• Show Date: 17/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Simon Whincup Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/01/2024

South Of England Gundog Club

GERMAN WIREHAIRED POINTER J (1,0) 1 JONES KELLARWALD BITE THE BULLET. 6 month Black and White male. Nice head with good expression. When he concentrates, he’s a good mover, but still a raw pup full of exuberance. Good bone and good feet. Should make a promising GWP in the future as he matures. BP L(1,0) 1 HATCHER GERMANUS HIT THE JACKPLOT. 3 year old Liver Male. Bold head, good eye. Good length of neck. Good depth of forechest, plenty of heart room in the middle piece. Good rear quarters and moves with reach and drive. BOB. O (1,0) 1 Hatcher Germanus Hit The Jackpot SPANIEL (ENGLISH SPRINGER) P (4,1) 1 WEYMAN MORE THAN AMAZING WANNA BE A GANGSTER AT SPUFFING. 10m old LWT male. Balanced youngster, his head for me is verging on going coarse and that would be the only thing I’d have concern about in future. He has a darker eye than most in class, and a little more muzzle than second. On move is a fluid mover, though tends to throw his tail a little gay at times. Shown in good coat and well conditioned. 2 PATTISON & WOODBRIDGE LYMNOARES LADY CLARA DE VERE. 7m old LW Bitch. A raw pup, but full of so much potential. Just needs to fill in foreface a little more and darken in eye. Pleasing outline. Excellent fore and rear quarters. I personally would like a little more in loin, moves with great power reach and drive. Carries herself well, albeit just falls off a little early at croup for me. 3 HYDON LOXBOURNE HUSTLE AND BUSTLE SY (3,2) 1 WALKER’S DEXBENELLA IT’S ONLY ME. 15m Black and White male. Would like a little more foreface, just a fraction. Good eye, soft expression, balanced. Nice lay of shoulders. Fair depth of rib, good bone and feet. Carries himself well on the move. BOB. PG (3,0) 1 PATTISON CRACKERJANE CASSIOPEIA 2yr old BW Bitch. Really lovely head and expression. Lovely lay of shoulder, good coat. Bit close behind on away and back. 2 WEYMAN’S SPUFFING PROSSECO Little more feminine in head, light in eye. Good depth and lovely mover. Just wanted a little more throughout. Width in front is a little narrow between front legs, otherwise a nice bitch to go over and watch go round. 3 PROCTOR PETRANELLA PERFICK BLISS. O (5,2) 1 WALKER’S DEXBENELLA DOUBLE TAKE. 2 ½ yr old LW Bitch. Close between first and second. Little short in profile shape length than second, therefore more balanced throughout. Lovely feminine head, dark eye. An excellent front, good depth. Nice rear, though bit close behind on away. 2 TAUBMAN’S MELTAROSE MADELEINE AT MEONSTOKE. 2yr Liver White Bitch. Just little heavier in head thatn first. Little longer in loin. Good depth of rib and not forechest of winner. Good mover and carries herself well. 3 WEST’S GROSBREIUL ABRICOT REGAL. SPANIEL (WELSH SPRINGER) SY (1,0) 1 BARKLEY’S JACRANELLA GALAHAD OF CHERRYHEATH (AI) 9m old Dog. For me a little heavier in back skull. Nice front, though could have more depth of forechest. Balanced middle piece, moves well. Still a well balanced welshie that deserved his BOB BP. PG (3,0) 1 BALDRY’S LLON LLANHARRAN LLEUCI. 5yr old Bitch. Wins on body, condition and weight. Good mover. Nice head and expression. Good front and back. Nice all round balance. 2 STONE’S KIDENOAN MARK TIME FOR MERREM. 2yr old Male. Loved this boy, super head, super outline. Excels in his muscle, just needs a lot more weight to be competing. If he had been carrying more weight this was my BOB today. 3 BATEYS’S GLENBROWS BEST OF FRIENDS. O (6,1) FERGUSON’S JULITA RAINDANCE AT TEASELWOOD. Feminine bitch. Lovely feminine head and expression. Good lay of shoulder. Nice depth of rib. Good balance of proportions. Moves OK. 2 BENNETT’S HELGEN ROMEO THE LOVER FOR FLYBORON. Lovely veteran male, carries a bit of weight and a bit coarse in back skull for me. But overall a fairly balanced dog in profile. Good bone, moves with reach and drive. Good tail set and carriage. 3 JONES’S TROSLEY TAMOSHANTA. SPANISH WATER DOG P (1,0) 1 SEARLES ROMMY DE UBBADAT (IMP ESP). 9m old bitch. Super lovely head and eye and expression. Good front assembly, rib and depth. Nice rear quarters which uses to her advantage. A beautiful bitch that I had no hesitation awarding BOB and BP. SY (1,0) 1 ABRAHAM’S CRAVESSA’S RIGHT ON THE DOT BY ADORMIDERA. 17month Brown and White bitch. Lovely expression. Good head. Nice quarters. Moves well. PG (2,2) O (2,1) 1 SEARLES ADORMIDERA APACHE ROSE AT CRAVESSA. 4yr old brown bitch. Lovely shape. Nice head and eye. Good body and quarters. Moves well though tail down showing a little nervousness at times. SIMON WHINCUP