• Show Date: 15/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Robert Geary Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/11/2023

German Shorthaired Pointer Club

GSP CLUB October 2023 Fred Whitworth Memorial Stakes Judge – A Geary Firstly, I would like to thank the GSP Club for inviting me to judge these Stakes Classes in memory of Fred Whitworth, and to thank all the exhibitors for bringing their dogs for me to judge and accepting my decisions in a sporting manner. Overall, I found all the exhibits in excellent condition with correct bites. I did find movement difficult to assess in the hall due to the limited space and my placings could easily be altered in a large ring allowing for free flowing movement. Junior D/B (12,6) 1 – Ellis’ Soellis Feral Beryl, this bitch took my eye immediately on entering the ring, 7 months old and mature for age, very feminine, medium sized, covering plenty of ground stacked, balanced fore and aft, clean skull in proportion to body, soft expression, moderate neck onto good sloping shoulders, elbows tucked in, deep chest with ribs reaching well back, strong well-muscled thighs, smooth movement 2 – Elrington’s Tequesta Happy Valley, another nice bitch, much of the above applies to her too, but I expect needs a little more time, for me I would have liked a little more length of back and not as fluent on the move as my winner 3 – Shaw & Carpenters’ Craig Ddu Wood Adder Post Graduate D/B (6,4) 1 – Jackman’s Navigareamor Spring Tide, lovely sized bitch, who has a nice head and expression, balanced, if a little long in body. Correct bone for size, good angles fore and aft, moved well. 2 – Barkers’ Barkersdream Who Dares Wins, another nice bitch, bigger made all through, balanced outline with correct angles fore and aft, straight front, correct feet, well bent stifles. Needs a bigger ring to show herself off. Open D/B (14,4) What can I say about this class. I was spoilt for choice with so many good exhibits. All were close up to my principles and my placements might not be the same on a different day 1 – Nixons’ Quintana Lunar Eclipse, a bitch I have long admired ringside and she doesn’t disappoint. First impressions were lovely feminine girl who looks as if she could go all day. Medium sized, balanced, covering plenty of ground, gorgeous head with soft intelligent eyes, correct length of neck onto long sloping shoulders. Good bone, lovely feet, deep chest ribs well sprung, well bent stifles which she was able to use to good effect in her movement around the ring. 2 – Bowler’s Sh Ch Winterwell Iggy Inch JW, Another I have watched from ringside, I was not surprised how lovely it was to appreciate his qualities with hands on. Masculine head, moderate neck on to good sloping shoulders, straight front, deep chest with well sprung ribs, firm short back, well bent stifles. Good movement but I am sure he would prefer a larger ring to show it better. 3 – Jowseys’ Winterwell Stoney Trail