• Show Date: 20/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Simon Luxmoore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Lancashire Heeler Association


20 MAY 23


PD 4(0)

1. Hughes’ Poolheywood Barney. Just preferred the overall balance, probably borne of age at this stage, correct head planes, good eye, balanced angulation and shown to advantage, RBPIS.

2. Felstead’s Foveaux Kings Troop. Just a little younger than 1 but attractive head, good dark eye, well angulated, plenty of back length, very good on the move with a parallel ground covering gait.

3. McKnight’s Thunder Boy.



1. Felstead’s Lankeela You Go Boss at Foveaux. Very smart youngster, 16 months old, balanced angulation front and rear, attractive head, level top-line, moved and handled to advantage, RBD.

2. Lagonegro’s Lankeela Kristi and Eeyore. Good head, correct bone, top-line rather fell away on the day but moved with good reach and drive.

3. Pinto-Pearson’s Parabar Petro.


YD 1(0)

1. Pinto-Pearson’s Parabar Petro. 14 month old male, very well put together, excellent head and expression, correct markings, I just felt his coat, at this stage, was not his fortune and will benefit with maturity.


ND 1(0)

1. Hughes’ Poolheywood Barney. 1st in PD.


PGD 2(1)

1. Lawrence’s Brinscall Moors Bertie. Balanced when viewed in profile but carried a little extra weight on the day, correct level head planes but as much stop as I would like, extremely alert and a bright, sunny disposition.


LD 3(0)

1. Grant-Parkes’ Parabar Perfec’ Popkin. Very well put together male, correct head, good reach of neck set on powerful shoulders, well angulated front and rear with an excellent turn of stifle, completely out-moved the class, excellent

coat and condition.

2. Whiteman’s Madincrowd Edred. Preferred the head of 1, a little excessive stop for me, good overall proportions however, nice shoulder, good top-line, moved with a good parallel gait.

3. Lawrence’s Hoscar Ellis’s Eddie.


OD 3(0)

1. Grant-Parkes’ Ch. Parabar Mohican’s Medlar. A well balanced male, excellent head and expression, keen and alert, good bone, shown in full coat and excellent condition, well angulated fore and aft, moved with a parallel gait,


2. McLellan’s Hoscar Hop Scotch. Very lively male full of vim and vigour, correct head planes, strong top-line, well angulated and moved to advantage.

3. McLellan’s Parabar Poacher.


VD 5(1)

1. Bellinger’s Limebrook’s Take A Chance On Me at Heelstone ShCM (imp SWE). 10 year old male, good head, strong top-line and out-moved the class with his reach and drive, a credit to the breed, BVIS.

2. Grant-Parkes’ Parabar Popgun. Another nice veteran, head and expression of a puppy, excellent shoulder, level top-line and moved with a good gait, shown in good coat and condition.

3. Chamberlain’s Parabar Pemford at Chambuster.


PB 5(1)

1. Felstead’s Foveaux Queens Gambit. An absolutely delightful puppy, super feminine head and expression, well set shoulder, level top-line, good tail set and carriage, correct turn of stifle, excellent ground covering gait, very well handled and presented, BB, RBIS, BOS & BPIS.

2. Bailey/Hancock’s Selestar Lemon Drizzle. Another lovely puppy, correct head planes, well set ears, good shoulder, easy gait and shown in good condition.

3. Gwillam-Winter’s Twizzlefoot Henrietta.


JB 5(0)

1. Cutler’s Lankeela Frosty Knickers. Keen, alert expression, excellent disposition, correct feminine head, well angulated front and rear, shown in full coat and condition, moved to advantage.

2. Davies’ Parabar Aspiring Actress Piparlo. Another nice prospect, correct neck set on powerful shoulders, strong top-line, moved with reach and drive.

3. Manifold/Jones’ Lankeela Coco Ssh Nell.


YB 4(0)

1. Grant-Parkes’ Parabar Palanca. Just took the class on her reach and drive on the move, very feminine head and expression, well angulated, strong, level top-line and moved to advantage, RBB.

2. Cutler’s Lankeela Frosty Knickers. 1st in JB.

3. Bradford’s Simonsville Ediva*


NB 3(0)

1. Bailey/Hancock’s Selestar Lemon Drizzle. 2nd in PB.

2. Gwillam-Winter’s Twizzlefoot Henrietta. Good shoulder, would prefer a little more turn of stifle but nice feminine head with level planes and had plenty of reach on the move.

3. Bent’s Edgebotomer Aria.


PGB 3(0)

1. Cutler’s Lankeela Tekeela Sunrise. Won the class on her superior reach on the move, feminine head, good forechest, excellent shoulder, good turn of stifle, correct top-line.

2. Grant-Parkes’ Parabar Pimpernel. More compact in type, feminine head, balanced front and rear, efficient gait.

3. Bent’s Edgebotomer Aria.


LB 5(0)

1. Syrett’s Ganseblume Memphis Belle. A very nice bitch who showed herself off to advantage, correct eye, good shoulder, strong top-line and a good turn of stifle.

2. Grant-Parkes’ Parabar Monkey Puzzle. Another well angulated bitch shown in good coat and condition and showed herself off to advantage.

3. Bellinger’s Heelstone Genevive.


OB 4(0)

1. Felstead’s Ch. Selestar Salix Lutea with Foveaux. A lovely bitch, perfectly handled and presented, correct head, level top-line, good reach of neck, good tail set and carriage and absolutely sound on the move.

2. Grant-Parkes’ Parabar Paxton’s Posy. A very well put together bitch, good head and expression, a little fidgety on the day but an excellent example of the breed.

3. Syrett’s Lankeela Tracy’s Qutie.


VB 3(1)

Two gorgeous veterans.

1. Syrett’s Ch. Ganseblume Enchantress JW ShCM. Just took the class on her reach and drive but shown in excellent coat and condition and an absolute credit to the breed, RBVIS.

2. Grant-Parkes’ Ch/Lux/Eur Ch. Parabar Pride. 12 year old bitch continues to be a bench mark for her age, excellent balance, easy efficient gait and shown in good coat and condition.



SpO Liver/Tan 6(3)

1. Bellinger’s Limebrook’s Take A Chance On Me at Heelstone ShCM (imp SWE).

2. Lagonegro’s Lankeela Kristi and Eeyore.

3. Manifold/Jones’ Lankeela Coco Ssh Nell.


SpO Neutered 4(3)

1. Bellinger’s Limebrook’s Take A Chance On Me at Heelstone ShCM (imp SWE).


SpB 11(1)

1. Hughes’ Poolheywood Barney.

2. Bailey/Hancock’s Selestar Lemon Drizzle.

3. Pinto-Pearson’s Parabar Petro.

Sp NBE 9(5)

1. Hughes’ Poolheywood Barney.

2. Bradford’s Simonsville Ediva*

3. Lagonegro’s Lankeela Kristi and Eeyore.


Brace 9(2)

1. Grant-Parkes’ Lancashire Heelers.

2. Lawrence’s Lancashire Heelers.

3. Bellinger’s Lancashire Heelers.


Team 2(1)

1. Grant-Parke’s Lancashire Heelers.