• Show Date: 11/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/10/2023

Norfolk & Norwich Canine Society


I was particularly pleased by the three promising puppies within this entry.  P (2) 1. Ingram, Lack & Tousent’s Jojavik Spangled Mob. Appealing 6 ½ month black and rust girl who was put down in fabulous condition. She appealed in head which was of good shape and in proportion to body. Free from exaggeration with adequate depth of chest, excellent upper arm and layback of shoulder which taken together corresponded well with the angle at stifle. Lovely reach of neck flowing cleanly into topline and she stood on good bone supported by tight feet. Not quite the underline of the Best of Breed winner. Enthusiastic and sound on the move with good stride. Reserve Best of Breed 2. Tant’s Rafthouse Bundlebrent at Granadeya. Another classy puppy, this one brown and rust and 7 ½ months. With her showy disposition she has the potential to make the very best of herself. Scored in head which was feminine but with adequate strength to jaw and clean tight lips. Pleasing neck and topline I felt she didn’t quite match the underline or feet of the winner, but she has plenty of time and undeniable promise. I liked her croup and good width of thigh. Very sound when gaiting. SY(1) 1. Wilson’s Pursang Shimmy Shimmy Ya. Masculine 11 ½ month black and rust male puppy who impressed me for overall development and musculature. He was powerfully built with depth and strength to body and quarters, but without compromising elegance of outline. Strong wedge shaped head and good length to muzzle. A little undtidy in throat, but neck was of good length and set into a front of good width. Back was level, sloping and of correct length lending itself to an overall pleasing square outline. Angles matched back and forth and he demonstrated controlled, but powerful movement making the most of the ring. I was very pleased to award him Best of Breed, Best Puppy and Working Puppy 2. O (2) 1. Santoriello’s Rafthouse Amulet’s Child. Well made 2 ½ black and rust male who was also very well developed in quarters. Strong and all male, I would have preferred a touch more elegance of outline and less prominent stop, but there was no denying his obvious vitures of which there were plenty. He showed well standing on good feet and bone which supported his good frame and nicely angulated quarters. Overall coupling and width throughout was also good with pleasing topline and underline. Easy mover in profile, but slightly wide going away from me. 2. Hunt’s Jojavik Express Yourself at Virsco. Elegant black and rust girl who was as feminine as the winner was masculine. Another in excellent condition with pleasing overall shape. Feminine headpiece with good eye and expression which I preferred to that of the winner. Her angles were more moderate than that of the winner, but they were equal and so presented a fairly balanced outline. Dry length of neck, leading into a nicely developed front of good width and depth. Lovely firm loin which was fairly short and good to go over, but she tended to lose her topline. Gaited well around the ring from all angles.


P (1) 1. Peacock’s Hausmason Barby Rio. Pretty 10 ½ month old puppy girl who pleased me for head which was of good shape, proportionate to body and with lovely expression and eye, all complemented by her tan markings. Overall, I found her body and quarters to be developing nicely with adequate fill and depth throughout. Strong, neck but not overdone and pleasing shoulder and stifle. I would like to see her strengthen in both feet and topline as she matures. Carried herself well on the mover being workmanlike and sound she was worth of Best Puppy and Working Puppy 3. SY (2) 1. Rivett’s Jezeve Castaway. Exuberant and showy male who presented himself as all of a piece. Masculine with good quarters having just enough angulation at shoulder, but I would like to see him drop into his stifles as he matures on beyond the present 13 months. Height to body length ratio was good as were feet, condition and musculature. He held his topline both standing and on the move where he demonstrated a good, robust action. Neat, tidy ear and scored in eye. Head was in proportion to body but I preferred the overall shape of second. 2. Clark’s Botlierskop Capella. 14 month lady who I have admired before and still do. Super headpiece; feminine but with good strength, free from exaggeration to give a pleasing shape. Excellent dentition and expression. I felt she was at an age where she needs to develop greater depth of body as she is slightly longer than ideal and this was accentuated today. Lovely shoulder and topline, spring of rib and underline. A lovely girl but couldn’t quite match the overall outline of the winner today. She did not disappoint on the move with good length of stride and use of hocks. L (1) 1. Watts & Gibbard’s Jazeve Pickpocket. Smart 13 month old litter sister to Castaway who was of similar and honesty and type. Most appealing head and expression with good skull to muzzle ratio. She flowed from head through neck into topline and croup. Lovely front for width and depth without being overdone, good lay of shoulder and stood on tight feet. Correct underline and I liked her height to body ratio. Being a junior I felt she could benefit from a touch more hind angulation which may come in time, but this did not detract to any great degree. Easy movement, with strength and purpose I was pleased to award her Best of Breed and later Working Group 4. O (3 1) 1. Rivett & Gibbard’s Whisperdown All of Me at Jezeve. Mature and well made bitch of 4 ½ dam of both Pickpocket and Castaway and has obviously passed on her virtues. I was impressed by her wonderful condition and particularly her strength of hindquarters which she used to advantage on the move. Scored in head and expression enhanced with good use of her well set ear. Strong front without being overdone at all and good quarters fore and aft. Pleasing croup although I would have preferred a slightly higher tailset. There was little between her and her daughter for Best of Breed, the latter just pulling out the stops at the right moment. Reserve Best of Breed. 2. Vanson’s Pasko Du Temple D’Adranos Von Tiesto (Imp Fra). Powerful and robust ultra-masculine male who was pleasing to go over; very good strength throughout and condition. Not the head of the winner, but of reasonable shape and in proportion to body. Correct length of neck which was also strong and set well into body with pleasingly clean wither through topline which he held well. Very big bone with plenty of substance. Shoulders were well laid and corresponded to satisfactorily to hindquarters. Strong and sound mover with correct action from hock.

