• Show Date: 25/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sharon Bowen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Gloucester & District Canine Society

I am thankful to the hard working officers and committee of Gloucester & Dist Canine Soc for their invitation to judge Cocker and Field Spaniels at their friendly and well organised open show.

Cocker Spaniels - The entry was extra special and I was honoured for the opportunity to assess some very good dogs. It was great to see both Best of Breed and Best Puppy do so well in their respective groups.

PUPPY (6, 1) 1 Masters & Dott MANCHELA LITTLE TEASE 10 month old good-looking dark blue bitch of excellent type. Prepared and presented in super condition. Compact, short coupled and well. Good bone and substance. Good head, dark eye. Neck flows into well placed shoulders. Upper arm is long and well angled. Good development of forechest. Deep brisket. Strong middle piece, well sprung ribs and strong, wide loin. Topline is firm and straight. Very good hind angulation. Strong, broad thighs and proper turn of stifle. Sound throughout. Equally as impressive in movement, she drives from her short, strong hocks and uses all that power in her hindquarters to drive a side gait which is ground covering with very good forward reach. Retains a very good outline with good deportment and has super ring presence. Impressed at all phases of the competition. Best Puppy in Breed and completed her day with Gundog Puppy 1 and Reserve Best Puppy in Show. Many congratulations and best of luck for her future. 2 Craig’s ALISMA ASTRITIST 8 month old blue bitch shown in excellent condition. Balanced, cobby and of very good type. Good head, very expressive. Very good reach of neck. Good forehand angles, good length of upperarm. Strong, compact body with good spring of rib and short, strong loin. Very good withers and firm, straight back. Excellent hindquarters. Very good bend of stifle and broad thighs. Sound throughout. Impressed on the move with her very good, effective hind drive. Good forward reach. She covers the ground with effortless ease retaining a very pleasing outline and firm topline. Happy and enthusiastic with very good ring presence. Very nice young puppy I liked very much. All the best for her future.

JUNIOR (5,1) 1 Whitehead’s RYALLCOURT TANDY FLOSS A well presented 13 month Black, White & Tan bitch in excellent coat and condition. Compact, well proportioned and sturdy. Good head and expression. Very good reach of neck. Good forehand angles, long, well angled upper arm. Good depth of brisket and forechest development appropriate to her age. Good underline and firm topline. Short, strong middle piece, well ribbed and strong, wide loin. Excellent hind angulation. Strong, broad thighs with the right bend of stifle and short strong hocks. Stands and moves correctly away and coming. Great ring presence. Moves with enthusiasm and purpose. Covering the ground is effortless, her gait is powered from those strong hindquarters making locomotion effective. Her outline is retained at all phases. Presented to perfection. It was her excellent deportment and firmess in topline which gained her Best of Breed over her kennel mate. Congratulations for a super result with Gundog Group 4. 2 Thomas’s BRUXLY HARVEST MOON AT WHISPERWOOD A top size Orange roan male of very good type shown today in very good condition. Strong head, but not coarse. Expressive and alert. Good ring presence. Good length of neck. Good forehand angles with long, well angled upper arm. Straight columns. Good depth of brisket. Well ribbed, good loin which is short and wide. Firm straight back. Croup is long and tail set a little low. Very good hind angulation. Good turn of stifle. Broad thighs. Uses his strong rear angulation to maximum effect, drives off strong hocks and produces a balanced, effortless side gait retaining a pleasing outline at all times.

POST GRADUATE (5, 2) 1 Whitehead’s RYALLCOURT STITCH IN TIME Very good 15 month blue bitch of sturdy, cobby type. Balanced and well proportioned. Good head and expression. Well laid shoulders, normal withers, very good return of long upper arm. Close fitting elbows. Good brisket depth and well developed forechest. Short back, strong, wide loin. Ribs well sprung. Good hind angles, would like a little broader thigh. Straight columns. Stands correct and moves sound. The side gait is functional with a very good forward reach. A quality young bitch, a picture in stance but for me just loses the topline during movement and was the deciding factor for Best of Breed over her kennel mate. 2 Wheatley’s AMAROANNE APHRODITE AT MELANDROY 4½ Year old blue bitch of good type. Would like a little more density of bone. Pleasing head, feminine and expressive. Very good reach of neck. Good fore angles. Upper arm could be longer and better angled. Good spring of rib. Straight firm back. Loin could be shorter. Stands with straight columns. Pasterns could be firmer. Moves soundly. Good hindquarters, would like thigh to have a little more breadth and better turn of stifle. Great enthusiastic side gait covering the ground well and retaining a pleasing outline.

OPEN (5, 1) 1 Shapland’s DERACOR DREAMLOVE JW Approaching 2 year old pleasing blue female of good type. Would prefer a little stronger bone. Cobby and very merry. Good head, alert and expressive. Good forehand angles with good length and lay of upper arm. Good withers. Firm straight back. Short, wide loin. Very good hindquarters with good bend of stifle. Short, strong hocks and rear pastern. Stands correct viewed from front and rear. Moves soundly away and coming. Very enthusiastic side gait with good drive and effective fore reach covering the ground easily and retaining a pleasing outline at all times. 2 Bonds OLIBOND NOT A BOTHER Excellent 15 month old dark blue roan male in excellent coat and condition. Substantial with excellent bone. Firm thickly padded feet. Square muzzled, attractive, masculine head. Very good reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulders with a very good return of long upper arm. Forelegs stand straight and elbows fit close to body. Good depth of brisket and well developed forechest. Very good spring of rib. Firm, straight backline. Short, wide and strong loin. Excellent hindquarters, broad strong thighs and very good turn of stifle. Short strong hocks and straight rear pastern. Moves soundly. He has a very good side gait with effective drive and good fore reach but needs more conviction in the ring and today lacked that desirable