• Show Date: 05/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sandy Lipman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bridgend & District Kennel Association


JUNIOR (3/2) 1.Slaters Calisto De Terras Lusitanas NafTaf of just 6 months and 2 days old, it was a privilege to go over this confident and joyous red fawn bitch. Her dark eyes shining brightly, a slightly furrowed expressive brow, good stop and foreface having very pleasing proportions with wide nostrils and good mouth. A black mask and neat folded ears completing a compelling feminine headpiece. Plenty of bone on lovely straight legs with chunky feet. Filled front and deep chest with a nicely covered torso and good topline. Great hind quarters with correct amount of angulation and strong straight tail that never stopped wagging. Presented an overall balanced appearance from all angles and trotted happily around the ring. I feel bold enough to predict a champion in the making. BPIB & WPG4

POST GRADUATE (2) 1. Warrens Copperfield Dubbley 2 yr old powerful fawn boy having a broad skull, the darkest eyes, pronounced stop and boxy foreface, dark mask and ears, supported by his strong muscular neck. Good dentition, wide nostrils and a broad underjaw. Great depth and breadth of fore chest with straight strong boned legs front and rear. Pleasing angulation, nothing excessive, a powerful second thigh, enabling driving movement around the ring. I could have called my 2nd in open to challenge but a well deserved RBOB 2. Sheppard & Irwins Whitebull See The Stars, 20 month, kind eyed, red bitch having a pleasing head and expression assisted by her well used ears, longer in foreface than 1 and plenty to like. Good front assembly, topline and strength throughout just a little steep in croup and could have moved out with more drive.

OPEN (5/1) Freshneys Ch Hyerdunscar Renaissance For Bullenca Strlking 2yr old black masked fawn boy, presenting a wonderful example of the breed. His strong broad head held high and proud on a muscular long neck. His body taken as a whole exudes strength and power. His outline, side on, duplicates the image on the KC Bullmastiff Breed Standard who I found out later was his great grandfather. Sound, agile, reachy movement with amazing drive, covered the ring, powered by his strong loins and back legs to BOB & WG2 2. Warrens Ch Yakee Blue Topaz of Copperfield 3 yr old dark brindle bitch…my rose between 3 thorns, her qualities stood out. Well balanced throughout with good strength of body, never losing any femininity. Having a desired, boxy head, with a flat topskull and tight dark eyes, good stop, and not over wrinkled. Presented a typical shape in the stand on straight legs and tight feet, and certainly didn’t disappoint on the move. 3. Slaters Chalf’s Mister Red