• Show Date: 23/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sandy Lipman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Pontypool & District Canine Society

Pontypool & District Canine Society 23/4/2023

Judge Mrs Sandy Lipman (Lisvane)

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge. Although a small entry the quality was evident. I was particularly thrilled that my BOB Siberian Husky & WG1 went BIS.

Alaskan Malamute

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Bernese Mountain Dog

Open (1/1)

St Bernard

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Graduate (1) 1. Broadbanks Nyandor Never Say Never, 2 yr old solid bitch, well muscled throughout. Ears set well on her broad head and arched forehead, having a good stop, shorter foreface and dark eyes. Correct dentition and alert expression. Strong neck into powerful shoulders and well filled front. Good depth and broad body with well held topline into gently sloping croup and well developed hindquarters. Moved out freely powering from behind BOB & WG3

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Siberian Husky

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Open (1) Morris Cwnhapus Innoko JW. Demanding attention, this silver profusely coated 4 year old boy having the darkest eyes and black nose, stood out for so many reasons. His keen alert expression, correct dark lipped mouth and ears held high on a foxy head. Powerfully crested neck flowing smoothly into defined withers and so wonderful to run my hands over him, feeling the musculature under his beautifully conditioned coat. Super in the stand, elegant and balanced, level topline with brushy tail set just below. He moved out smoothly and purposefully, smart driving effortless action. Shown in immaculate condition BOB WG1 and awarded BIS by BIS judge Janis Janes


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AV Imported breed Register Working

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AVNSC Working

Puppy (1/1)

Open (1/1)

AV Working

Puppy (3/1) 1. Evans Amazon She Is Adored. 9 month old dark, dark brown Dobermann bitch who I judged a few weeks ago and, looking back at my critique, mistakenly said she was black. Such an impressive youngster with everything in the right place. Her movement so smooth and balanced enabling her to cover the ground nimbly on her tight feet. Tight triangle eyes on a smart wedge head, correct scissor bite and full dentition. Good solid bone on straight legs, deep in chest and gentle slope to her topline. So pleasing BWP, WG2 & WPG1 2. Moores Torcheney Tikah 7 month slightly taller than 1 brown Dobermann girl. Good length of foreface and high set ears tipped forward to frame her face. Correct mouth and strong jaw, deep chest, filled torso and good topline. Moved out well with balanced movement.

Graduate (0) No entries

Open (1) 1. Broadbanks Bevanray Shirley at Nyandor 6 yr old Rottweiler, mother to the Graduate bitch & BOB winner, to whom she has passed many of her attributes. A compact muscular body, pleasing head with broad flat topskull, neat ears and good stop. Good mouth and dark brown eyes. Lovely from all angles with super powerful hindquarters and brisk strong driving movement.

Veteran (1) 1 Morris Zaltana Cwnhapus Tegan (Imp Pol) JW ShCM Siberian Husky dam of my Siberian Husky BOB & WG1. 9 yr old silver coated and shown in immaculate condition. Her feminine foxy head of correct proportions set off by her black eyes and nose and pert ears. Smart and balanced throughout and no signs of aging with her easy movement, athletic and driving. VG1

Working Group

WG1 Morris Cwnhapus Innoko JW

WG2 Evans Amazon She Is Adored

WG3 Broadbanks Nyandor Never Say Never

Working Puppy Group

WPG1 Evans Amazon She Is Adored.

Working Veteran Group

WVG1 Morris Zaltana Cwnhapus Tegan (Imp Pol) JW ShCM