• Show Date: 01/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sandy Lipman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Tredegar & District Canine Society

Pastoral Breeds

Collie (Rough)

Graduate (1) 1. Moreys Brookynut Gem Stone. 9 month bitch in profuse gold sable coat, presented in the best condition. Her alert ears tipped over a neat wedge shape head with good length of foreface and the darkest eyes. Correct mouth and scissor bite. Good lay of shoulders under an abundant mane with deep well sprung ribs, a firm topline with rise over the loin, nicely feathered hind legs and super furnished tail. Well balanced throughout and moved out well. BOB & BPIB & PPG3

Open (2) 1. Moreys Brookynut Storm’s Gift handsome litter brother to 1 in rich gold with black accents on his well groomed coat. Striking head of correct proportions with dark eyes and nose and well used ears. Blunt muzzle, strong jaw and good mouth, narrow long foreface and well used, alert ears. Pleasing angles on his body under his dense coat. Feet not as tight as his sisters but so smooth on the move.

Collie (Smooth)

Open (3/1) 1. Lustys Blamorder The Hustler. Sparkling attitude on this very showy 2 yr old merle bitch having an attractive and correctly proportioned wedge head with alert tipped ears, dark eye and good dentition. Her neck long and arched leading to correct lay of shoulders a, deep sprung chest and firm strong topline. Nothing to hide on this confident girl with elbows tucked under, good length of tail and smooth driving movement. BOB & PG3 2, Martins Chandlmain Blu Chief A merle 4 yr old, nicely balanced, boy with a good head and mouth, strong neck and torso. Straight legs and muscled throughout with good topline held on the move and long tail carried low.

German Shepherd Dog

Graduate (1) 1. Hills Wakematt’s Jinz. Black saddle and rich gold 11month bitch having alert high set ears and correctly proportioned head tapering gently from skull to strong muzzle. Correct scissor bite and dentition. Good angulation, straight gently sloping topline, kept well on the move, to steeper croup. A little flat on pasterns but very sound on the move.BPIB

Open (2/1) 1. Jones Kintaro Hot Off The Press ShCM VW. 10 yr old bitch who belies her age. Mature, keen and active, with filled front and good bone. Pleasing expression with pert ears and foreface slightly longer than winner of graduate. Very pleasing conformation in the stand, having good lay of shoulder and well turned stifle. Moved steadily with drive. BOB

Hungarian Puli I must firstly thank this exhibitor for bringing 5 of her different age and coloured dogs for me to go over. A wonderful chance for me to learn and gain experience in this breed.

Graduate (2) Thomas’ Chesmes Kutya Magyar Gryff at Mournebrake. 11 month old black, ‘bottle of pop’ male. Nothing timid about this young man. Slightly domed skull and dark eyes, scissor bite and dark pigmentation on roof of mouth and lips. Square in the stand and short in back. Good turn of stifle and neat feet. Coat just beginning to cord. Moved out smartly BPIB & PPG4 2. Thomas’ Mournebrake Flower Child VW, at the other end of the scale 12.5 year old black/grey bitch with floor length cording. A dear expression, obviously loves showing and very happy for me to see her good pigmentation. Wiry little body and correctly proportioned head. Gliding around the ring with her tight feet moving briskly under her cords.

Open (3) 1. . Thomas’ Mournebrake Bad Biscuit JW 4 yr old black masked fawn boy having very good mouth pigmentation and the darkest eyes. Super corded coat on this square, well muscled lad, looking smart in the stand and brisk short stepping as he flowed around the ring. BOB & PG4 2. Thomas’ Mournebrake Insomnia Cafe 2 yr old black bitch sired by 1 in this class. Very smart and square in body with head of correct proportions, good teeth and pigmented mouth. Lovely to go over and watch her smooth movement and flowing cords. 3. Thomas’ Mournebrake Fallen Angel. So pleased to see tree generations of the breed

Shetland Sheepdog

Graduate (4/2) 1. Haensels Philhope Summer Time to Sherkarl JW. Very pretty 21 month gold coloured bitch with dark rimmed, almond brown eyes and dark nose and lips. Neat throughout and everything correct under profuse coat, with a well furnished tail and feathered hind legs. Her attractive head and well used ears in balance with her shape side on. Her arched tight feet propelling her effortlessly around the ring. BPIB 2. Haensels Sherkarl Copper Load of This. Rich, gold coated 11 month bitch, with black accents. Expressive head with dark brown eyes, and ears set close with tips falling forward. Strong jaw and pleasing wedge shape head. Arched neck and pleasing outline. Moved well.

