• Show Date: 17/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Richard Forsythe Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 22/01/2024

Birmingham & District Toy Dog Society

Birmingham and District Toy Dog Society

17th December 2023

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at your show. I am aware that you were moved into this hall last minute and that was out of your control but you all managed with the change with ease and supported exhibits whenever they needed it. The floor was a detriment to some exhibits on the day as it was rather slippy under foot but here were my finding on the day. Thank you also must go to my very festive stewards who made me smile throughout the day!

Chinese Crested

Puppy (2,1)

1st – Mr C Godfrey, Mr I Peacock and Mrs A Hellmuth. Shumilea Imagine a Dream. I could imagine that the dream that they imagined came true when this young dog came into their lives. A 7 month old this Black and White PowderPuff is a little cracker. A pleasing shape skull with the darkest of almond eyes well set in the head. Lovely dark pigment throughout. Good skull to muzzle ratio with correct bite. Low set erect ears which he uses at all times and enhances the overall head. Long graceful neck which leads into a lovely strong topline for a youngster. Tail set on high which he carries well when on the move. Good depth to chest at this age. Elbows tight to chest and clean straight front limbs. Good shoulder placement and the angles in the rear match the front. On the move this boy struggled with the floor, that said I saw enough to see that he is parallel and move out with enough reach followed by a good drive from the rear. Coat presented beautifully. I could not deny him BOB and BPIB today. I wish you all the best in the ring with this boy.

Junior (1,1)

Post Graduate (2,0)

These 2 dogs could swap on another day but this is how I found them today.

1st – Mrs Mandy Ferguson – Shanshal Man of Steel. A Masculine PowderPuff who is on the larger side. This boy has a beautiful, masculine head with a dark almond eye placed well in the head. Good muzzle to skull ratio. Clean, lean cheeks. Correct bite. Low set ears with plenty of fringing. Lovely long graceful neck leading into a long level topline finished with a high set tail which he carried on the move. A super depth to chest with elbows close. Clean front limbs. Feet OK. Angles OK in rear. Well muscled. On the move this boy moved with good reach but I’d like to see more drive in rear.

2nd – Miss D K Boden - Jean Dark Zimzallabim at Gemadar (IMP SWE). 2 year old Hairless Male with the skin that is in perfect condition. Unfortunately the cold in the venue effected this dog today which made him all hunched up and didn’t move to how I feel he could move. Masculine head with a wicked expression in those almond shaped eyes. Good muzzle to skull ratio. Good bite. Lean cheeks. Ears are set on OK. Could carry them a little better. Plenty of furnishing all round. Due to being cold the topline was effected but it was finished with a good tail set which he carried well on the move. Good depth to chest and spring of ribs. Angles front and back are good.

Open (5,2)

1st – Miss D K Boden – Ensidias You Me You Wish at Gemadar (Swed Imp). Masculine Hairless male with a lovely headpiece. Masculine without being coarse and free from throatiness. Super ear set with ears of good size and placed well on the head. Plenty of fringing. A long graceful neck. Good lay back of shoulders. Clean straight front with good feet. Elbows tight to a well filled chest. Skin in great condition and coat presented beautifully. Topline and tail OK. Angulated and muscled rear. Moved out well.

2nd – Mrs Y Kerry – Godpeakiki Viva Andromeda. 2 year old Powderpuff. Bitch of a smaller frame but good qualities nonetheless. Feminine head with dark almond eyes. Good muzzle to skull ratio. Drop ears set on low and carried well. Good length to neck. Shoulders placed well. There was a slight rise in the topline but was finished with a high set tail which she carried well. Straight clean front and elbows were close to chest. Good tuck up. Angles in rear were OK. Would have like to see a little more drive in rear when on the move.

Italian Greyhound

Puppy (1,0)

1st Ms Tanya Risica – Cheinamour Looking Good. 6 month old bitch with a long narrow skull. Eyes of good size placed well in the head. Correct bite. Ears are of good shape and placed well on the back of the skull. Neck of good length and arched. A little too upright in should which doesn’t allow for the high stepping action which is a specific of the breed. Chest of enough depth for age. Fine, straight boned. Feet OK. Topline has enough arch over loin with good drop off over croup. Tail set low. For me this girl is slightly over angulated which doesn’t allow for that drive to carry her around the ring. BPIB

Junior (1,0)

1st – Ms Tanya Risica & Mrs Heidi Mack – Minotopo Mila. Just over a year old Blue and White bitch. Had still needs a little more time to mature. Good length to skull. Needs a little more underfill. Ears set and placed well on skull. Long arched neck leading into well laid shoulders. Clean, straight front with fine bone throughout. Elbows tight to a deep chest. Feet OK. Lovely tuck up. Topline ok with an arch over the loin. A well muscled rear. Tail set on low. Well let down hocks. On the move there was enough lift in front but not quite the reach and can get a little messy in rear movement.