AVNSC Working

P (2 1) 1. Mardle & Barton’s Auldhelm Charmed One. Portuguese Water Dog. Brown puppy male who charmed me with his pleasing overall outline which was already well balanced having good angulation both fore and aft. Good length of leg which was complemented by correct length of body supported by a strong topline and croup. His head was well shaped with lovely eye and strong muzzle both for depth and width. As one would expect he needs to develop in forechest and body generally but there is plenty of time for this. Steady mover with light gait. Has all the essentials. Best AVNSC Puppy and I was later very pleased to award him Working Puppy Group 1. SY (1) Pringle’s Doris Eki Balarda (Imp Pol). Great Swiss Mountain Dog. Exuberant 12 month old girl who impressed me with her excellent movement; balanced with reach and drive from all angles which was enabled by her good shoulder and stifle together with angulated hocks. I liked her head for strength, shape and proportion to body with moderate stop and slight furrow. Slightly longer in body than height at withers she demonstrated good balance with a lovely strong back. Just needs to fill her pleasing frame as she matures on. O (1) 1. Garrood’s Ukusa Dobrynka . Russian Black Terrier. Big boy of almost 5 years old who presented a commanding and powerful outline. I liked his forehand from his strong, masculine and well shaped head, through great neck and into good shoulders and depth of chest. Shown in very good coat and condition with terrific bone and good feet. Good width of thigh and strength through the hock he moved out very well with an attention seeking air, heard held high and covering the ground with ease.

