• Show Date: 17/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Simon Luxmoore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/09/2023

Sheringham & District Kennel Association


17 SEP 23




SY 1(0)

1. Land/Gittins’ Soloyal Kiss Artist around Casmawllan. 13 month old male, strong head, good reach of neck, correct bone, strong top-line, correct croup, tail set and carriage, sound on the move. I would like to take this opportunity to make an amendment to my critique of Coventry and District on 21st May 23. Unlike the previous report this exhibit took RBOB and BP on the day, not as reported, BOB.


L 2(0)

1. Land/Gittins’ Soloyal Storyteller for Casmawllan. Preferred the rear angulation of 1, feminine head and expression, as much back length as I would like but showed plenty of reach and drive on the day, RBOB.

2. White’s Franmar Devils Desire. Good head and expression, correct feet, shown in full coat and good condition but a little straight in the stifle.


O 1(0)

1. White’s Franmar Devils Desire. Repeat.




P 2(1)

1. Corben’s Erinsgate Cinderella via Caprioara. 6 month old bitch, refined head, well set ears, balanced angulation, lacking condition on the day but moved with a promising gait, BP.


SY 2(0)

1. Cooper’s Kelekona Hearts of Gold. Excellent head and expression, well angulated, good top-line, correct coat, easy ground covering parallel gait, RBOB.

2. Corben’s Wisewyn Lustosa Design via Caprioara (imp PRT). Not quite the head of 1 but good shoulder and shown in full coat.


L 1(0)

1. Corben/Moore’s Welanga Winter Carols via Caprioara. 4 year old male who is well angulated and moved with good ground covering gait but on the day somewhat lacking in body.


O 3(2)

1. Benton’s Ch. Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle VW. 8 year old with excellent angulation and consequently good reach of drive, strong top-line and a credit to the breed in veteran years, BOB.




SY 3(1)

1. Robinson’s Tabanyaruu Aurora Aamu. Nice young bitch, attractive head and expression, balanced angulation and when allowed to settle a picture in profile.

2. Treasure’s Pavoskas Galaksiitti. Another nice example of the breed, a somewhat strong masculine head but moved to advantage.


L 4(2)

1. Robinson’s Tabanyaruu Aurora Aamu. Repeat.

2. Treasure’s Pavoskas Galaksiitti. Repeat.


O 5(3)

1. Treasure’s Infindigo Riemu Emmi ShCM VW. A super veteran bitch belying her years, lovely head and expression, good balance throughout and moved to advantage, BOB.

2. Robinson’s Tabanyaruu Aurora Aamu. Repeat. RBOB.




SY 1(0)

1. Taverner’s Brackenfire My Honey Bee. 20 month old bitch, delightful head, good eye shape, nice reach of neck, good forechest, correct overall proportions, good croup, excelled on the move, BOB.




P 1(0)

1. Carter’s Russetcopse Hokey Pokey. 8 month old bitch, correct head, good underjaw, well set ears, correct neck, good front, correct length to height ratio, moved well in the ‘longish grass’, BOB & BP.




L 3(1)

1. Paskins’ Cedavoch It’s Taboo at Kindeace. 5 year old male, correct head proportions, strong top-line, good reach and drive on the move, shown in good coat and condition, RBOB.

2. Foley’s Beauty Long at Clavennae. A bitch with good front but carrying far too much body for me on the day, moved with moderate gait as a result.


O 2(0)

1. Paskins’ Kindeace Texas Ranger. Excellent head, correct set of eye, good forechest, good top-line and shown in full coat and good condition, BOB.

2. Foley’s Loggeta Wynn by Myles at Clavennae. Attractive female, a little short on the leg for me and carrying too much body on the day but well handled and moved with moderate reach and drive.




L 1(0)

1. Baldwin’s Aventine Joss Merlyn. Lively male, good front, correct length to height, good leg length, moved with good reach and drive on the day, RBOB.


O 2(0)

1. Coverley’s Aventine Aunt Patience JW. Took the class on her overall balance, good angulation, nice leg length and sound on the move, shown in excellent coat and condition, BOB.

2. Baldwin’s Aventine Scotts Bluff. Good leg length but a little additional length in the back for me which caused the exhibit to struggle to hold his top-line but well handled and presented.




P 1(0)

1. Allen’s Qimugta Red Hills. 9 month old red and white, good head, excellent overall proportions, lovely reach of neck and moved with tremendous drive on the day, nice prospect, BOB & BP.




O 1(0)

1. Mitchell’s Oldcharm Markus at Elsimba. 6 year old male, good overall proportions, correct head shape, good head planes, good reach of neck, powerful shoulders, correct bone, good feet and pasterns, nice shoulder and good turn of stifle, the size of the rings did not work to his advantage but he moved with a parallel gait and I’m sure has an excellent stride! BOB.