Post Graduate (1,0)

1st – Mrs G Bird – Tamiskene Hamilton. 20 month old fawn and white dog. Standing this dog presents a good shape. Head longer than preferred. Eyes set well in head. Ears of good shape and placed well. Would have preferred more layback of shoulders. Clean straight front with elbows tight to a deep chest. Bone heavier than I prefer throughout. Curvy topline and underline. Tail set on low and carried well. Good angles in rear and well muscled. On the move there was not much evidence of the lift and reach required in front. The rear movement was parallel.

Open (3,0)

1st Mrs M Hayden-Smith – Ch Artmeis Summer Breeze at Birchwind. 3 year old Fawn and White bitch who I could watch all day long. I’m actually not surprised that this girl has her title. She oozes femininity throughout. A beautiful headpiece being long, narrow and flat. Good muzzle to skull proportions. Super eyes with dark pigmentation. Ears placed and set well on the skull. A beautiful neck with that slight arch giving a touch of class to this girl. Super shoulder placement with fine, but strong bone falling straight. Feet OK. This topline was the best here by some margin. Curves in all the right places. A beautiful arch over the loin and falling off around the croup finished with a low set tail. The underline is equally as impressive with a deep chest into the tuck up. Super constructed rear with a long muscled thigh, good turn of stifle and well let down hocks. Once this girl settled she was the only exhibit here today to demonstrate the required lift and reach in front. I would have liked to have seen a fraction more drive in rear. No hesitation in awarding BOB.


Puppy (5,1)

A breed that I have admired for years and I was glad to have a good entry and the quality in this entry was great. What a headache of a class this was. These 3 puppies could change at any time as they are very different but beautiful puppies. I hadn’t quite made up my mind until the final go round as there was very little separating them. I will follow these 3 with a close eye.

1st Mrs Tina Berrington – Sarasate True Romance. An 8 month old bitch who oozes femininity from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail. A small compact bitch who is beautifully put together. I always say you can tell a lot about a dog by their eyes. This little girl has the cheekiest expression with a dark, good size oval eye, and boy did she not disappoint. Super head proportions with a flat skull and small ears placed well which she carried at all times. Fine muzzle of appropriate length and correct bite within. Super pigment throughout. This girl scores highly on her front assembly with a good lay back of shoulder, clean, straight limbs with enough bone. A super topline for a girl so young, finished with a high set tail which was carried over back. The angles in the rear matched the front assembly which in return gave that brisk, light movement with plenty of drive in rear and reach in front. A good weight when gently lifted in front. Pleased to award BPIB and went on to get BPIS3.

2nd Mrs C Holman – Altina’s Sweet Home Alabama. Hot on the heels of 1, this bitch possesses a lot of the same attributes. A slightly different head to 1. That said it is feminine with a lovely dark, oval shape eye and well filled underneath. Broader in muzzle than 1. Super size to ears that are placed well on a slightly flat skull which was advantageous to finish off her head piece. Good layback of shoulders with clean straight front limbs and elbows close to chest. Enough chest for age. Another with a super topline and high tail set. Super angles in rear. This little girl was messing around today which made her drop her tail on occasions and. Moved out light and freely.

3rd – Mrs G Neve – Styalways This is Me. I don’t usually critique 3rd place, but I feel this dog needed a mention. He is masculine without being coarse. Super head piece with well placed eyes and super dark pigment. Neat small erect ears which are placed well in the head. Good length to muzzle. Great topline and high set tail which was carried well over back. Well ribbed and bodied. Super angles. Just lost out to the girls on the rear drive. But a lovely puppy nonetheless.

Junior (2,1)

1st Mrs C Holman – Altina’s Viva Las Vegas. 10 month old dog who is masculine and well muscled. Another super exhibit from this kennel. Slightly longer in frame then the other winners. That said he has a lovely headpiece with the cheekiest of expressions and that can be seen through his oval shaped eyes. Good shape and size to ears which are placed well on the head. Super strong neck leading into a level topline and finished with a super tailset which has plenty of covering. Clean straight limbs in front and tight feet throughout. Lovely angles in rear.

