• Show Date: 04/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Simon Whincup Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ripon & District Canine Society


My thanks to Ripon for the invite and appointment to judge some fabulous dogs in many breeds today, it was also a pleasure to take over the ESS and WSS on behalf of Ellen Lloyd. Sportsmanship was fantastic in most breeds and results accepted graciously with the exception of the Border Terrier ring which has already been discussed widely elsewhere. I was very grateful to Ripon for their hospitality and the way they made myself and Ethan welcome and catered for.


P (1,0) 1 SMITH’S MELVERELY IRIDESCENT. 10m LWT Bitch. The most exquisite workings in the head, with a beautiful eye and expression, it just melts you the minute you walk to front of her. Good length of neck into a well laid shoulders and front. Super ribs, forechest and length of loin. Super tailset and carriage. Moves with true reach and drive, beautifully conditioned and muscled, an honest ESS outline that I am pleased to see continues to take top honours since I judged her. On the day she was PG1 also, which was an immense result. BOB & BP.

J (2,1) 1 RICHARDSON & TERRY RICHARDSONS DAENERY’S MOONDANCER TO CHERISHYM. A 16m LW Bitch. Fair workings in the head, feminine expression. She has a light nose which detracts from an overall picture. She has fair makings all the way through her body, and her construction is adequate however it does hinder her movement which is OK.

PG (1,1) 1. Absent

O (4,0) 1 CHANDLER’S ELAZLAN TRIBAL CRAFT. 16m BW Dog. A dog who fills a picture and is on the larger side for me. He has a good depth of forechest, good spring of rib and a strong rear end that makes him move out with drive. He is verging on coarseness in head for me, he is a little upright in front however he still manages an adequate reach. He is shown in immaculate coat, and muscled to perfection. 2 CUNLIFFE’S IR SH CH CALVDALE I SAY OF FALLENLEAF. Lovely exquisitely feminine bitch of many quality. She has a good middle piece, she was a little unsettled on the move at times today, but still managed a good reach and drive. She was close for the class win. Shown in good condition. 3. RICHARDSON & TERRY RICHARDSONS CHERISHYM DOFIDA.


P (4,1) 1 GRAHAM’S NYLIRAM THE WITNESS. 6 ½ month old. This bitch has a super head and expression, with a beautiful eye that melts you. She has a lovely front construction, and lay of shoulder. She is good on the move, and carries herself well. BP. 2 SHERLOCK’S TIGERROCK HOPES & DREAMS FOR CRIMCAR. A very raw pup, she has a beautiful head and expression. A good front but not the depth of the winner in forechest. She is a lovely mover and very settled for one so young. 3 GRAHAM’S NYLIRAM THE SUSPECT.

J (0,0)

PG (2,0) 1 GRAHAM’S NYLIRAM THE MOTH CATCHER. A bitch with a good head and expression, lovely rib and length of loin. She was a good mover and shown in fit condition. 2 BROOK’S EIRIANDYLIS GEORGINA MOON. The dog has a beautiful working in the head, he has a good lay of shoulder, shown in good condition. However, today he did challenge his handler and just wanted to clown around. This dog could have so easily won the class if he has a bit of work on him and his handler.

O (2,1) 1 GRAHAM’S SH CH NYLIRAM TELLING TALES JW . Lovely feminine bitch with a beautiful expression and eye. Good front with a moderate neck into a good lay of shoulder. She is good in size and not over exaggerated. She is shown in fantastic condition. Easy BOB. 2 Absent.


P (6,2) 1 SHERLOCK’S CRIMCAR MIDNIGHT DREAMZ. 6m Blue. A very feminine head, which could be a little bit broader in muzzle, but not much more. Feminine throughout, she is a good mover and nicely made which shows on the move around. She has a plethora of baby coat, which once you look past that you see a quality bitch with a bright future. BP. 2 DAVIES ANNASIDE YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE, 6month Red Bitch. Lovely made bitch, who moves beautifully. She has a good head, and a nice body with a good depth of rib and length of loin. She is a good mover. Just a little close on bite. 3 PENDLEBURY’S COOLEELA BLACK BEAUTY AT SANDABY’S.

