• Show Date: 02/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Simon Luxmoore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Worcester & Malvern Canine Society


02 JAN 23




J 1(0)

1. Reid’s Cavallibrook Final Legacy at Maudaxi. 11 month old male, lovely head and expression, nice reach of neck, excellent shoulder, strong top-line, good croup, good length to height ratios, sound on the move, will benefit from a little more condition in maturity, BOB & BP.




P 3(0)

3 very nice puppies.

1. Gee’s Watercroft Fizzlicious. Just preferred the forward reach and drive of 1 on the day, lovely head, excellent angulation and a very good prospect, RBOB & BP.

2. Nash’s Earthtaw Owain the Celt. Slightly more ‘up together’ than 1 but a charming head, good dark eye, excellent overall proportions, good tail set and carriage, another nice prospect.

3. Clarke’s Watercroft Pickled Pudding.


J 2(0)

1. Gee’s Watercroft Fiz Ful of Dolars. Nice puppy, good overall balance, good masculine head, well set ears, good reach of neck, excellent angulation, parallel on the move.

2. Knapp’s Kinsridge Top Banana. Moderate angulation front and rear, good top-line but not quite the reach and drive of 1.


PG 2(0)

1. Gee’s Watercroft Billy The Kid. Charming puppy, well angulated front and rear, excellent disposition, sound on the move and showed off to advantage.

2. Davis’ Watercroft Earl Grey. Preferred the head of 1 but this boy had balance and moved with an easy parallel gait, I felt the coat was a little ‘fine’ in texture on the day.


O 2(0)

1. Gee’s Watercroft Spotted Dick. Very nice 3 year old male, super head, excellent angulation, nice fore-chest, good coat and condition, perhaps had had a little more Christmas dinner than anticipated! But moved with power and drive, BOB.

2. Nash’s Tiggy of House Nash. Nice 5 year old bitch, good eye, balanced angulation and moved with a good parallel gait.




P 4(2)

1. Timms/Henderson’s Olijah Banana Split. Very attractive masculine head, high set ears, good underjaw, good reach of neck, balanced when viewed in profile, strong top-line, sound on the move, RBOB & BP.

2. Eskrett’s Katakia’s Light The Way. Good clean head, not quite the underjaw of 1, good shoulder but still a little ‘up behind’ in terms of maturity, it will be interesting to see how he progresses.


J 4(2)

1. Eskrett’s Katakia’s Light The Way. Repeat.

2. Humphries’ Theapaul I Believe In Magic for Crackatari. Feminine bitch, balanced throughout but I would prefer a little more drive from behind through the stifle, good top-line, fair shoulder and provided a quick ground covering gait.


PG 3(1)

1. Eskrett’s Katakia’s Minnie The Minx. Moved out with a ground covering gait, took some time to relax on the day but once she started to enjoy herself she showed off to advantage, well set ears, would prefer a little more underjaw, strong shoulder, good top-line, shown in good coat and condition.

2. Humphries’ Theapaul I Believe In Magic for Crackatari.


O 5(3)

1. Timms/Henderson’s Ir Ch. Olijah Total Knockout JW. Completely out-moved the class, excellent balance, a picture in profile, good reach of neck, correct top-line, nice bone, good head and expression with no exaggerations, very well handled and presented, BOB

2. Humphries’ Crackatari Shockwave JW. Would prefer more underjaw, excellent shoulder, high set ears, good top-line and moved to advantage.

3. French’s Ravenside Cest La Vie at Bicombefarm.




P 4(0)

1. Downs’ Liefkees Assisi. Very nice Keeshond, good head and expression, a nice dark eye, impressive when viewed in profile, well angulated, easy ground covering gait when settled, nice prospect, BP.

2. Stewart’s Twybrook Sweet Princess. Kooikerhondje, very feminine head and expression, keen and alert on the day, perfect balance throughout and more conditioning will bring more reward in the future.

3. Theobald’s Chicavallo Flash Light NAF.


J 2(1)

1. McLoughlin’s Jester The Chester De Isla De Kann Zantescwtch (imp ESP). Very well handled and presented Standard Poodle, good head and expression, moderate angulation fore and aft, correct fit feet, strong top-line, good tail set and carriage.


PG 4(1)

1. Suiter’s Genetika Wake Up Aurora. Kooikerhondje, very attractive head, 5 year old bitch, just took the class on the reach and drive, good top-line, good croup and tail set.

2. Guy’s Gladsheim Eleodoro. Kooikerhondje, another nice example of this popular breed, not quite the reach of 1 and somewhat less impressed with proceedings on the day but well handled and presented.

3. Daws/Toms’ Minnienoom Navigator.


O 10(4)

1. Brennan’s Burwen Billie Jean at Kaytoni. Japanese Shiba Inu, 20 months old, very smart bitch, shown in excellent coat and condition, quick, powerful light footed gait, attractive head and expression and won the class on her movement on the day, Best AVNSC.

2. Guy’s Wynele Trooping The Colour. Boston Terrier, 6 year old male, clean head and expression, balanced when viewed in profile, well set ears, good shoulder and didn’t put a foot wrong on the day, Res Best AVNSC.

3. Suiter’s Cirtaps Hertogin Freya Van Qira-T at Genetika.