• Show Date: 21/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Roxanne McDonald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 29/09/2023

Poole Canine Club

Australian Shepherd Dog

Graduate (1, 0)
1st Burt’s Aussiame Hot To Trot – Just 6 months this is a promising puppy. Slightly longer than tall, strong bone and compact feet. Shoulder blades well laid back, firm, level topline and good rear. Wedge shape to head and slight stop. Ears set high and triangular. Almond eye. Once settled moved true. BP

Open (1, 0)
1st Hellewell’s Franmar The Thriller - 4 year old in full maturity and has a lovely outline on the stand. Strong, level topline, in great condition and plenty of muscle tone, standing on tight feet. Almond eye with ear set high on the side of the head and triangular in shape. Powered with reach and drive around the ring with good rear extension. BOB

Spaniel (Welsh Springer)

Post Graduate (2, 1)
1st Blackford’s Amblelight Adhara – 17-month bitch slightly longer than tall. Good front and well laid back shoulder. OK spring of rib, acceptable for age. Broad head and heavy muzzle, round eye. Moved with reach and drive in profile and remained straight in front and rear. BOB

Spaniel (Cocker)

Open (3, 1)
1st Green & Brain’s Cachel Pop The Question to Meloneras JW – Clean, chiselled skull which is well developed and square muzzle. Good bone, level topline with tail set just lower than back, short loin with width. Well developed in chest and moved well. BOB
2nd McWillians’ Fernstone Speckled Wood – 8-year bitch with feminine head and good bone for size. Level topline. Moved true but sluggish today.

Spaniel (American Cocker)

Graduate (1, 0)
1st Woolley’s Partisky Rock Parti at Challeymead – 6 month with rounded skull, round eye showing appealing expression. Square, broad muzzle. Good bone, tight feet, well sprung ribs and short loin. Lovely rear drive and extension, moved very well for age.

Open (2, 1)
1st Woolley’s Partisky Platinum Black at Challeymead – 11 months, this youngster was a pleasure to judge. Rounded head, strong, square muzzle, round eye and well coated ears set level with lower of the eye. His topline was good when stood properly, or when he held himself naturally. Moved with reach and drive and true front and rear, with correct tail set and carriage to complete the picture. BOB & BP

German Shorthaired Pointer

Graduate (1, 0)
1st Powell & Tarrant’s Newtonbriar Pure Bliss – Lovely bitch and very mature for her age of 8 months. Pleasing lines on the stand with a level topline, strong neck, well laid back shoulders. Underline with slight tuck up. Straight in front with strong bone and tight feet. Rear good except a tad longer in second thigh than I would prefer. Broad skull with ears set high and used well to show expression. Depth in muzzle and tight flews. Moved well. BOB & BP

Spaniel (Field)

Graduate (2, 0)
1st Willcock’s Istorpabyns Fields First Time to Dynarkaraky (Imp Swe) – Nobel look, long and lean muzzle and correct ear length, set low. Strong bone and tight feet. Good length to back and strong, level topline, moved with reach and drive. BOB & BP
2nd Crisp’s Clandrift Eclipse – This bitch has a sweet head and expression and enjoyed herself in the ring. She moves true from all angles and carries a level topline.

Italian Spinone

Post Graduate (4, 1)
1st Kruglow’s Amberellie Rosanna –Compact, squarely built bitch. Straight front. Nice head with expressive eyes. Correct topline with a slight slope to croup and good width of loin. Thighs long, broad, muscular and strong with decent bend of stifle. Moved well.
2nd Mortimer’s Scodinzolare Photoulla – Taller in structure than my winner. Correct topline and good underline. Nice head with expressive look. Moved well
3rd Reyes’ Fioralba Vincenzo

Open (2, 0)
1st Allum’s Macarica Fair And Square – Beautiful bitch with cracking head showing correct divergent plains. Correct topline and underline and her rear broad and with good bend of stifle. She moved with reach and drive and shown in great condition to complete her picture. BOB
2nd Mortimer’s Scodinzolare Perlescenti – Heavy set bitch with correct head plains. Deep chest good width of thigh. Moved true but was being lazy.
3rd Longstaff’s Kevardhu Life Of Rylea

Bracco Italianio

Open (1, 0)
1st Cawley’s Bushwacker Allegra at Marlablue – Well made and constructed 3 year old with breed typical elastic movement. Correct head plains and long ears, set low. Almond eye, chest deep and well sprung ribs, loose elbows and good rear angulations. Level topline. BOB

Hungarian Vizsla

Puppy (6, 0)
1st Bailff’s Oroshaza Be Be – 9 month bitch presenting a pleasing outline and lines. She won this class on her cleanness of movement where she flowed in profile movement and show rear drive. Skull moderately wide between ears, keeping the lean and noble look. Muzzle slightly shorter than skull. Good bone and tight feet. BP
2nd Hughes Listerlo Mr Magoo – This young dog is correct for age. Noble head and medium, oval eye. Good bone and standing on tight feet. Correct underline with slight tuck up but not exaggerated. Correct hindquarters rear, holding a level topline on the stand and move.
3rd Warnes’ Debian Deerhunter
Res Davis’ Perllanside Royal Fanfare
VHC Challis’ Vizslanya Praxis

Graduate (6, 1)
1st Challis’ Vizslanya Vizi – Lovely shape and my clear winner for her profile outline. Beautiful head and expression, ears set moderately low. Tight feet, level topline, good tail set and underline.
2nd Hughes Listerlo Russian Roulette JW – Finer bitch but so well made, a pleasure to go over and she is in proportion. Breadth between the ears, muzzle slightly shorter than skull, standing on tight feet and moved well.
3rd Reakes’ Vizslanya Varur
Res Bailff’s Oroshaza Iren at Cazadorado
VHC Milner’s Ivyvizbridge Hope’s Faith

Open (5, 1)
1st Hughes Ambravittoriya Oskar at Listerlo – Lovely dog who has the distinguished appearance, robust and medium boned. Oval eye, Lean and noble head and ear set. Moved true from all angles and demonstrated reach and drive. Tight feet, level topline, good rear and well laid back shoulder. BOB
2nd Roe’s Rarog Ruda Szata for Pirospont – Smaller dog but remains masculine. Well made with good bone and tight feet. Lovely head, eye and ear. Just held his tail a bit too proud on the move and lost his outline on the stand at times.
3rd Challis’ Vizslanya Aragonia JW
Res Kiely’s Gunfield Phantom


Graduate (1, 0)
1st Reakes’ Thrihyrne Loveletters – Long haired bitch with coat in great condition. Almond eye and ear set level with eye. OK for chest and angulation, true in front and rear but lacked reach and drive in profile movement. Tail set with slight slope to the croup. BOB

KC Good Citizens Stakes (20)

1st Rivers’ Orora’s French Silk at Merrimak – Bearded Collie – At 20 months this Bearded Collie was just the picture coming into maturity. Movement was fluid and held a level topline, straight back balanced angulation and carried his head and tail in line with back.
2nd Hellewell’s Franmar The Thriller – Australian Shepherd – I loved this aussie in the breed class, he just didn’t move as well as he did first thing.
3rd Heeley’s Thistlemead Harmony JW – Border Terrier
Res Walmsley, Frost & Frost Treadwell’s Trelowen Amelia at Frostisen – Norwegian Buhund
VHC Tregaskis’ Moenfair Sanguineum Luna - Pointer

Roxanne McDonald