• Show Date: 22/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Simon Whincup Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 29/10/2023

North Wales Cocker Spaniel Club

BLK, RED, B/T SPECIAL P D/B (2,0) 1 Pendlebury’s Oakrosa Sookey. 6 month old Black Tan Bitch. Feminine head with good working. Good angulation in front, well laid shoulders. Just needs to settle a little more on the move. A tad straight behind, but may develop with age. 2 William’s Leinapsalyks Rosetta . 7month old bitch. Little heavier in head than winner and overall picture. Would like a little more forechest and slightly better let down quarters.

AOC SP P D/B 1. Bowen’s Glowhill Annika at Lararth. 11month old blue bitch. Beautiful head, pleasing and feminine. Lovely neck into laid shoulders. Super front, great ribs. Good coupling. Moves with reach and drive though a little cautious at times.

AC MP D (2,2)

AC MP B (5,0) 1 Mason’s Leechbaby Hot Shoe Shuffle to Sandlauga. 6 month old blue bitch who took my eye quite a lot today. Raw, but full of promise!. Wins on her fluid and very merry cocker movement. She has a divine head piece, carrying plenty of weight but underneath is a well made cocker with good structure and one that cover ground well. RBPIS. 2 Hollands Kyna Touch of Magic to Holchancer. 8month old Blue Bitch. Another super well made bitch, beautiful to go over she just had tendency to throw herself on the move and trying to fly over the ground rather than cover it. I’m sure with a bit of work she will settle and make full advantage of the machine that is underneath the coat. 3 Tomlinson’s Milalder Lady Madonna.

P D/B (3,0) 1 Sherlocks Crimcar Midnight Dreamz. An 11 month old exquisitely well made bitch who did well under me as a raw six month old pup, she has since matured well. Great body and well built, moving freely and very merry around the ring. She has ultra femininity but not offensively, and she can cover ground well. I had little hesitation in awarding her BPIS and also then RBIS overall. 2 William’s Bitcon Sea of Dreams of Wyndsmoor. 10 Month old Blue. A little wild on the move and gave her handler some challenges. Little more racier in type to winner, but when settles move well and is built well in her quarters which demonstrates on the go round. Feminine head with such divine attribution. 3 William’s Leinapsalyks Rosetta.

J D/B (8,0) 1 Eisen’s Kerriglow One Step Closer at Crankswoods. A black male, who is no doubting his masculinity. Beautiful head, but not overdone. Super forechest and front, excellent body and moves well from strong rear quarters. Best of Opposite today. 2 Morris’s Riondel Enigma. Blue male. Another quality head, beautiful forechest, good ribs. Just like him a little shorter and better in strength over the loin. Moves well and presented magnificently. 3 McBride’s Charmwen Handle with Care

M D/B (3,1) 1 Prydderch’s Dance from Sunny Rouse Rockllocers (IMP UKR) Blue male. Little racy in type, was profuse in coat which could be less. 2 Cooleela Black Beauty at Sandabys. A dog that has plenty in head, good forechest, would like slightly shorter in length of body.

N D/B (1,0) 1 Jennobar Greatest Showman. 16 month old Blue Tan. Lots of dog, moves well, and is not short of coat.

G D/B (6,0) 1 Morris’s Riondel Solitaire. 17month old Blue bitch. Tossed up between 1 & 2 in this class. The winner is a beautiful made, good depth of chest and ribs. Super head, good front and rear. Carried well but need a little while and a bigger ring to settle. Beautiful feminine head, once settle she was super. 2 Tomlinson’s Milalder Silver Star. Beautiful head, little less reach than one on the move which is what clenched the class today. Lovely forechest, super depth of rib. Carries level topline on the move.

PG D/B (3) 1 Beevers Dandyjan Tiny Dancer. Blue bitch, lovely presentation and well made bitch throughout. Great front and middle piece. Beautiful on the move. Head is plenty for me. 2 Burn’s Villaspaniol Soaring Glory. Red dog, lovely masculine head, great in front and middle piece, today I don’t think the size of the ring did him any favours as he didn’t drive well from behind as I believe he could do. 3 Sherlock’s Crimcar Dream Lover.

SB D/B (6) 1 Prydderch Rockloccers Blissful Blush. So on the move this bitch is a good bitch. But when you go over her she is an exceptionally well built bitch with great forechest, beautiful spring of rib. Lovely quarters. 2 Norris’s Joaldy Mr Happy At Amaranth. Black male. Plenty in head for me, but not offensive. Lovely body and full of cocker merriness, moves freely and with drive. His movement was the winner today, but the winner took it on conformation. 3 Coombes Tomarisroan Star Maker.

BBE D/B (5,1) 1 Shelock’s Crimcar Just a Dream. 4 Year old blue. A dog that challenges her handler. Bue she is well made, she can move when she wants to, and she is well made throughout. Slight femininity in head, which isn’t displeasing. 2 Burn’s Villaspaniol Soaring Glory, 3 Lararth Midnight Blue.

NBE D/B (4,2) 1 Tomarisroan Star Maker, 2 Dance From Sunny Rouse Rockllocers.

OD (2,0) 1 Burn’s Villaspaniol Soaring Glory, 2 Holland’s Crimcar Indigo Magic to Holchancer. Shorter in neck than 1, little straight behind. Not refinement in head of winner. But has many other quality virtues to appreciate.

OB (2,1) 1 Shinkfield’s Quettadene Queen of Stars JW. BIS. 3 year old Black Bitch. Exquisitie, feminine head piece, super front and forechest. Excellent lay of shoulders. Lovely chest and ribs. Super mover presented beautifully.

VB (3,0) 1 Sherlock’s Jayzander Hermes with Crimicar. 11 year old blue exceptional mover. Super head and body. Great rear quarters. 2 Beevers Snowgate Parti Over to Dandyjan, 8 year old. Lovely dog, beautiful blue. Just tendency to dip behind the withers on the moves. 3 Burn’s Claramand Rough Copy at Villaspaniol.