• Show Date: 18/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Simon Whincup Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Guildford & District Canine Society

My thanks to the club for the invite to judge, quality was good on the whole. Some nice Irish setters and cockers that I enjoyed getting my hands on.


P (1,0) 1 CROCKER & LEWIS Riverblue Ophelia Winky. 11month male, masculine head and plenty of him all over. Good front assembly, which he used to his advantage on the move, beautiful rib and nice length of loin. Good tail set. He occasionally let himself down on the move with puppy brain kicking in, but he pulled it out of the bag on the move when his movement was just that little more breed typical compared to my reserve BOB. Just also needs to strengthen in rear end with age. Be interesting to follow his career as he progresses. Best of Breed, group shortlist and Best Puppy & Puppy Group 2.

J (1,0) 1 MAPLES Pollnac New Miracle. 14m Bitch. She was a bit of a wild child. Feminine head, good ear set, nice length of neck. Could be deeper in places throughout the body. Good mover with satisfactory reach and drive. Good tailset.

PG (2,1) 1 Richardson’s Bluesprings Now I’m Here at Forestfire. 3yr old dog. Good head albeit a little broad in rear skull for me. Nice length of neck, fair depth of chest and ribs. Little longer in loin than some today, but still managed to carry himself well on the move without any deviation. A little close behind on the away and back, but held well in profile. Reserve Best of Breed.

O (1,0) 1 Williamson’s Bluespring’s Picture This JW. 5yr old male. A masculine male with a pleasing head, good rib, and fair loin. Presented in good coat. Lacks a little reach on the move, which then spoiled an overall picture. But he was a pleasing specimen of the breed to examine.


P (4,1) 1 CLIFFORD’S Tomarisroan Shining Start of Chamford. 11month old blue roan bitch. Feminine head, moves with reach and drive, maintaining a merry cocker action. Good rib and forechest, good body and shown to advantage. Sadly she wasn’t handled by her original handler in the BOB challenge or I truly believe she would’ve pushed my BOB winner hard for the top spot. She was however Best puppy in breed. 2 HUTTON-BARBER Esqueen I’m Iconic For Babtonkelpie (IMP POL) A 9month old bitch. Beautifully marked and presented, however today she was a little stilted on the move, and didn’t carry herself to advantage. I would also say she was probably carrying a little too much coat for the traditional cocker spaniel. 3 JARVIS’s Galibar Goldeneye.

J (3,0) 1 CLIFFORD’s Tomarisroan Shining Star of Chamford. 2 ANDERSON & FOSTERS Zakova Baloo Moonshine at Sabaloo. 16m lovely feminine blue bitch. Moves well, carrying a little too much weight however did impede her at times. Shown in good coat. Built well with good depth and solid quarters. 3 WARRINGTONS Eddeswarren Vega by Zakova.

PG (5,1) HUTTON-BARBER Esqueen Following Star at Babtonkelpie (IMP POL) JW. 18month Blue Roan bitch. Exquisite head, good length of neck. Good front and rear assembly, which is used to advantage on the move once she settled herself down. Well presented in coat. 2 Warrington’s Zakova Sugar Babe. Blue roan bitch. Beautiful head piece, well built in all quarters, and shown with probably a little too much coat. She was just a little erratic on the move today which cost her in the class. 3 ROFE Villaspaniol Gold Flash.

O (2,1) 1 CLIFFORDS Wyncastle’s French Quarter Smash with Chamford HJCH ShChEx (IMP HUN) 3 year old blue roan male. Strong head, good body and moves well with reach and drive. Bit dippy in top line on the round however. RBOB. 2 ROFE Villaspaniol Sunny Delight. A beautiful red male who I would’ve like to have done more for, however he was a bit of a wild child and tested his handler today. He lost all his beautiful qualities when he tried to move round the ring, but is a well made boy.

SPANIEL (Sussex)

J (1,0) 1 HAWKIN’S Harasteorra Betelgeuse Young excitable male. Nice head, he was difficult to assess on the move in this class, but did mature a little later in another class. He is a little narrow in back end for me.

PG (1,0) 1 BEECHAM Meggamooch Xanadu at Rydonmist. This young male has some development still to fulfil to show to his full potential I’m sure. He had good quarters and well boned. Just needs to settle more in topline on the move and tailset.

O (2,0) 1 BEECHAMS Crumbledor Albus Dumbledor at Rydonmist. 2yr old male a super specimen of the breed, screaming breed type and carries himself well on the move showing his qualities to his advantage. Pleasing head, not exaggerated, good front and rear quarters, nicely conditioned in body and coat. He moves with reach and drive, and shows himself well. BOB. 2 Harasteorra Betelgeuse.