P 1(0)

1. Atkinson’s All I Want 4 Christmas Is You Ginger Heaven at Kensalroag (imp POL). 11 month old bitch, feminine head and expression, moderate angulation front and rear, correct bone, good top-line, in full puppy coat on the day, lively on the move, BP.


SY 1(0)

1. Crooks’ Alfross Tulabo Aberyscir. 15 month old junior, good head, correct skull shape, good dark eye, excellent angulation giving a good ground covering gait in profile, nice prospect, BOB.




P 1(0)

1. Richings’ Barqueiro Amora. Nice puppy, keen dark eye, shown in good coat and condition, excellent on the move and her natural stand when viewed in profile showed excellent angulation front and rear, will benefit with some practise, BOB & BP.




SY 1(0)

1. Eagle’s Eaglehall Hot Gossip. DDB. 18 month old bitch, lovely head and expression, good underjaw, very ‘chilled’ and relaxed in temperament, well angulated front and rear, easy ground covering gait, an excellent prospect, Reserve AVNSC.


O 1(0)

1. Bedford’s King of Helluland Bianca at Chateaunewf. Newfoundland. Nice 3 year old bitch shown in full coat and excellent condition, good dark eye, strong bone, powerful shoulders, good reach of neck, moved and shown to advantage, Best AVNSC.




G1​Bedford’s King of Helluland Bianca at Chateaunewf. Newfoundland.

G2​Flaxman’s Dereburn Catch The Sun. BMD. A very feminine 3½ year old bitch, excellent reach and drive on the move, shown in full coat, good croup, correct tail set and a credit to the breed.

G3​Crooks’ Alfross Tulabo Aberyscir. Leonberger.

G4​Wilson’s Thorpaige What A Kerfuffle JW. Boxer. Very attractive young Boxer, 15 months old, good head and expression, nice reach of neck, well angulated when viewed in profile and remains a good prospect during maturity.




PG1​Allen’s Qimugta Red Hills. CED.

PG2​Richings’ Barqueiro Amora. PWD.

PG3​Harvlin’s Mystification. Boxer.  

PG4​Coleman’s Botlierskop Golden Orb for Tollelite. Rottweiler.




Special Beginners 3(0)

1. Flaxman’s Dereburn Catch The Sun. BMD.

2. Richings’ Barqueiro Amora. PWD.

3. Coleman’s Botlierskop Golden Orb for Tollelite.



V 4(0)

1. Brown’s Ch. Chepam Xiomara. Bouvier Des Flandres. 7½ years old, absolutely sound on the move, excellent angulation, nice dark eye, shown in full coat and condition.

2. Allen’s Akna Galatea* at Harpan Ir JCh. CED. In good overall proportions, covered excellent ground although a little stiff on the day which is a little understandable at 8½ years of age.

3. Clark’s Botlierskop Scarlet Emerald.


P 3(2)

1. Harvlin’s Mystification. Boxer. A nice young brindle Boxer, good head, nice underjaw, good overall proportions, shown in good overall condition.


J 4(3)

1. Wilson’s Thorpaige Chasing Rainbows. Boxer. Good head, well angulated, strong top-line, good tail set and carriage, correct bone.


O 1(0)

1. Clark’s Botlierskop Simply The Best. Rottweiler. 3 year old bitch, moderate angulation front and rear however good reach and drive, strong top-line.





1. Adam-Slomkowski’s Skylax Be Like You. A very nice 8 month old Lhasa Apso, excellent head, good front assembly, balanced throughout and shown to advantage, easy gait in the far from ideal conditions.

2. Powley’s Danehaven Deeks. NSDTR. Lovely head and expression, a nice prospect, good balance, good top-line, at this stage, would benefit from adult coat and condition but excellent prospect.

3. Thomas’ Kelmorespitz Finding Magic.




1. Sewell’s Wynele Strike It Rich to Lewarne.

2. Reeve’s Roxway French Connection.

3. Aylmar’s Back To The Fushia.



1. Benton’s Ch. Brackenhaye Queen of Hearts of Oakestelle.

2. Collins/Powley’s Deveron Duchess of Danehaven.

3. Townsend’s Afterglow Curtain Call avec Roxastan.




Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Easter Sonnet. Whippet. Delightful 18 month old whippet bitch, perfectly handled and presented, lovely feminine head, well set ears, very good reach of neck, strong top-line, impressive throughout, easy ground covering gait.

Latheron’s Fynder Reacher. Spaniel (Irish Water). 2½ years old, very sound male, good masculine head, well angulated, shown in good coat and condition.