• Show Date: 30/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sarah Loakes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Boston & District Canine Society

BOSTON CS 30/05/23



1st Sewell Breakerswell Clearwater. Just 6 months and looking a raw baby as you would expect but she is well put together and nice overall shape. Pleasing head. Moved well once settled. BP


 1st Sewell Littleclose Father And Son To Breakerswell. Exuberant youngster. Super head and expression. Good depth with excellent spring of rib. Put a bit too much effort in on the move and gave his handler a hard time.

Post Graduate

1st Sewell Clegane Inferno To Breakerswell. male. Good depth throughout. Particularly liked his wedge shaped head which was balanced and typical. Level topline and well angulated front and rear. Powerful mover.

2nd Goughs Cretshengan Kitchi Lake. 2 year old male. Lovely overall balance, masculine head and expression. Super rich colour. He had good reach and drive from behind but was not carrying his tail today.

3rd Copeland & Knowles Eusanit It’ll Be Reel At Mestonia


1st Copeland Camusmor Bringmesunshine To Mestonia. A balanced and compact dog. Medium neck into well laid shoulders, scores in forechest with ribs well spring. Well angulated behind with good width to second thigh. Moved well, covering plenty of ground BOB

2nd Sharpe Tivalake Crystal Ball At Rosettia JW. Feminine Pleasing head with well shaped ears. Very sound on the move but would just prefer a little more length of leg.


Puppy (2)

1st Longbottom & Milby Gunalt Curtain Call. Super typey bitch at 9 months old still has maturing to do but everything is in the right place. Muscular neck flows into super front assembly with good depth of chest. Moderate tuck up. Excellent turn of stifle with good width of thigh. A tidy and positive mover. BP Puppy Group 3

2nd Suett Siberliss Peckham Pouncer. Also liked this youngster with good overall balance just a little bit rangier at this stage of his development and not as positive on the move.

Junior (5)

1st Suett Siberliss Saucy Mare. Very feminine young bitch showing balance and power throughout. Strong in outline with level topline. Came to life on the move with ground covering strides.

2nd Longbottom & Milby Gunalt Curtain Call

3rd Porter-Manning & Porter Walleroo Kynki Bootz

Post Graduate (3)

1st Pilatova Sabsky Svratka JW Well shaped head. Moderate neck into reasonable shoulders. Elbows well tucked in with good spring of rib. Moved out well holding her shape.

2nd Dobbs Kalimor Summa Love JW Good size and shape with topline held on the mover. Not the shoulder placement of 1

3rd Spavins & Chevalier Ashtern Lyra

Open (4)

1st Suett Siberliss Solitaire. Well proportioned with good overall balance. Super length of neck into well placed shoulders, good depth throughout. Showed co ordination and power on the move. BOB

2nd Pilatova Sabsky Sasanka. Super head and eye, neck clean cut, Level in topline. Not the power and strength behind of 1. Moved ok

3rd Hunters Braefell Dragonfly Retrievers (FlatCoated)

Puppy (4)

1st Eggington & Davis Pajanbeck One Moment In Time. Very sweet baby of just 9 months. She has a super quality head. Feminine expression. Plenty of depth throughout for one so young, really well put together. Very happy and co ordinated on the move showing plenty of drive from behind.

2nd Clark Hurstclough Night Owl. Larger framed boy. And subsequently will take more time to finish. Straight when viewed from the front, well arched toes. Not as free on the move as 1

3rd Tinkers Kelvincross Smokey Joe

Junior (4)

1st Wilds Bitcon Alliance With Bluewaters. Long reasonably mouded head, soft expression.Liked his overall balance and proportions. Good reach of neck. Short in the loin with strength in the hindquarters. Moved freely.

2nd Burroughs I Know Him So Well At Rokaness. Enthusiastic youngster Racy in outline. Just at that teenage stage and a little untidy on the move today

3rd Campbell & Brown Ronevorg Firefly Fantasy

Post Graduate (8)

1st Wilsons Hameldowntor Pedro Ximenez Overall an honest, sound boy. Masculine without being over done. Developed in chest, ribs well back. Moved well.

2nd Clarks Riverglide Santa Barbara. A lovely well balanced bitch, super type and size. Feminine with pleasing head. Just moving a tad close behind today.

