• Show Date: 09/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sheona Fortune Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 13/09/2023

Lothian Canine Club

Lothian Canine Club


I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge the Terriers at the above show, and also the exhibitors for allowing me the pleasure of judging your dogs. It was very hot in the hall and I knew that a few of the dogs had waited a long time to get in the ring but did not disappoint in the ring on the day. My stewards were very helpful and managed the ring very well thank you.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier open 3(0)

1st Lui’s Eblanahalls Kiss Curl a lovely 9mth old bitch who stood and moved well. Lovely head covered well with a silky coat, correct mouth and a beautiful coat of correct texture and colour leading to a pleasing appearance. Head and Skull correct with a nice square muzzle. Good length of neck sloping inwards and plenty of muscle, with a prominent chest. Good strong hindquarters that helped her move with ease, steady and precise.

2nd Lui’s Eblanahalls Gold Limerence 2 1 ⁄ 2 year old bitch, good head shape, correct eye and mouth with nice small ears of correct shape and laying well. Good body shape and condition. Good size and shape with plenty of muscle and correct coat. Overall appearance was pleasing.

3rd Luii’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap

Airedale Terrier Open 3(2)

1st Graham’s Shadlian Heavens Dream at Thisleaire 19mth old bitch of correct shape and size, correct head with nice dark eyes and correct powerful jaw with good dentition.Clean lines of the neck and good length flowing into well laid back shoulders with nice straight front. Short and strong body well muscled. Nice neat feet and movement ok. Correct wiry short coat

Scottish Terrier Open 2(0)

1st Mackay’s Whitwitch no Mercy 2 year old good sized bitch, stood well and overall appearance was pleasing on the eye. Good proportioned head with nice dark eyes and pointed ears. Correct mouth. Good length of neck,with correct front and legs, Good body and deep chest with a level topline both standing and on the move. Good double coat of correct texture and showed a lovely clean pair of feet on the move.

2nd Pollock’s Millingford Idealist 6 year old bitch of correct size, shape and type, preferred length of neck of one, good body condition and moved well

Skye Terrier Open 4(1)

1st Pringle’s Ch Esgia The Exciseman SHC EX 5 year old cream boy with nice dark points of good size and shape, nice head and good strong muzzle with correct mouth, correct eye and pleasing expression. Good prick ears with correct covering of feathered hair, good length and shaping of neck, good deep chest and level topline with lovely coat coverage, strong hindquarters giving him the drive to move with ease,

2nd O’Rourke’s Esgia Glen Scotia of Borcho, lovely grey bitch of correct shape and size, good coat coverage, nice head with correct features, moved well and stood beautifully.

3rd O’Rourke’s Borcho Skoosh of Struanmore

Fox Terrier(Smooth) Open 1(1)

Parson Russell Terrier Open 4(2)

1st McCluskey and Young’s Chadbrook Elka 6 ½ year old white with tan points bitch of correct size and shape. Nice feminine head with correct shape and colour of eye, correct mouth with small dropped ears, good clean muscular neck of acceptable length Nice condition of body and good length of leg with compact feet, Moved freely and plenty of power from behind. Coat of correct texture

2nd Young’s Chadbrook Castro Navarro 10 ½ month old white with black markings a little taller than 1 but still had everything in the correct place, she was quite showy and moved ok, but not her day today.

Cairn Terrier Open 5(0)

1st Young’s Furythor Orion 17mth old grey bridle male who stood out. Good size and shape in proportion, head of correct shape with nice neat ears, correct shape and colour of eye, good prominent stop and correct mouth. Little longer in the muzzle but in proportion, good length of neck and level topline. Would have liked more forechest, but overall pleasing to the eye. Moved well out and back and stood well. Coat of correct texture and tail well covered and correct shape,

2nd Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Renshaw There and Back Again Under Macmoon SHCM IRVET CH VW, 13 year old dark brindle male Good size and shape. Lovely head with correct ear set and eye, mouth good. Slightly shorter in the neck than 1 but in proportion to body size, a nice level topline shown in fuller slightly waiver coat due to an illness, he moved very well and had a really pleasing outline.

3rd Gardiner’s Princess Nancy

4th Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Dark Charmer for Macmoon SHCM VW

5th Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Come Dancing with Macmoon OSW JW SCCEX SHCM

Jack Russell Terrier Postgraduate 3(1)

1st Galloway’s Navigareamor Platinum Posh 15 month old rough coated bitch, strong medium length well bodied girl, good head with correct stop, and correct ears and eye, strong jaw with correct bite, length of neck was in proportion to head and body. Good strong legs and body of correct size and strength moved with ease and purpose

2nd McLuskey & Young's Totgrees Hendrik to Chadbrook 13 month old smooth coated dog, nicely proportioned and moved ok, but preferred 1 today

Jack Russell Terrier Open 4(1)

1st McLuskey & Young’s O’Mare Mio Delle Syrenuse of Chadbrook(IMP IT) 6 year old white and tan bitch of good shape and size, well bodies with good appealing head ears of correct shape and size, nice dark eye strong in jaw with correct bite, short in neck but in proportion to the body, with level topline and correct texture to the coat, well muscled strong legs and moved with ease and purpose BOB

2nd McLuskey & Young Roy of Light Delle Syrenuse of Chadbrook (IMP IT) 2 year old bitch with pleasing outline, nice head with correct ears and eye, good strong jaw with correct bite. Well bodied and moved ok

3rdGalloway’s Navigareamor To Nutkins Tail

Manchester Terrier open 6(2)

1st Bratcher’s Rattustrap Dark matters at Carnifex 5 year old male, of good shape and size, good head with net ears and good eye, nice straight jaw with correct bite good length of neck and clean shoulders into straight front.nice spring of rib, muscular hindqurters which allowed hilton move freely and with ease. Coat in good condition

2nd Paterson and Strachan’s Ambranera Aramis(AY3)15 month old male of good size and shape, nice head but a little heavier in body to 1 moved well and stood well

3rd Gray & Travis’s Clanmarshal Edwardian

4th Rudd’s Digelsa Dark Velvet

Border Terrier 4(1)

1st Mulligan’s Cromlechs Seren 5 year old grizzle bitch with a lovely feminine otter-like head with good ear placement, nice dark eye and strong muzzle with correct bite. Good length of neck and straight front, with good length of leg. Good body and correct texture of double coat. Moved with ease and vigour

2ndMcLuskey & Young’s Chadbrook Astrid 1 year old grizzle bitch nice head and good length of body. A little loose in front but moved very well

3rd Nicol’s Upend Country Ladat Jacraila

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Open 5(2)

1st Sinclair’s Tillcarr River of Fire 3 year old dark bitch, good head and body, coat in good condition and very muscular, nice broad skull, good stop, dark eye and well shaped and placed ears, strong jaw with correct bite, good clean short neck with well placed shoulders and straight front. A little longer in the back than i like but in proportion, moved with power and purpose

2nd Moffat’s Glenskyra Arran Aurora for Kargonstaffs 6 mth old brindle bitch good size and shape, still a little loose in front, good head, ear and eye with correct bite. Moved well and stood well.

3rd McVay & Hughes’s Torkavi Night Fury

Sheona Fortune