• Show Date: 06/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Simon Luxmoore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Tunbridge Wells & District Canine Society


06 MAY 23




P 2(0)

1. Nicholls/Oorloff’s Ruthdale Perfection through Shyllar with Rovijuca NAF TAF. 7 month old bitch, feminine head and expression, outgoing personality, balanced angulation providing good reach and drive, RBOB & BP.

2. Nicholls’ Shyllar Turn Back The Clock. Not quite the shoulder of 1 and a little bit reserved on the day however this is a puppy and with confidence she will progress well in future.


J 2(1)

1. Lindsey’s Tykin The Latest Fashion. 15 month old male, moderate angulation front and rear, strong masculine head, a little 10 to 2 on the stand but good bone and shown in good coat and condition.


PG 2(0)

1. Ghent’s Claudmist Aphrodite Beauty. I preferred the front of 1 on the day, balanced angulation, a little loose in the top-line but covered good ground and sound on the out and back.

2. Lindsey’s Tykin Tick Tick Bang. Did not stand to advantage turning his feet out but nice turn of stifle and good drive from behind, strong head, well handled and presented.


O 3(0)

1. Nicholls’ Zhbanof Yaramira Shyllar (imp RUS). Well balanced exhibit, nice shoulder, good top-line, good head, shown in good coat and condition and out moved the competition, BOB & G1.

2. Nicholls/Oorloff’s Red Dils Million Reasons for Rovijuca (imp CRO). Only moderate angulation fore and aft but good strong top-line, correct bone and shown in good coat.

3. Ghent’s Claudmist Beautiful Sigrid.




J 1(0)

1. Scott’s Amuelle Fabulous Florence. 15 month old bitch, lovely head and expression, excellent ear set and shape, good muzzle, nice underjaw, correct rise over the loin, well angulated and easy ground covering gait, very nice prospect, BOB.


O 2(1)

2. Scott’s Amuelle Little Tom Thumb ShCM. Nice 8 year old veteran male, well set ears, good muzzle, covered the ground with a positive gait and enjoyed the trip out, an excellent veteran example of the breed, RBOB.




O 3(2)

1. Angier/Stacey’s Icon De Bruine Buck at Birkcross (imp NLD). 5 year old male, top of the range in terms of overall size but showing perfect balance, lovely head and expression, excellent angulation, shown in full coat and impressive ground covering gait, lovely example of the breed and went on to take Group 1, BOB.




PG 2(1)

1. Johns’ Breezelyn Ears A Breakthrou for Alepenkye. 18 month old bitch, keen dark eye, balanced in profile, moved with a quick, light footed gait, RBOB.


O 2(0)

1. Kirkwood’s Schnaubern Draco Star. Just preferred the balance of 1 in profile, good head and expression, excellent top-line, shown in good coat and condition, well set tail, covered plenty of ground on the move, BOB.

2. Johns’ Breezelyn Ears A Top Tip at Alepenkye. Very much a fidget on the day but very lively, moved with impressive reach in profile, well handled and presented and a good prospect.




PG 1(0)

1. Porter’s Mellowdee My Girl Lollipop. A lovely 2½ year old bitch, good dark eye, shown in good coat and impressive hard condition, superb balance and angulation on the move, covered the ground with effortless reach and drive, RBOB.


O 2(0)

Two lovely examples of the breed.

1. Rutland/Porter’s Ch. Mellowdee Mask of Zorro JW. Keen dark eye, 2½ year old male who won the class with superior angulation in the rear, excellent overall balance, shown in hard condition and very impressive example of the breed, BOB & G2.

2. Lattimer’s Aus Ch. Ottaba Right On Quewe AI (imp AUS). Lacked some condition on the day but very well handled and presented and whilst I would prefer a little more angulation in the rear there was plenty of reach with good front angulation.



P 2(0)

1. Clarke’s Harbethol Look Magical Tyme. Well constructed male, good head, well set ears, excellent shoulder and good forechest, strong top-line, shown in good coat and condition and won the class on his movement, BOB, BP & PG1.

2. Hutton-Baber’s Esqueen I’m Iconic for Babtonkelpie (imp POL) NAF. Keen head and expression, level top-line, moderate angulation front and rear, not quite the condition of 1.


J 5(2)

1. Taylor-Kistner’s Black Lord Wildest Dream at Frieljoanipa (imp HRV). Preferred this 13 month old bitch for her overall balance and profile and her feminine head and expression, quite reserved on the day but she moved with an efficient ground covering gait.

2. Clifford’s Tomarisroan Shining Star of Chamford. I liked this bitch but she was somewhat nervous on the day but moved with increasing confidence and good reach and drive when settled.

3. Griffin’s Griffial Make It Count.


PG 4(2)

1. Warrington’s Zakova Sugar Babe. More compact than 2, correct head and expression, good reach of neck, excellent shoulder, correct forechest and well balanced throughout, absolutely sound on the move, RBOB.

2. Taylor-Kistner’s Black Lord Wildest Dream at Frieljoanipa (imp HRV). Repeat.


O 1(0)

1. Warrington’s Zakova Miss Scarlet. 3 year old bitch, feminine head and expression, balanced in profile, compact and quick and efficient on the move, not really happy with her surroundings on the day and was unable to show herself off to advantage.