Open (2/1) 1. Haensels Philhope Summer Highlights at Sherkarl 3 yr old golden girl shown in perfect condition. Correctly proportioned head and length of foreface, good mouth, pert ears and the darkest eyes. Arched neck with full collar, good lay of shoulders and firm topline. Well turned stifle, ample feathering producing balanced outline. Good movement to BOB

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)

Graduate (1/1) Absent

Open (3/2) 1. Williams & James’s Bwthyn Headliner JW ShCM ShCEx VW. Looking back at my critique of this 8yr old brindle boy with white socks and blaze, over 6 years ago, I have to reiterate…..’When a dog is right it’s right and this 2yr old striking brindle boy had all the attributes of his breed with added showmanship’. Well during the time in between this boy has lost none of his showmanship. Still turned out in the very best condition, sporting typical shape and movement, solid body, head with pert ears, dark clear eyes and perfect dentition. Topline strong on the move with foxy tail trailing behind. BOB & PG2.just unlucky to meet the Australian Shepherd today.

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

Graduate (1) 1 Bales Marshmere Cinncinatus for Balletcore 7 month red boy with dark hazel eyes, enhanced by dark brows, and dark nose. Alert, slightly rounded ears on foxy head having correct regular scissor bite. Super conformation, strong and sturdy with filled front and muscular second thigh. Neat stride and held his topline on the move BPIB & PPG2

Open (2) 1. Jones Ceranda Surfs Up. 8 yr old tri colour boy with sturdy build, a strong back and nicely muscled throughout. His masculine head wide and flat between his ears and moderate stop, typical of the breed. Pleasing side on in the stand, and not let down by the breadth and depth of his forechest. Moved out well. BOB 2.Bales Ravenstower Royal Duchess Ir Jun 3 yr old red bitch with plenty to like. Her appealing expression, head proportions and solid, yet feminine, body producing a pleasing picture. Lovely active movement with front legs striding out. Just lost out to 1 on the final stand.


Junior (3/1) 1.Webb & Bates Rosskaja Coco Chanel 7 month old smiley girl with eyes and nose like pieces of coal against her snowy coat. Presented in superb condition, her soft undercoat and harsher outercoat a pleasure to lay my hands on. The darkest lips contrasting with gleaming white scissor bite teeth and strong jawline. Lovely arch of neck, deep well sprung ribs and straight bone on front legs with hind legs parallel. Feathers on feet yet to come and her tail, full and profuse curling over her strong loin. Moved out well. BOB & BPIB 2. Hawkins & Wintles Rosskaja Georgio Armani Smart litter brother to 1 just not as showy as his sister today. Correct scissor bite, ears and all over conformation. Just needs to step off smartly to get into his stride. Lots of promise for him and his handler.

Open (5/2) Wright & Leaders Angelicus Que Sera Sera at Bjelkier ShCM 9 yr old girl looking everything she should in her soft dense super- condition coat and ample tail curling over her back. Good pigmentation on a smart head set off by neat alert ear set. Good angulation and good movement. 2. Smaggasgales Zakaytia Guardian Angel Nicely turned out 8 yr old girl having dark brown expressive eyes and pert ears. Lovely shape side on with good bone and angles under her super coat 3. Webb & Bates Rosskaja Padme Amidala

AV Imported breed Register Pastoral

Open (0) No Entries

AVNSC Pastoral

Puppy (2/1) Lustys Blamorder If Only (Australian Shepherd) This 10 month bi-merle (blue merle and white) bitch caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Totally balanced and confident, every movement in tune with her handler. Total concentration on her showy, intelligent, clean cut head. A correct regular scissor bite and dark pigmentation, good stop on pleasing headpiece with expressive tight eyes. Viewed from every angle exudes balance and quality. I couldn’t fault her as she covered the ground so smoothly and freely. A very special girl BO AVNSC Pastoral & PG1 & PPG1

Graduate (2) 1. Rouxs Domburg New Love at Willowfrost Belgian Shepherd Dog (Terveuren) 2 ½ yr bitch sable with dark mask and ears. Head carried high with elegant wedge face, dark hazel eyes, ears set high and alert, and correct scissor bite. Chest deep with tuck up, level topline and muscled throughout with no hint of heaviness. Elegant and effortless movement. 2.Davies’ Hawksflight Dutch Orchid Belgian Shepherd Dog (Terveuren) 14 month black masked gold sable bitch. Quite fine and could do with more body. Mouth slightly undershot but good pigmentation and alert expression.

Open (3/1) 1.Prices Starvon You Got It at Coningsbear ShCM (Swedish Vallhund) Red sable 9 yr old boy with natural bob. Sturdy and powerfully built with a wedge head of good proportions. Sparkling dark brown eyes and keen expression, correct dentition and pointed pricked ears completing the picture. Long in torso but well muscled so as not to lose his topline on the move. Stepping out smartly with powerful fore and rear action. 2.Kitchens Sevarna Catalonias Angel (Catalan Sheepdog) 1. My first Catalan Sheepdog so I had to judge her on balance and movement. I then checked my notes against the breed standard, matching very well. Sand coloured, medium sized, 10 ½ yr old bitch, having dark round eyes and good mouth. A fairly long coat, not soft, hanging over the eyes, ears and muzzle. Good front with nice lay of shoulder and level topline. Croup sloping to good length of lightly furnished tail. Tight feet on straight legs coming and going, producing the smoothest movement.

