• Show Date: 10/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sarah Loakes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 29/10/2023

Rhyl Canine Society

Rhyl CS

10th September 2023

Many thanks to the committee for the kind invitation to judge at this well run show and to my stewards.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Junior 1st Greenwood Coedhelyg Son Shine. Super quality youngster showing plenty of promise. Liked his overall balance and breed type. Scored in head and expression. Moved with power from behind, really covered the ground well. BOB

2nd Staits Afonbach Balerion. Another typey youngster of good medium size. Deep chested. Well angulated front and rear. Just a little bit longer in loin than 1 at this stage.

3rd Warrens Afonbach Dreamfyre At Shorrocks

Post Graduate 1st Staits Afonbach Balerion

2nd Warrens Afonbach Dreamfyre At Shorrocks

3rd Brands Coedhelyg Jingle All The Way

Open 1st Straits Acadiabyrne The Bakers Son. Overall good balance Super broad head showing good expression. Compact body. Showed good forward reach on the move and covered the ground well.

2nd Afonbach Winter Is Coming JW. Lovely overall type, super head, medium muscular neck into well angulated shoulders. Has a level topline which he keeps on the move. Just moving a little close behind today.

3rd Morse Eusanit Celtic Sea At Sinsircariad

American Cocker Spaniels

Open 1st Fryers Sh Ch Fonesse Dirty Dancing At Carolco. Smart 3 year old male. Really super rounded head, well defined stop, plushness to the muzzle. Excellent expression. Muscular neck to well placed shoulders, good spring of rib. Moved well in the small ring. BOB

Field Spaniels

Puppy 1st McVitty Sonnetend Eternal Flame. Very much a baby at just 6 months but showing great depth throughout for one so young. Muzzel long, gentle expression with dark hazel eye. Level topline with strength over the loin. Moved out well BP

2nd Wheelers Elgert King For A Day. Lovely head overall, typical in expression. Low set ears. Long muscular neck. Well angulated front and rear. Just needs to develop in forechest and depth but has time on his side. Happy confident mover.

Junior 1st Shiptons Heartwood Mishules Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. 14 months. Has good balance. Well chiselled head. Muscular neck into well angulated forquarters. Good spring of rib. Overall impression of strength, very workmanlike. Moved ok

2nd McVitty Sonnetend Eternal Flame

Post Graduate1st Shiptons Heartwood Mishules Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Open 1st Hazells Navadin Expectation Of Vraibleu. Very feminine 3 year old, unfortunately not in her best clothes but this did not detract from her overall shape and balance. Quality head, soft expression. Well developed in body, level topline. Moved out well showing drive from the rear and good carriage. BOB

2nd Shiptons Broomeece Fire Cracker Over Mishules

3rd McVittys Sh Ch Sonnetend Faith


Post Graduate 1st Houghs Braithwaite Northern Boy. 2 year old male, well up for size but well proportioned. I liked his outline standing. Attractive head and expression. A little hesitant on the move but had a good stride once he settled.

Open 1st Hawkins Smilek Fernando JW. Well put together 6 year old male. Good reach of neck. Reasonable angulation fore and aft. Positive mover with a ground covering stride. BOB

Rhyl CS 10/09/23

Sussex Spaniels

Puppy 1st Daveys Eald Stands With Fist. Promising youngster with good overall balance. Very typical wide skull. Well off for bone, legs short and strong. Moved out well. BP PG 2

Junior 1st Hipgraves Lord Of The Glittering Caves. This youngster almost threw away his chances, gave his handler a hard time but his qualities could not be ignored. Strong overall outline, excellent balanced head. Muscular neck into well placed shoulders. Well ribbed. Moved with purpose. BOB

2nd Daveys Bull Eagle. Well put together youngster. Super breed type, moved with drive.

Post Graduate 1st Hipgraves Lord Of The Glittering Caves

Open 1st Daveys Eald Village Gossip. 5 year old bitch, Feminine head with pleasing expression. Excellent bone with substance. Moved well but not the enthusiasm of the junior.


Super quality throughout these classes.

Puppy 1st Danks Kemish Alolfrana Bring The Drama. Very sweet 6 month old Irish Setter bitch. Very raw as you would expect but everything is in the right place. The most beautiful head and expression with raised brows and dark almond eye. Elegant throughout. Moved well for such a baby. BP PG3

2nd Blighs Ravencrag Limited Edition. 9 month old Flat Coated Retriever. Super moulded head with kind expression. Has good depth throughout for a baby. He moved with enthusiasm showing a good length of stide.

3rd Forrests Elvistar Private Dancer

Junior 1st Buckleys Blacktoft Brindisi By Buckleyhill. Super typey head. Well balanced and racy throughout. Just not putting as much effort in during the challenge but a promising youngster.

2nd Fudge Fieldberry Secret Weapon At Rufusmoor. All male Gordon Setter. Will take time to fill his frame but everything in the right place. Strong level topline and good depth. Moved well.

3rd Bentleys Penclippin Celtic Asthore

Post Graduate 1st Grahams Winterwell Tubby Tompkin From Nyliram JW. Quality GSP. Really Liked this youngster. Picture of balance standing and moving. Typical in head. Well angulated front and rear with good muscle tone. Light on his feet with accurate footfall.

2nd Bannister Malanis Benjamin At Banysun. IWS. Another quality male who was unlucky to come up against 1. Masculine Head of good proportions. Strongly built. Deep through the chest. Back short with level topline. Moved really well showing power from behind.

Open 1st Wards Sh Ch Danton Obsession With Tantaraviz. Quality Viszla bitch. So clean in outline. Medium size. Feminine throughout. Head lean and well proportioned. Strong, muscular neck into well placed shoulders. Ribs well sprung, slight tuck up. Moderate rear angulation. Moved with precision and drive. Group 1 and delighted to see her go BIS.

2nd Littlemore Sh Ch Inostricani Bell Ragazzo Via Krismoor JW. Top quality Spinone who I thought looked superb, so unlucky to come up against the Viszla. His outline is all male and dripping in breed type. Squarely built and looked so solid. Typical head with kind expression. Movement was sound with good reach.

3rd Bentleys Astleyview Coming Home To Penclippin

Gundog Group

1st Wards Sh Ch Danton Obsession With Tantaraviz

2nd Grahams Nyliram The Moth Catcher JW Welsh Springer.

3rd Bell & Maddox Whitgun Renegade Master At Owlspoint JW, Bracco

4th Morris Riondel Solitaire, Cocker

Gundog Puppy Group

1st Warburtons Owlspoint Loads Of Trouble, Bracco

2nd Daveys Eald Stands With Fist, Sussex

3rd Danks Kemish Alolfrana Bring The Drama, Irish Setter

4th Wards Glenbrows Flame For Tantaraviz, Welsh Springer

Judge Sarah Loakes