• Show Date: 27/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Russell F Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 04/09/2023

Horley & District Show Society


Held on:  Sunday 27th August 2023      Judge:  Mr Russell F. Jones (Quemerford)

The weather held off on this outside Premier Open show and what a delightful show this was. I have judged and shown inside the buildings at this show-ground previously but this was my 1st time out-side and what a delight it was, friendly and packed. It was much like shows of a bygone age and I loved it. So well done to the organisers and exhibitors for a super day. Thank you to all and many thanks to the Committee for the invitation to Judge.


P D/B (1,0), 1. Coldwell, Mr. G.J., Mrs. T.A. & Misses E.G., & F.L., Twillin Gate Villustrious Among Zentaur, (Imp.Be.): An 8mth old black bitch, who still has a lot of maturing to do, but the foundation is already there. I particularly liked her leg to body ratio which she will grow into. She has a feminine head with a pleasing expression, good length to neck, neat shoulder with good lay back, good back and neat angles to rear which reflected in her movement, pleased to award her BP and BOB. So well done.

P. Grad. D/B (3,2), 1. Coldwell, Mr. G.J., Mrs. T.A. & Misses E.G., & F.L., Zentaur Let’s Get Fizzical: A 2yr old black bitch, with a pleasing head and neck, neat angles to front, would like to see a little more length of leg. She is in good coat and condition with a good back. Today her movement let her down against the puppy, but she deserved the Res. BOB.


Jun. D/B (1,0), 1. Coles, Miss. S., Gillandant Jasmine: A 15mth old bitch, well grown, but still has a lot of maturing to do, and still needs to settle. That said she does cover the ground well, and can hit the stride pattern when settled. She is also well constructed, so has all the foundation there to work with.

P. Grad. D/B (4,2), 1. Henson & Dearman, Mr. M. & Ms. S.V.V., Lisjovia Eternal Guardian for Pyrekees: A 2yr old dog that is well grown and well made, he presents a nice out-line and type, with plenty of bone, good head and neck, neat front, deep brisket and good ribs. Strong back, good backend with good angles, moved well around the ring and was well handled. Pleased to award him Res. BOB.

2. Coles, Miss. S., Gillandant Jasmine: As before.

OD/B (5,2), 1. Reilly, Lady S., Ch. Swiss, Ir, Multi, Int. Ch. Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror, J.W., Sh.CM, Sh.CEx, CW19: A 6yr old dog, that is fully mature of excellent type and out-line, lots have been written about him, you may love or hate him, but you cannot argue about his front and rear angles. You can argue about this, that and the other, but those angles are what he is, it gives him that extension on the front and the drive on the rear. He moves with ease which is a pleasure to watch. A masculine fully mature dog that flows around the ring full of majestic type. Thank you for bring him, pleased to award him BOB.

2. Henson & Dearman, Mr. M. & Ms. S.V.V., Lisjovia Witches Promise for Pyrekees: A 3yr old bitch that is maturing nicely, she is of a good type and out-line, with a pleasing head, front and rear. Has lots to like about her, pity she came up against the 1st.

3. Duffell, Mr. I., Ricaduffal Draco Star: A 6yr old dog of good colour, well matured. He had other things on his mind so showed little interest in the ring. Never mind it happens. Thanks for bringing him all the same.