• Show Date: 20/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sarah Egginton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Cheshire Agricultural Society

The Royal Cheshire Agricultural Society Show, Tuesday 20th June 2023, Flatcoated Retriever Critiques.

I would like to thank the committee for the invitation to judge at their show, I had a lovely day and was thrilled with my entry especially with it being a weekday show; I’d also like to thank my two stewards who kept the ring running smoothly; finally thank you to the exhibitors who gave me the honour of judging their dogs and for braving the rain.

Puppy 3 (2abs)

1st - Clark’s, Hurstclough Night Owl.

11 month old dog who is just at that age when they go up on the leg, but will drop and even out with maturity. One piece masculine head with dark almond shaped eye, neat ears and clean neck leading into a good layback of shoulder. Gradual spring of rib, and moderate bend of stifle with good width of thigh. Quality bone and super feet. Held his topline on both the stand and the move with tail carried level with his back. BP and thrilled to see he got Puppy Group 3.

Junior 7 (2abs)

1st - Wild’s, Bitcon Alliance with Bluewaters (AI)

Although this boy seemed unsure at times he held himself together and his movement was one of the most straight and true of the day. Nicely moulded head with moderately broad skull and kind intelligent expression. Neck was free from throatiness and flowed into well laid back shoulder. Deep chest with pronounced fore chest, gradual spring of rib leading into strong hind quarters with moderate bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Strong topline and tailset and he was presented in lovely condition with just the right furnishings for his age. Pleased to award him RBOB.

2nd - Leigh’s, Blacktoft Calabria of Willaura

Another lovely youngster who is showing just the right amount of maturity for her age but was not quite as positive in movement as the winner. Feminine one piece head with dark eye, being picky I’d prefer a slightly blunter muzzle, skull flat and moderately broad with neat well set on ears. Good layback of shoulder with return of upper arm. Gradual spring of rib and short coupled leading into moderate bend of stifle.

Graduate 8 (3abs)

1st - Mellor’s, Flatcharm Guilty Pleasure

22 month old bitch shown in lovely condition. Pretty head with dark eye and neat well set on ears. Correct lay back of shoulder and pronounced fore chest. Well ribbed up with gradual spring leading into muscled rear quarters, good width of first and second thigh, with well let down hocks, standing true all round. Enthusiastic tail action completed the picture.

2nd - Bligh’s, Ravencrag Jingle All The Way

Another lovely bitch, with similar attributes of the winner, I just preferred the front movement and overall raciness of the winner. Feminine one piece head with kind dark eye, moderate angulation both fore and aft, well let down hocks and neat tight feet, quality oval bone and substance all through.

Post Graduate 3 (2abs)

1st - Salt’s, Levelmoor Blackadder

Workmanlike bitch of medium size, kind dark eye and correct ear set, head well set in the neck which was long and free from throatiness. Well laid back shoulder but would prefer more length of upper arm, deep chest with defined brisket. Gradual spring of rib and short couplings which enabled her to hold a level topline, moderate rear angulation and neat feet. A little untidy on the move and carrying her tail above the level of her back which spoilt her profile movement.

Limit 4 (3abs)

1st - Curtis’s, Tallistar Crazy In Love

Classical bitch of medium size who at 3.5 years old is showing just the right amount of maturity, with no exaggerations and nothing overdone. Prettiest of heads with almond shaped eye, clean neck flowing into well laid back shoulder and return of upper arm. Pronounced forechest and length and depth of rib, moderate bend of stifle with well let down hocks. Level topline and correct tailset which she held level on the move. Quality bone and neat tight feet. Flowed around the ring with effortless movement that was straight and true, coming and going. Pleased to award her BOB and to see her short listed in a quality group.

Open 2 (1abs)

1st - Salt’s, Levelmoor Acorn Antiques Via Wetnoses

Although this bitch stood alone in her class she is a worthy winner. Balanced workmanlike bitch with feminine one piece head and dark eye, clean neck flowing into good layback, level top line and well set on tail. Good width of thigh and second thigh although I would prefer slightly less rear angulation, short from hock to heel. Moved well with enthusiastic tail action.

Sarah Egginton