented and handled.

2nd Spier’s Belshanmish New Sensation at Pyrajay.

Very close up to one. 2 years and just lacking depth and finish at the moment.  Good head, eye shape, pigment and bite. Elegant well balanced frame, medium angulation on strongly boned forelegs, well fitted elbows which gave enough width of stance, strong front and rear pasterns. Good length of rib and a level topline. Just lacking coat today which was well presented.  Move well once settled holding a level topline.      

Open Bitch (2) (1)  

Wilcock’s Penellcy she’s Like the Wind

4 years with a good head, ear, eye and bite. Well balanced with a good lay of shoulder, length of rib croup and tail. Tidy feet, well muscled rear, moved well, straight coming and driving from the rear. Good presentation and well handled.                 

Stella Baxter