• Show Date: 08/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: scott williamson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Crystal Palace Canine Association

Crystal Palace Canine Association Open Show

Saturday 8th April 2023

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge at this very well-run show & to my stewards, Emily & Paul. Smashing venue with a spacious ring plus a newly laid sandy surface.

Retrievers (Flatcoated) Wonderfully typical temperament on show, all had correct scissor bites. P(4,1) Three nice puppies. 1. Bowen’s Clandrift Bring Me Sunshine, impressed with this youngster, eye catching outline, very happy boy with a constant wagging tail, attractive one-piece head, dark brown eye, straight front legs with good bone, plenty chest, nice length of neck, excels in front angulation with well laid shoulders & corresponding return of upper arm, correct ribbing, well developed rear quarters, level topline standing & on the move. Moved very well with plenty of drive on the soft surface, correct movement forward & aft. BP & BOB. 2. Tagg’s, Oiyou Double Espresso, another balanced outline but just preferred the cleaner profile of the winner, very attractive typical head with an alert expression, dark brown eye, straight legs and ample chest, good front angulation, strong topline, moderately angled rear with straight rear pasterns. Happy girl, moved well with enthusiasm. 3. Stock’s Oiyou Espresso Martini. J (no entries). PG (2,1) Bellamy’s, Moontorn Better Half Of Me JW, ring presence in abundance, eye catching bitch with a racy outline, cheeky expression, attractive correct head with dark eye, straight legs, good length of neck, super layback & legs well under the body, strong quarters. Moved slightly loose in front on the soft sand. Very well handled. O (3,1) Tait’s, Gamerights Troyte, not a big boy, balanced profile, cheeky expression, attractive one-piece masculine head with correct hazel eye, straight legs, nice depth of chest, strong neck, appeared to be slightly heavy over the shoulders, well ribbed, correct rear angulation, sound mover, good tail action. RBOB. 2. Bowen’s, Candiliz Funky Monkey At Clandrift, attractive bitch, good tail action standing & on the move, correct one piece head with dark brown eye, nicely angulated front & rear but topline not as strong as the winners.

Retrievers (Golden) Temperament generally excellent, no mouth issues observed. P(6,1) The quality of the first two stood out in this class. 1. Gayler’s, Carolake X’marks The Spot, very balanced profile, shown in an attractive pale golden coat, beautiful soft feminine head, straight front legs, good length of clean neck, excellent front angulation with elbows well under the body, well ribbed, level topline standing and on the move, correct second thigh & well bent stifle, straight rear pasterns. Always moved soundly. BP. 2. Todd’s, Van Gogh Of Sunshine’s Valley With Toddrosa, just turned 6 months, another quality puppy with the most beautiful soft but masculine head, happy boy, again a balanced profile but preferred the flow of the winners outline, straight front legs, good chest, strong neck, good ribbing, nicely angulated throughout, attractive blonde coat. Moved soundly. 3. Eve’s, Zannagold Follow The Sun At Bannersoph. J (3,2) Black’s, Bencoe Just In Time Del Avrain, very impressed with this quality youngster, a beautiful balanced profile, glamorous blonde coat, another soft but masculine head, straight front legs, clean muscular neck, textbook front with legs well under the body, strong topline, ribs well sprung, correct quarters with good second thigh & stifle, straight rear pasterns. Moved well but at times appeared to struggle on the soft surface slightly lacking in drive from the rear, however in the firmer areas of the ring his movement was satisfactory. Will watch his future with interest. RBOB. PG (3,1) Two quality exhibits, closest decision of the day. 1. Black’s, Bencoe Just In Time Del Avrain. 2 Todd’s, Kelbadora Dream Of Dreams With Toddrosa JW, rich golden coat, balanced profile, attractive head, strong clean neck, nicely angulated fore & aft. Moved well, liked her a lot. O (3,1) Two quality bitches. 1. Pounds-Longhurst’s, Mossburn Golly Miss Molly JW, mid golden coat, nothing flashy but really well constructed bitch with no exaggerations, smaller framed, sweet head, textbook length of neck, straight legs, plenty chest, well laid-back shoulders & elbows well under her body, strong topline standing & on the move, ample second thigh & bend of stifle, straight rear pasterns. Scores highly when moving, appeared to move effortlessly on the soft surface, always fully focused on her handler. Expertly handled. BOB. 2. Hudson’s, Aymsbury Ashisha JW, very youthful veteran, beautiful head, happy cheeky girl with a constant wagging tail, shown to advantage on a loose lead, well-constructed throughout. Moved well but preferred the rear movement of the winner. Well handled.

Retrievers (Labrador) Numerically disappointing today. P (No entries). J (3,2) Stringer’s Tumbledown Xarhea, very happy exuberant black youngster giving her handler a hard time, nicely shaped head & eye, clean outline, well-made but would prefer a bit more substance to complete the picture, good double coat. When settled, moved with style around the ring but would have liked her rear movement to be more positive. RBOB. PG (2,1) 1. Elliott’s, Cremino Country Trader At Lyndham, happy yellow dog, another giving his handler a hard time, well developed masculine head, ample bone, straight front legs, strong muscular neck, nicely constructed, strong topline, when settled moved okay on the soft surface. BOB. O (2,2).

Judge: Scott Williamson (Sandti)