• Show Date: 21/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Simon Luxmoore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Coventry & District Kennel Association


21 MAY 23




P 2(1)

1. Bellringer’s Pramya Keep Your Eyes On Me (imp FIN). 10 month old puppy bitch, excellent head and expression, good reach of neck and well angulated, elbows close to the chest, strong top-line, good tail set and carriage, light footed bouncing gait, BOB & BP.


PG 1(0)

1. Tanner/Link’s Rhajikhan Athena of Aleyazar. 2½ year old bitch, good overall balance, would prefer a little more underjaw but level top-line and impressive ground covering gait, well handled and presented, RBOB.




P 4(1)

1. Webster’s Rossut Vizier for Houndscoast. I preferred the overall angulation of 1 who developed plenty of drive on the move when moving in profile, very immature at this stage but good head and expression and nice prospect, RBOB & BP.

2. Jayes’ Rossut Zavier at Sandylands. As large as I would like for a puppy, good head and expression, when viewed on the stand balanced but lacked a little drive from behind perhaps due to a lack of muscle on the day.

3. Lennard’s Butterow Unity.


PG 3(1)

1. Leader’s Molesend Dice JW. A well balanced male with good bone and shown in excellent coat and condition, balanced front and rear, typical head and expression, easy on the move.

2. Langman’s Madika High Flyer at Bonwillan. A nice bitch, medium minus bone however but delightful head and expression, good shoulder and quick light footed gait.


O 2(0)

1. Lennard’s Butterow Token. Very well put together bitch, correct eye, good reach of neck, well angulated and covered the ground to advantage, BOB.

2. Webster’s Michelroy Pimpernell with Houndscoast JW. More rangy in type, moderate angulation front and rear, as much back length as I would like but well handled and presented.




P 5(3)

1. Williams’ Priorpark Pep Talk. Good feminine head, 8 month old bitch, a little ‘up behind’ at this stage but strong gait, good angulation, level top-line and absolutely sound on the move, RBOB & BP.

2. Maddow/Gethin’s Dukuza Ayisha of Purplepride. 6 month old puppy on debut, moderate angulation fore and aft, somewhat soft top-line at this stage but parallel on the move, practise will benefit.


PG 4(0)

1. Jeffery’s Negasi Thorin at Rexgrove. Good head and expression, nice reach of neck, well angulated, good feet, absolutely sound on the move, shown in good muscular condition, BOB.

2. Maddow/Gethin’s Rubiltra Chumba Bibi of Purplepride. Feminine head, balanced angulation, as much back length as I would like however level top-line and sound on the move.

3. Ellis’ Sunrise Ruby Princess.




P 3(1)

Two very nice puppies.

1. Middleton/Gilhooly’s Stormida Squirrels For Tea. 1 just took the class on her greater degree of confidence and her absolutely sound, ground covering gait, a nice prospect, RBOB & BP.

2. Collins’ Silkridge Aladdin Sane for Tephiti. Lovely 6 month old puppy male who will mature to advantage but he wasn’t quite relaxed on his forward reach on the day.


PG 3(2)

1. Stormida The Brave. Moderate shoulder, good turn of stifle, correct reach of neck, easy ground covering parallel gait.


O 2(1)

1. Mulcair Dun and Dusted JW. Very nice feminine head, attractive, good reach of neck, moderate shoulder, excellent turn of stifle, strong top-line, good croup, tail set and carriage, focused on the move, BOB.




P 2(0)

Two 6 month old puppies, both of which were enjoying their first day out at a show.

1. Dart’s Aussiame Flaming Slate. Blue merle with a little more bone than 2 and rather more drive from behind than 2 but nice prospect, BP.

2. Land/Gittins’ Aussiame Stargazers Flame for Casmawllan. Red merle with a good shoulder, level top-line and good reach on the move.


PG 1(0)

1. Land/Gittins’ Soloyal Kiss Artist around Casmawllan. 9 month old male, attractive head, correct bone, well knuckled up feet, good shoulder, shown in good coat and condition, when settled covered the ground to good effect, RBOB.


O 1(0)

1. Cowley’s Sparkaway Talk Of The Devil JW. Very nice blue merle shown in excellent coat and condition, very good angulation, impressive ground covering gait, good example of the breed, well handled and presented, BOB.




P 3(0)

1. Waldron/Gray’s There’s Something About De Chester at Snowmead (imp FRA). A very nice bitch who won the class on her movement in profile, correct top-line, tail set and carriage, very nice prospect, well angulated and with a good feminine head and expression, BOB & BP.

2. Pickup’s Kiltondale Heat Of The Night. A nice male with standard fitting head, good shoulder, absolutely sound on the move but tended to raise his tail to his disadvantage when on the move which spoilt the overall impression, RBOB.

3. Gilbert’s Bryonyhill Secret Saturn.


J 2(0)

1. Pickup’s Kiltondale Heat Of The Night. 2nd in P.

2. Price/Horne’s Winaria Winter Solstice for Mobuff. Nice bitch who was unable to settle her front movement on the out and back however covered good ground in profile and was shown in good condition.


PG 1(0)

1. Price/Horne’s Winaria Winter Solstice for Mobuff. 2nd in J.