J (4,1) 1 YOUNG’S CANYONN CLASSIC VISION. A Black bitch who is ultra feminine in her head, she has well laid shoulders leading from a lovely neck. She has good ribs and depth in the forequarters, she is good in length of loin, and she carries herself well on the move and covers ground well with reach and drive. Her handler gets the best out of her on the move. BOB. 2 SINCLAIR’S CLARAMAND MERCURY RISING AT DUCLARUS. Blue dog of exceptional quality, a little stronger in head. He has a super rib and depth to his front, carries a good length of loin. Moves ok though today lost the class by tending to lean himself forward and destroy the overall outline a little. 3 TAYLOR-KISTNER BLACK LORD WILDEST DREAM AT FRIELJOANIPA (IMP HRV)

PG (10,2) 1 YOUNG’S CANYONN BLACK CAVIAR . 13month old Black Dog. Lovely little mover, who maintains a great shape on the stack and on the move. Is well made in his forequarters, and his rear quarters. Lovely tailset, well muscled and good carriage. 2 BAYLISS’S SHIREPARK SIR FRANCIS DRAKE BY WILANORAH JW. Blue Dog, lovely head and expression. Little bigger and taller than 1. Lovely front with good rib and forechest. Good carriage, just tested his handler today at times on the move. 3 DAVIES ANNASIDE’S STAR TURN.

O (5,1) 1 SINCLAIR’S CHATAWAY DRESS TARTAN AT DULCARUS JW. A Black bitch of so many qualities and virtues. Lovely had and expression that melts you as you look at her. Super front construction, and good ribs and depth of forechest. Good proportion in loin and rear quarters. Good tailset, and won this class so easily on movement today with reach and drive. However, in the challenge she had tendency to lean a little which just cost her BOB. 2 DAVIES ANNASIDE WINTER’S MOON Blue 2 ½ year old. Good quality bitch. Just little more heavier in head than winner. But carries well and has a good body. 3 SHERLOCK’S CRIMCAR JUST A DREAM


PG (5,0) 1 DYKES CALEYDENE CONNEXTION. Orange Belton bitch. Lovely feminine bitch, super shape and movement. Excellent all round bitch. BOB. 2 KEMP-TAYLOR QUENSHA’S STRAWBERRY SWING. Lovely blue and tan. Little more stronger in head, super body and moves well. 3 MCDOWELL’S MOORBROOK MISS MARPLE AVEC BYEDALES.

O (3,0) 1 SNOOK’S DALREAVOCH NORTHERN CAPER. Blue Dog. Lovely head and expression. Well built throughout. Good length of loin, good rib and forequarters. Moves with Reach and Drive. 2 Kanietter Kocoa. Nice dog, just a bit straight in rear. 3 PREST’S CALEYDENE COMET.


PG (4,1) 1 SLOANE’S FERAHSEEN HOT PROPER TEA. 8month Dog. Super head and plains. Excellent lay of shoulder. Good rib, nice loin. He moves well, though a little close behind. BP. 2 SLOANE’S FERASHEEN POP THE CHAMPERS, 8 month Bitch. Super feminine, good rib and chest. Good loin little to strengthen in rear end. 3 BIGSBY’S MEADOWFOOT WILD ONE.

O (3,0) 1 WHEELDON’S COLEMIST THE NAME OF THE GAME. A masculine male. Super front and well laid shoulders. Excellent mover and carries well once he has settled. BOB 2 SLOANE’S GWENDARIFF THE PURPLE STAR. 3 year old bitch. Lovely shape and on the stack holds a great outline. Would like a little stronger in back end.


O (1,0) 1. MASON’S CROWNLAKE’S QUEEN BEE JW. 2yr Black Tan bitch. Quality head with beautiful expression. Super front with good depth of keel. Lovely chest and ribs, set well and balanced in proportions. Move with beautiful reach and drive. BOB.


O (5,0) 1 MASON’S CH TECKLETOWN MASTER PIECE JW. 2yr old red male. Super depth of keel and good ratio of ribs and loin. Carries his topline impeccably. Lovely head, although a little more length in muzzle would be advantageous. Nice front and rear. BOB 2 MASON’S TECKLETOWN SOMETHING MAGIC JW 4yr old Black and Tan Male. Lovely head and expression, good depth of keel and brisket. Nice loin, carries topline OK, just a little sloped. 3 CUMBERLAND’S MUMYSAMI SO DISTINCT.


O (6,3) 1 STEPHENSON’S WISTEX TAKING IT EASY. Bitch of quality, good depth of keel, good ribs. Super mover. BOB. 2 CORNER’S GRAGARETH GIRL AT CARCORN. Nice bitch, just needs to settle on the move.


O (1,0) 1. WEST’S AURORA RUDE FOR KENDALDAX (IMP LTU). 10month old Red Bitch. Lovely head and expression. Good depth, moves OK. Needs to mature in body and coat. BOB BP.