3rd Burroughs I Know Him So Well At Rokaness

Open (4)

1st Wilsons Hameldowntor Music Of The Night. Super bitch who flowed from head to the tip of her tail. So feminine. Very well put together with correct angulation front and rear. Good width of thigh. Precise and positive movement. BOB

2nd Salts Levelmoor Acorn Antiques Via Wetnoses. Such a pretty head and expression. Straight front with well developed forechest. Good depth and holding topline. Unlucky to meet 1

3rd Clarks Kazval Turn Back Time

AVNSC Gundog

Puppy (10)

1st Whincup & Glendinning Partisky Restart De Parti. 6 month old American Cocker puppy who Im sure has a very bright future. Rounded skull, good ear placement. Liked the plushness of muzzle with plenty of work in it. Lean neck into well placed shoulders. Has depth of chest with elbows well tucked in. Well sprung rib. She excels on the move with powerful drive from behind and reach infront. BP Puppy Group 2

2nd Porter-Manning & Porter Wallaroo Duncan Disorderly. Hungarian Vizsla. Medium size. Super lean head, oval eye. Muscular neckflows into correct front assembly. Moved ok just needs a bit more confidence.

3rd McLellan Raycris Fields Of Glory For Saranden

Junior (10)

1st Jennings Afterglow Bambalam With Alibama JW. Top quality American Cocker male. Masculine with being overdone. Quality rounded skull, dark eye. Slightly arched neck. Correct body proportions with good length of leg. Excellent spring of rib, short and strong over the loin. Sloping topline which he kept on the move. He really covers the ground well with a smooth effortless stride. Best AVNSC Gundog. Group 1 and delighted he was awarded RBIS

2nd Bell & Maddox Whitgun Renegade Master At Owlspoint JW. Super young Bracco. Liked his masculine head. Super forechest with depth throughout. Moved out well with power and reach.

3rd Taskers Zoldmali Ezmi

Post Graduate (6)

1st Rose Plaiglen Raggtrade. Good for size, straight front. Well rounded feet. Moved ok

2nd Andrews & Blades Woodrocks Patriot Paddy For Antdela. Super type and shape to this IWS, with coat of excellent quality but needs to relax and gain confidence.

3rd Steels Sazmallin Beijing Boy To Juhua

Open (5)

1st Bell & Maddox Tolriver Enzo At Owlspoint Bracco in super condition. Substance and an overall impression of power. Clean in outline. Moved well.

AV Gundog

Puppy (22)

1st Davis & Rowe Rochevale Palm Reader. Well put together black Labrador. Strong in outline. Liked her feminine head. Moved sound and true.

2nd Rose Gaytonwood Le Havre. Quality young Golden Retriever. Very much a baby but very promising and moved with style and drive.

3rd Brothwells Wissant Moonlit Sky

Junior (26)

1st Taylor-Kistner Black Lord Wildest Dream At Frieljoanipa. Super overall construction. Quality head. Confident on the move with a good stride.

2nd McDowells Moorbrook Miss Marple Avec Byedales. Well put together blue Belton bitch. Clean in outline, very balanced. Dark eye with soft expression. Stylish mover

3rd Robertshaw Akenscales Beau Baron

Open (10)

1st Rowes Rocheby Mimosa At Rochevale. 6 year old yellow Labrador. Correct bone with neat feet. Moved steadily.

Gundog Group

1st Jennings Afterglow Bambalam With Alibama. American Cocker

2nd Hammonds Sh Ch Seasham I Love To Boogie. Top quality GSP. Who stood out for type and style. In super hard condition and looked like she could work all day.

3rd Harrisons Millpoint Simply Scrumptious JW. Pointer who demands attention, stands over her ground. Classic head and beautiffuly put together. So smooth on the move.

4th McCabes Rachdale Ribbons Of Pearls. Orange belton English Setter. So feminine and elegant, holding her topline when stacked and on the move. Completed a quality group.

Gundog Puppy Group.

1st Frosts Bodlon Whole Lotta Rosie For Bushwacker. Super young Welsh Springer. Beautifully proportioned with quality head. Effortless on the move. I’m sure she has super show career ahead of her

2nd Whincup & Glendinning Partisky Restart De Parti. American Cocker

3rd Longbottom & Milby Gunalt Curtain Call Weimaraner

4th Colliers Pepperbox Parti On. Cocker

Judge Sarah Loakes