Post Graduate (4,2)

1st Mrs C Holman – Altina’s Alabama True Romance. What a true showman this boy is and I’m sure the best has yet to come! On first inspection he is screams Pomeranian. Short and compact and super light on his feet. A masculine head with a dark oval eye. Dark pigment throughout. Super ear size and placemtn on skull. Muzzle is broader than 2. Loved the neck into shoulder and it dropped down into a super front assembly with elbows tight to a well filled chest. When picked up he was a good weight. A level topline with a strong loin and finished with a super tail placement. Angles in rear are great with well let down hocks which is advantageous on the move. With all of this combined this boy moves out with super drive and plenty of reach in front but being light and brisk in movement. Presented in immaculate condition. BOB

2nd Mrs S Pope – My Magical Illusion at Keisyl. What a charismatic youngster this is. Appealed for overall shape and size. A head that isn’t quite finished developing. Would have preferred a more oval eye. But they are placed well in the head. Good length and width to muzzle. Neck of good length and a strong level topline. Tailset is high and carried well over back. Good depth to chest and spring of ribs. Elbows tight to chest. Well muscled rear. On the move just needs to settle.

Open (2,0)

This class I could have changed on another day but today this is how they stand.

1st – Mrs T Berrington – Altina’s The Bronx at Sarasate. A dog I’m sure in time will push for top honours. Appealed for his overall size and shape and his look at me attitude. Ears small and placed well on the head which he used at all times. Eyes are oval and placed well with a cheeky expression. Enough underfill. Good length to muzzle and correct bite. A super neck and shoulder placement. Level topline which was held on the stand and on the move. Tail set is correct. Straight clean front with good bone. Deep chest and plenty of heart room. A well muscled rear. Moved out with drive and purpose. Can get a little untidy in front when not concentrating on his handler.

2nd Mrs C Holman – Ch Altina’s Henry Higgins JW. A more finished head than 1. Ear set is superb and he uses them to finish off his whole expression. Good eye placement and dark pigment throughout. Neck is strong leading into a strong topline finished with a high set tail which is well covered and carried well. Super front assembly with elbows close to a well filled chest. Good bone throughout and tight feet. Good angles in rear with good muscle tone. On the move he is light on his feet although he lost out to 1 on rear drive today.

Yorkshire Terrier

Junior (1,1)

Post Graduate (1,0)

1st – Mrs W F White-Thomas – Wenwytes Wind of Change. A masculine exhibit who has a lot to like. A super headpiece with dark eye and super pigment. Small, erect ears covered in a lovely rich tan which he used throughout. Good reach to neck which flowed into a level topline which he maintained at all times. A front assembly that is well put together. Straight limbs with elbows close to a good well developed chest. Tail set is correct but could have been carried a little better. Well muscled rear which this boy knows how to use. Parallel going away and back and looks most impressive on side profile. Coat presented in beautiful condition. BOB

Open (1,1)


Junior 6-11

1st Abigail Twigg aged 9 Miniature pinscher. Abigail was polite and courteous at all times. This handler has got a successful career in the dog showing ring. She was handling a miniature pinscher who when asked to move, moved at the pace that is correct for the dog and not for anyone else. Abigail was aware of where I was at all times and never obstructed my view once. I asked to show the bite which she did confidently. I asked where the hocks and flank were and she was able to point those out with no hesitation. On the move it was a reverse triangle with a straight up and down. The shape was accurate and at a steady pace. Abigail handled beautifully to beat the Adult handlers to Best Handler in Show.

2nd Olivia Grantham aged 9 Bichon Frise. A super empathetic handler towards her dog. A well turned out handler. Olivia has such a natural handling skill which will take her to where she wants to be in the handling. Olivia was able to show the bite on the table. I asked the same questions as Abigail not quite as confident but learning the points of the dog can be tricky so just take your time to brush up on those. The triangle was a good shape, and a great pace was set for her dog. When she needed to swap hands, the transition wasn’t as smooth and blocked my view.

Adult 18-39

1st Stephanie Twigg aged 36 Miniature Pinscher then Griffon in challenge. Stephanie handled The miniature pinscher that Abilgail did. Another exhibit who knew the pace in which to set to get the best out of the dog. Showed the bite on the table and was able to answer the questions asked. Shape of the triangle was good however the up and down lost its straightness on the way back. Stephanie didn’t obstruct my view throughout. In the Challenge Stephanie handled a Griffon Bruxellois. The Pace wasn’t quite as consistent as Abigail with the Miniature Pinscher. But was handled well throughout.

Adult 40+

1st Julia Marsden Bichon Frise. A well presented partnership which was accurate with shapes and pace. Showed bite correctly and never obstructed my view throughout. Got a little confused when asked to do a reverse triangle but when completing the pattern the lines were straight and the pace was good. In the challenge there was a point that the handlers had to swap hands as to not obstruct my view. This transition wasn’t quite as smooth as Abigail’s.

2nd Carla Martins Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. You can see that there is so much trust in this partnership. On the table The bite was shown. Just be aware that the dog must be between handler and judge at all times. The pace was the most consistent with this partnership, just ensure that the lines you create are straight and this will take you further.

Judge Richard Forsythe (RICHPIN)