• Show Date: 03/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sharon Hardisty Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/09/2023

South Eastern Hound Club

Many thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge beagles at this lovely venue. Big thank you to the exhibitors for your entry and for turning up on such a hot day. Thank you to my super efficient steward who kept everything running smoothly. P (3) 1 & BPIB Brownlow’s Rushwater Violet Sky (AI), 8 months old pretty tri girl of a pleasing size, mature for her age, balanced angulation with good shoulder layback, depth to body, straight forelegs with round bone, good bend of stifle, best mover in the class today, went on to PHG3. 2 Whitton’s Haggatty Callisto, 9 months old attractive blanket tri girl of a heavier build than 1, good head proportions and length of neck, level topline held on the move, well off for bone, showed good profile movement. 3 Whitton’s Haggatty Bonafide J (2) 1 Sutton’s Rossut Victoria, 14 month old quality, moderate tri girl, nice size and well balanced, feminine head, compact body, well ribbed back, moved true, showing good reach and drive in profile. 2 Whitton’s Haggatty Bonafide, 9 month old smart black blanket tri boy shown in good condition, masculine balanced head with good depth of flews, plenty of bone, straight forelegs, ground covering profile movement, preferred overall movement on 1, well handled. G (4) 1 Brownlow’s Rushwater Violet Sky (AI), as above. 2 Simkin’s Simeldaka Martha Ridge, pretty tan and white girl, nearly 2 yrs old, very feminine with well proportioned head and soft expression, good reach of neck and level topline, moderate angulation, just preferred movement on 1 today. 3 Miller’s Aliikra Roolbos Valentine. L. (5,1) 1 & RBOB Thornton’s Julemark Princess At Maplelayne JW, well presented, attractive 2 yr old tan & white girl with a clean feminine head and soft expression, balanced with enough bone, level topline, well ribbed back, correct tail set, moved out well in profile. Good muscle tone. 2 Simkin’s Simeldaka Senglea Squire, 3 yr old attractive tri male, masculine head with kind expression, good pigment and correct ear set, balanced angulation, enough round bone and tight neat feet, moved ok. Preferred profile movement of 1. 3 Whitton’s Tabula Rasa Of Haggatty. O. (5,1) 1 & BOB Simkin’s Eardley Will Power At Simeldaka, 4yr old quality tri male in lovely condition, masculine head of good proportions with the required soft melting expression, correct shoulder layback and return of upper arm, level topline held on the move, well muscled, sound mover all ways with drive from behind. 2 Mc Bain & Steven’s Redcap Bella Sorella JW ShCM VW, 10 yr old tri female in great shape for her years, feminine head, compact and sturdy, good bone, moved with purpose, definitely a merry hound. Close decision, preferred 1 on the move today. 3 Miller’s Arpege Alkira SWO. (4) 1 Kimber’s Coachbarn Crier, 5 yr old smart open tri girl, nicely balanced in a free stand, feminine head with good pigment, level topline, good angulation, moved well. 2 Ambridge’s Tiger Lily Blossom, looking good at nearly 10 yrs old, tan and white girl of a rangier build than 1, feminine with a soft expression and good pigment, good depth of chest, shown in good condition, steady mover. 3 Brownlow’s Rushwater Pili Pala.