• Show Date: 02/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Richard Gunn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/11/2023

Worcester & Malvern Canine Society

Worcester & Malvern Canine Society 02.01.23.

Judge Mr R.J. Gunn.


Puppy dog 5 entries 1 absentee.

1st Webber Ms D Lolani Ride A wild Trail.

Handsome fawn brindle who has an elegance to his outline. Good length of head with a bright alert expression from his dark almond eyes. Muscular neck leading down to his well laid back shoulders which allow his elbows to fall directly under his withers. Ample depth of chest with enough tuck up to his muscular loin. Well developed muscular thighs to his rear with good bend of stifle and well let down hocks. On the move he covered the ground effortlessly with a good long striding action. B.P.I.B. and puppy group 3rd.

2nd Ryan Mrs L Sylleka Firebird At Riocife.

Beautiful brindle with white bitch again full of breed type and having an elegant outline. Typical head and eye with good small rose ears. Well made front and a balancing rear assembly with strong muscles. On the move she kept a level top line whilst striding well around the ring.

3rd Price Ms C Kierpark Moonlight Shadow Among Silkdance.

4th Hoddinott Mrs S Sandspring Sea Hawk.

Junior dog 2 entries.

1st Hambling Mrs R Chaseover Renaisance.

Elegant fawn and white bitch of correct size and presented in excellent condition. Balanced in her head tapering nicely to her muzzle with good width between her oval bright eyes and nice small rose shaped ears all carried well by her strong muscular neck with nice arch. Well filled in her front and with shoulders well laid back with an excellent return of upper arm. Her body is deep with ribs well sprung tucking up nicely to her muscular loin with a graceful arch to it. Superb muscle to her rear covering her well bent stifles. On the move she demonstrated great drive from her rear which enabled her to cover the ground effortlessly keeping a level top line and true coming and going. R.B.O.B.

2nd Higginbottom Miss E.N. Dizzy Bear At Dawnsafon.

Handsome blue dog of correct size. Correct in his head and a bright expression from his oval eyes. Good length of neck leading down to his well made front quarters. Definite tuck up and nicely arched loin to his rear with good muscle I would just prefer a bit more substance throughout. He moved well around the ring.

Yearling 2 entries.

1st Wayman Miss H Collooney Charlie Brown At Scarletfair JW.

Loved this handsome young lad who is so typical of the breed, elegant in his appearance and presented in excellent muscle. Good length of head which tapers nicely to his muzzle, dark oval eyes and finished off with small rose shaped ears. Long muscular neck with nice arch which leads down to his front. Well laid shoulders with balancing return of upper arms and his elbows falling directly under his withers. Well sprung ribs to his deep chest with nice tuck up to his loin, good length of back with level top line and leading to his gracefully arched loin. Well developed second thighs to his rear with stifles well bent and strong well let down hocks. On the move he covered the ground with long and easy strides, driving well from his rear. B.O.B. and 2nd in the Hound Group.

2nd Ryan Mrs L. Sylleka Sashay At Riocife.

Elegantly balanced bitch of good proportions. Correct in her head and eye with ample length to her neck. Well made front and rear assembly with good strong muscles. Good depth of chest and an arch over her loin she again moved with a free and easy action around the ring.

Post graduate dog 0 entries.

Open dog 4 entries 1 absentee.

1st Hambling Mrs R. Mossbawnhill Bit Of A Dandy With Chaseover.

Well balanced fawn dog who again has typical elegant lines. Correct in his head with bright expression from his dark oval eyes, small rose shaped ears and carried well on his muscular neck. Ample width to his front with shoulders set at correct angles, straight legs nice oval well arched feet. His chest has ample depth and spring of rib and tucks up nicely to his muscular loin. Well bent stifles to his rear covered with good hard muscle and leading down to his strong well let down hocks. On the move he covered the ground with long free flowing strides and great drive from his rear.

2nd Wayman Miss H Ranveli Beach Boy At Scarletfair.

Handsome well balanced fawn brindle dog who again was full of breed type with his graceful outline. Correct in his head carried well by his muscular elegantly arched neck and leading down to his front with shoulders well laid back, well filled in his front and ample depth of chest. Strong muscular loin with arch over leading to his muscular well made rear which complimented his front. On the move he covered the ground well throwing his forelegs forward and driving well from the rear.

3rd Glithero & Philo Mr P.R, Mrs S. & Ms S.R. Tameron Kept In The Dark For Coppershell.