• Show Date: 16/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Robert Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 18/08/2023

Oswestry & District Kennel Association

Oswestry & District Kennel Association

16th July 2022

Jack Russell Terrier


Three delightful puppies to judge in this class. Mouths were good in all exhibits.

1st Addoo’s Reulemill Quacajack (D)

Promising 7 month White and chestnut with a nice head, dark eye and neat ears. Correct length of body to leg. Lovely coat and markings. Alert and keen. Moved really well in a small ring with a rather slippery surface. BOB, BPIB, TPG3, BPIS4

2nd Addoo’s Reulemill Floss Lass (B)

White, young girl with plenty of good points. Good head with a keen expression. Dark eye with good pigmentation, neat ears and rough coat. Walk well for age. RBOB

3rd Addoo’s Reulemill Rowena (B)

Skye Terrier

I though all exhibits were of a high standard and well turned out. Mouths were good in all exhibits


1ST Roberts’ Tarskavaig Speed Bonny Boat At Sunabil (B)

Bitch of a nice size with no exaggerations. Dark coat of a good length. Good head and lay of shoulders. Stood proud, ears nicely feathered. Walked well on a testing surface. RBOB

2nd Heale’s Rhoderns Helena (B)

Again a nice sized girl with a good cream coat of a good length. Pleasing head and expression. Dark eye and good pigmentation. Good arch of neck. Moved well.

3rd De Leie’s Verumamicus Cicero (D)


1st Turner’s Knowlespring Quincy ShCEx (D)

Light grey coat with black tips. Impressive head and strong jaw. Dark eye. Good pigmentation all round. Ears erect and nicely feathed. A correct length of body with a spirit level topline. Deep rib. Good rear angulation. Carried the tail well on the move. BOB, TG1, BIS4

2nd Roberts’ Tywysoges O Libanus (AI) (B)

Black bitch of a nice size and conformation. Dark eye. Strong jaw and length of muzzle. Excellent shoulder placement. Moved well.

3rd Heath’s Lavauxs Bahamian Chris (D)

4th Bailey’s Rhoderns Haggis At Marjayn (D)

Welsh Terrier


1st Frimston’s Cariad Maple (B)

8 months with a very nice rich wire coat. Good head with a nice clean bite. Great front. Deep rib with a short back. Tail a little gay but a very nice puppy overall. RBOB, BPIB, TPG2

2nd Humphries’ Gaelgorm Iwerddon Jane (B)

11 months again with a decent coat. Good scissor bite with strong teeth. Straight front with good shoulders. Needs to settle and get use to the table. Walked well


1st Humpries’ Penparc Skyfall (D)

The younger of two veterans in this class at 8 years. Good harsh coat, nice head and a very good mouth for age. Put down in very good fit condition. BOB

2nd Humpries’ Serbonche Breuddwyd Mam (D)

Considering this boy is coming up to ten years old he looked very nice overall and very fit. Alert with a good ring presence. Good mouth and teeth. Moved well.

Sealyham Terrier


1st Evans’ CH Nileda Our Mutual Friend (D)

Lovely boy approaching veteran. Clear white coat of good length and presentation. Nice head and ears, good clean bite. Good body proportions. Moved and handled well.

AVNSC Terrier

Post Graduate

1st Marsh and Lui’s Eblanahalls Somers Isle (B) SCWT

Top sized girl with a nice clear coat. Nice head and shoulders. Good pigmentation all round Keen and alert. RBAVNSC


1st MacDonald’s Love From Benji Of Mossgiel (IMP ZAF) (D) Norfolk Terrier

A dog of a nice size and length. Good wiry wheaten coat of good length. Good lay of shoulders and decent rear quarters. Moved well. BAVNSC

AV Terrier Veteran

1st Addoo’s Chatmoss Union Jack At Reulemill (B) 7 years

She did really well considering she’s not been in the show ring for quite some years.

Good keen expression, alert and lively. Very good coat. Decent head and mouth. Good pigmentation all round. Well presented. BTV

Terrier Group

1st Turner’s Skye Terrier Knowlespring Quincy ShCEx

2nd Phillips’ Border Terrier (D) Rockslade Romeos Revenge

2 year old red of a nice size. Well up on the leg. Pleasing head and expression. Body in proportion. Good bite with neat ears. Good rear angles. Moved well.

3rd Addoo’s Jack Russell Terrier Reulemill Quacajack

4th Evans’ Sealyham Terrier CH Nileda Our Mutual Friend

Terrier Puppy Group

1st Addoo’s Jack Russell Terrier Reulemill Quacajack

2nd Frimston’s Welsh Terrier Cariad Maple