• Show Date: 08/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sophie Wray-Ramsden Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/10/2023

Scottish Breeds Canine Club

Shetland Sheepdogs

Thank you so much to the officers and committee for their kind invitation to judge Shetland Sheepdogs at this show, my stewards Dot and Alex, and to the exhibitors for turning out in quite dreadful weather. A super entry with only a few absentees.

PD (1, 1)

JD (2,0) 1st: Melvin & Jopson’s Katiedale the Piper at Nithview, 14-month sable and white in full coat of correct texture. Clean head with a flat skull, well placed stop and nicely moulded foreface of equal length. Dark eye set obliquely and ears of good size set on top of the head to give a sweet but masculine expression. In profile, he has a good length of back, although I would have preferred a touch more neck to complete the picture. Well angulated front and rear with the right amount of bone and neat feet. Moved steadily.

2nd: O’Connell’s Rowancrest Rather Smart, 16-month sable and white, also in full coat. From the side, I preferred his outline as he has a touch more neck than the winner, and has a lovely, sweet eye and beautifully moulded foreface. A touch wider in back skull than the winner, which affected his ear set. Good length of back and depth of chest with a long tail, short hocks and neat feet, but finer boned and was shorter in stride than the winner.

ND (0)

PGD (3,0) 1st: Robertson’s Afterglow Goldberg at Vidlinvoe, 18-month dark sable and white of the most glorious rich, dark mahogany colour, of correct texture. Very different in head type to the rest of the entry, but correct with a clean wedge, flat skull and rounded muzzle of equal length with just enough stop and super underjaw. Eye set correctly but I would have preferred slightly sweeter. Super ear carriage, set on top of the hear and of good size with the top third tipping. In profile he stood out in this class, presenting an elegant outline with good length of back and neck and a level topline. Well laid-back shoulder, ok for upper arm, would have preferred just a bit more return, but excelled in hind angulation. Good bone and feet. Moved soundly coming and going and balanced in profile.

2nd: Ewing & McFarlane’s Sommerville Mister Magik, nearly 2-year blue merle dog of very different type. Flat skull and good length of muzzle, nice eye correctly set. Ears touch large and set a little wide. Good neck and length of back, well laid shoulder but a little steep in upper arm and I would have preferred more hind angulations. Was balanced on the move but would have preferred more reach and drive.

3rd: Babiak’s Donallin Running Bear at Egalefalls

OD (1,0) 1st: Hepburn’s Shellamoyed Simply the Best at Leterikhills JW, ShCM, ShCEx, nearly 8-year sable and white, alone in this class but he stood out in the final line up. Super head with flat skull and well filled muzzle of equal length broken by a slight, well-placed stop and good underjaw. Lovely eye shape and set with neat ears of good size, although I would have preferred to be slightly closer set, this all gives a sweet but masculine expression. He has a lovely shape with length of neck and back giving a balanced and elegant outline. Shoulders well laid back with good length of upper arm angled so his legs are under his withers and hind angulation to match which allowed him to move with reach and drive, keeping his topline well. In full, well-presented coat of correct texture. Pleased to award him Best of Breed.

PB (2,1) 1st: Robertson’s Edglonian Prime Time at Vidlinvoe, 7-month sable and white with a super temperament, what a little sweetheart! Lovely, clean head with a flat skull and balanced foreface, super eye shape, set correctly, and ears bang on top of the head, although a little light at the moment. Good length of neck and back, which is level with a gentle sweep over the loin into a low set tail. Well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm, good depth of chest with good spring of rib and enough hind angulation. A little untidy on the move, but I’m sure this will settle as she grows. Best Puppy in Breed, and I hear later went on to Best Puppy in Show, well done and good luck with her in the future.

JB (0)

NB (3) A close decision between 1 & 2, I see they are litter sisters. 1st: Thomson’s Lochdee Mabie Magic, 2-year-old sable and white who was very unsettled today but scored on overall shape and had the better angulation of the 2 sisters. She has a good length of neck and back, and super front and rear angulation. She has a clean, wedge head with a lovely eye and well-set ears when she used them which then gave a lovely expression. Tended to stand a little wide in front and I would have preferred a bit more depth of chest. Moved with reach and drive, keeping her topline well.

2nd: Thomson’s Lochdee Galloway Gold, a little wider in back skull than her sister, but has the same lovely eye and ear set. I preferred her depth of chest, and she was more settled but she’s a touch straighter in upper arm than her sister. In profile, presents a lovely picture with an elegant outline, well angulated rear and good short hocks. Would have preferred more reach on the move.

3rd: Purves’ Donallin Penny Arcade

PGB (6,1) 1st: Brodie’s Shanaburn Strawberry Wine, 2-year-old sable and white in good coat. Flat skull with muzzle of equal length separated by a clean stop, I would have preferred a bit more moulding of foreface. Lovely dark eye and tight ears set correctly. Lovely outline with a good length of neck and back, good front and rear angulation with short hocks, good bone and neat feet. Moved soundly with reach and drive.

2nd: Reekie’s Ellenyorn Elixer, another 2-year-old sable and white who I initially thought would be my winner. A lovely, feminine head with a super eye and expression, balanced outline with good angulation front and rear. She tended to stand very close in front, with her left foot pointing out which was more apparent on the move, hence her placing today.

3rd: Shaw’s Bluequarry the One and Only

OB (6,3) 1st: Reekie’s Ellenyorn Echo Falls, lovely 8-year-old sable and white who caught my eye immediately, so feminine in head and outline. Flat skull with well-placed stop and well-rounded foreface. Lovely, obliquely set almond eye and well-set ears which she used well which all combined to give a sweet, feminine expression. Elegant outline with medium, well arched neck and good length of level back with an elegant sweep towards a low set tail of correct length. Well laid shoulder, I would have preferred a bit more return of upper arm as she has super hind angulation, good bone and neat feet. In full, well fitted coat of good texture. Moved effortlessly. Please to award Reserve Best of Breed.

2nd: Shaw’s Bramblecroft Reeba at Bluequarry, 5-year-old sable and white with a lot to like. Pretty head with a super eye and well-rounded foreface. A little wide in back skull so ears a touch wide set. Lovely neck and length of back with good angulation front and rear, good bone and neat feet. Moved well.

3rd: Babiak’s Donallin Ultimate Magic at Egalefalls