AV Pastoral

Puppy (6/3) 1. Thomas’ Chesmes Kutya Magyar Gryff at Mournebrake (Hungarian Puli) 2. Hills Wakematt’s Jinz (German Shepherd Dog) 3. Hawkins & Wintles Rosskaja Georgio Armani (Samoyed)

Veteran (10/2) 1. Williams & James’s Bwthyn Headliner JW ShCM ShCEx VW (Welsh Corgi, Cardigan) PG2 2. Prices Starvon You Got It at Coningsbear ShCM (Swedish Vallhund) 3. Thomas’ Mournebrake Flower Child VW (Hungarian Puli)

Pastoral Group

PG1 Lustys Blamorder If Only (Australian Shepherd)

PG2 Williams & James’s Bwthyn Headliner JW ShCM (Welsh Corgi, Cardigan)

PG3 Lustys Blamorder The Hustler (Smooth Collie)

PG4 Thomas’ Mournebrake Bad Biscuit JW (Hungarian Puli)

Pastoral Puppy Group

PPG1 Lustys Blamorder If Only (Australian Shepherd)

PPG2 Bales Marshmere Cinncinatus for Balletcore (Welsh Corgi, Pembroke)

PPG3 Moreys Brookynut Gem Stone (Rough Collie)

PPG4 Thomas’ Chesmes Kutya Magyar Gryff at Mournebrake (Hungarian Puli)


Junior (5/1) 1. Reids ZZ Dream Girl V Noble Line (Imp Nor) Gleaming black 16 month bitch, with clear rust points, presenting an all over balanced picture as she entered the ring. Muscular throughout and well covered, without being overweight. Powerful but retaining elegance. Full and correct dentition, and such a pleasing head of correct proportions with tight dark almond eyes and ears, set high and neatly falling forward to frame her forehead. An arched neck flowing into nicely layed shoulders and strong, slightly sloping back. Sprung ribs, deep chest and filled front. Everything is obvious to see including her movement, driving from that developed second thigh. Her quality confirmed by gaining BWP from breed specialist June Piper BOB & WG1 & thrilled to see her go RBIS 2.Moores Torcheney Takha 7 month brown puppy bitch, quite tall but balanced, with a good head and neck. Nicely filled fore chest, depth and tuck up, straight bone and topline, held on the move. 3.Baseys Viemar Black In Action

Post Graduate (2) 1.Popes Viemar Sunrise Special. 17 month brown dog with super chunky feet and a look of concentration on his face. Well proportioned head with good length of foreface and complete dentition. Substantial throughout with good bone on straight legs, pleasing angles and well turned stifle. Moving well propelled from behind. 2.Evans Amazon She Is Adored. 9 month black bitch, sister to 1 in this class and litter sister to 3rd in junior. Very pleasing to go over having everything needed in this breed. Confident and happy, tight dark eyes, good mouth, strong jaw and neat ears. Arched neck, no wrinkling on her withers as she flowed all the way to the tip of her tail. Elbows tucked under her nicely sprung ribs, well tucked under her loin and muscled hindquarters. Very balanced and moved well for BPIB & WPG1 from breed specialist June Piper.

Open (2/1) 1.Tylers Jojavik Bombs away at Asteri a 17 month black boy, well put together with a super square outline. Crested neck, good head planes, dark eye with quizzical expression. Good mouth and deep muzzle and strong jawline. Tight feet and straight bone having nicely turned stifle, no cow hocks here. A gently sloping back, kept firm on the move. Powerfully developed second thigh, hard condition and good movement.

Adult Handling

17-35 years (6/4) 1. Sarah Finch Both excellent handlers. Sarah stood her dog correctly, giving him confidence and totally engaging with him. She held the dogs attention as she moved her position opposite the judge at all times. She showed the dogs teeth clearly and moved the dog, when asked, at the correct speed showing its best attributes. Presented herself and the dog impeccably. 2. Katrina Poole stood her Pekingese on the table, front on, correctly. The dog was well groomed and in excellent condition. Katrina handled her dog with care and encouragement, showing its teeth and shadowing the judge at all times. When moving the dog she did not rush, but was conscious for the best speed, to show to its advantage.

36 yrs plus (2) 1.Janet Rice. Showed her dog with care and attention. The dog held her focus and was placed between her and the judge at all times. She showed the dogs teeth and moved at the correct pace to benefit the dog. Janet also took the time to impart her experience and encourage the younger handler. 2. Joanne Brock. Less than a year into handling Joanne is keen to learn and coming on very well. She stood her pointer four square and showed its teeth. She learned to shadow the judges and moved as one with the dog keeping it in the judges view at all times. Very promising.