O (1,0) 1 RICHARDSON’S BRONIA SOLAR CORONA. 2yr old Bitch. Red. Good head, nice front, moves OK. Bit straight in rear quarters. BOB.


O (4,1) 1 MCPHERSON & PATERSONS’S BRUMBERHILL BARBED WIRE. 10month old. The most expressive of head and eyes. Super depth of keel, great ribs and chest. Good coat, moves so well and sound. Later placed in the group. 2 DICKINSON’S SONHAM DOUBLE TROUBLE AT DAKOTADAX. 6 ½ month old Dog. Tail carries a little high, and crosses back leg on move. Good head and expression, good throughout, nice front. 3 CORNER’S CISHELVINE PORTIA AT CARCORN.


P (3,0) 1 MCPHERSON’S MANORCROFT JOHAN AT BRUMBERHILL. 10month old Bitch. Lovely otter head and expression. Good ribs with depth and narrowness. Lovely front and carries itself well on the move. 2 SWAIN’S BORDERRUSH CLEMENTINE FOR ARDENHOLM. Lovely otter head, good front, nice ribs and length. Moves well. 3 DIXON’S OTTERPAWS THE THUNDER ROLLS.

J (5,0) 1 MCPHERSON’S MANORCROFT JOHAN AT BRUMBERHILL. As 1 above. 2 PICKERING’S PICER MIRABEL OSTLER. Lovely black and tan male. Lovely Otter head, Front OK, not the carriage of winner and crosses behind on the away. 3 DIXON’S OTTERPAWS THE THUNDER ROLLS.

PG (6,3) 1 DIXON’S OTTERPAWS RED RED WINE. Nice bitch, little heavier in head than 2, but better body proportions and ribs. Moves well and carries well. 2 CUMMIN’S HAVENCROFT EMERLAND VIA KEWHAIGH. Prefer the head on this to winner, good ribs and depth. Just not so animated on the move. 3 BOWMAN’S LYNSETT MISS MABLE AT SHARRALE.

O (6,1) 1 MCPHERSON’S OTTERWOOD CAROLINA BY BRUMBERHILL. Blue and Tan bitch. Lovely otter head and expression. Lovely shape and rib with good depth and length. Lovely mover. Easy BOB, screams Border Terrier!. 2 SINGH’S GOLDENMILL ILLUSION AT VANDAMERE. Just not the movement of winner, lovely head and shape however. 3 DIXON’S OTTERPAWS LYIN EYES JW.


PG (1,0) 1 GEE’S WATERCROFT STRANDS OF GOLD. Just under 1yr male. Lovely head and expression. Super coat and body. Excellent tailset and carriage. Little showman. Later RBPIS.

O (2,1) 1 GEE’S WATERCROFT SPOTTED DICK. 3yr old male. We all love Spotted Dick, and this boy does not let you down!. Super head and ears. Great set of ribs and length of loin in proportion. Well built, super tail and moves fabulously!!. BOB.


O (1,0) 1 ASHTON’S KITESPRITE A KIND OF MAGIC. 3yr old. Pleasing head and expression. Good body throughout and well presented. Moves well. BOB.


O (3,1) 1 ROULSTON’S KENTWONE BOSTON TO IVYJEWEL. Excellent male, super head and shape. Great expression and spritely terrier personality. Excellent move and shown and presented in great condition. BOB. 2 ROULSTON’S BROCOLITIA CLEMENTIA AT IVYJEWEL.


O (1,0) 1 RAFTER’S RAFSCOS ANNIE GET YA GUN. 18month old. Super head with strength and true expression. Lovely balance. Shown in good coat, and moves OK. BOB.


PG (3,0) 1 MORRIS’S CHANDLIMORE PASS THE BUCK TO MYCALLEYS. Super style JRT. Good ear set, great terrier attentiveness. Good quarters, super move and true. BOB. 2 COPPING & WINNARD’S RUTAARO BACK TO BLACK. Lovely black and white, just shorter in leg and not the front of the winner. BP. 3 KAY’S BLAZINGJACKS BEST MATE WITH JACKOPEAKS.

O (1,0) 1 KAY’S JACKOPEAKS THIS IS ME. Lovely smooth bitch. Nice head, just needs to be more coordinated and settled on the move.


O (1,0) 1 BELL’S MAXMADADAH MILA MARIPOSA. 11 month old pretty bitch, shown in good coat, moves well. A lot to like, hopefully matures well as gets older. BOB. BP.