AV Working

P (7 4) 1. Harvey & Bole’s Boxer Harvlin’s Mystification. Brindle and white girl of 6 months who was very showy and made the most of her attributes. Overall she was not far off square and possessed a charming head and expression accentuated with her tidy ear. Clean in neck which was good length and elegantly arched, flowing cleanly into topline through wither. Shoulders were well laid and matched her hind angulation. Strong topline but she could use a little more slope, but there is plenty more growing and maturing to happen here. Excellent tight feet and she moved out very well for such a baby holding her outline throughout. 2. Cunningham’s Siberian Husky Siberiadrift Daring Minx from Icebex. l very much liked the lovely flowing outline on this 8 month girl who pressed the winner hard. No hard angles she was built on smooth, clean lines Great foxy style to her head with lovely erect ears and keen expression. Neck was set well into body with pleasing shoulder. Good depth to body and width throughout, scoring in topline, underline and croup. Lovely turn of stifle and she moved out true with confidence and lightness of foot. Very close up to the winner and I hope she make more of a showgirl of herself as she grows on as it is all there. 3. Snelson’s Siberian Husky Sakino’s Envy at Ashtrax. SY (6 4) 1. Mackenzie’s Great Dane Carsan Luciana. Classy black girl of 16 months who I admired for her elegance of outline but which did not compromise her strength. Proportionate and well shaped headpiece with lovely length of muzzle although I would prefer a slightly darker eye. Excellent length of neck which was clean and set well into body. Very good quarters for age with adequate fill and angulation fore and aft. Textbook topline which was strong with loins slightly arched. Excellent length of leg. Easy and free moving around the ring I felt she had potential to become a real showgirl with maturity and confidence. 2. Cunningham’s Siberian Husky Siberiadrift Daring Minx from Icebex. 3. Snelson’s Siberian Husky Sakino’s Envy at Ashtrax. L (2 1) 1. Snelson’s Siberian Husky Sakino’s Envy at Ashtrax. 9 month old girl who was very free moving when gaiting around the ring, demonstrating soundness yet ease of stride. Striking colour with lovely fox-like headpiece sat atop a good neck. Elegant and feminine but has time to develop more body and substance as she matures. Slightly longer in body that I would have liked but her topline was strong and there was nothing weak about her. O (3 2) 1. Snelson’s Siberian Husky Sakino’s Envy at Ashtrax. V (4) A lovely class of veterans all put down in excellent condition 1. Bailey’s Canadian Eskimo Dog Artcicice Qimmiq Jackson at Akna (Imp Can). I found a well balanced and sturdy outline on this gentleman of almost 9 years. Excellent condition and coat. Lovely broad skull with tapering muzzle which was still of good width to confirm his masculinity. Width and depth of body throughout with lovely feet. Strong, level topline and very good underline. Elbow close to body, lovely turn of stifle and strength at the hock. Carried himself around the ring with purpose and style. A very distinguished chap. 2. Simms’ Siberian Husky Berry Uola at Articskies. I could imagine this lovely 8 ½ year old being quite the matriarch with her mature, well filled frame, confident outlook and disposition. Lovely headpiece for make and shape and captivating expression. Still retains excellent quarters, standing on lovely bone and feet with her good coupling supported by a strong topline and loin. Sound and true on the move she was up close to the winner, but having to split hairs I just felt she was lacking a little finesse with a fuller figure (but then aren’t we all!). No denying that she could still fulfil her function though. 3. Allen’s Canadian Eskimo Dog Akna Galatea at Harpan.

Working Group

This Group was an absolute pleasure to judge. Well represented with quality exhibits; the stylish Bullmastiff and Russian Black Terrier also made there presence felt for the final placings.

1. Bodle’s Leonberger Fairy Clocks Bonus Catch the World into Lionsridge (Imp Nor). A frontrunner from the moment I saw him, it was a great pleasure to award this handsome boy Group 1 and he was not yet even 2 ½ years old. He was not huge, but possessed more than enough substance together with his honesty there is no denying his sex. I loved his head; elongated yet with strength and breadth, in harmony with body shape. Wonderful expression with excellent eye and ear. Lovely straight front with good bone and correct width and depth of forechest. Neck flowed well into topline and he had well laid shoulders, textbook topline and moderate hind angulation. In great coat he moved around the ring with regal carriage, soundness of limb and draughting ability. My find of the day. I shall follow his career with interest. 2. Ferretti’s Siberian Husky Articskies Super Trouper for Lyrvid. Having judged this girl as an 8 month old puppy I was delighted to see how well this lovely girl has developed. So striking and showy and at only 15 months she certainly gave the Leo a run for his money! It was hair splitting between them at the end and only came down to his edge on overall balance when free standing. Gorgeous head and expression with eyes that look right at you. Shapely front with depth and width yet nothing overdone. A flowing, elegant outline but you can see she could do the job she is bred for with pleasing quarters fore and aft. Everything about her is all of a piece. She did not disappoint on the move. Lovely to see her again. 3. Mackenzie’s Great Dane Carsan Luciana who won through on her honesty and style with handler and Dane having gained in confidence by this stage. 4. Watts & Gibbard’s stylish Rottweiler Jazeve Pickpocket who really held her won with the grown ups in this group and did not put a foot wrong on the move.

Working Puppy Group

1. Mardle & Barton’s Portuguese Water Dog Auldhelm Charmed One, who continued to charm his was to the top of this group. 2. Wilson’s Dobermann Pursang Shimmy Shimmy Ya was rewarded for his well developed outline and outlook. 3. Peacock’s Rottweiler Hausmason Barby Rio who continued to give a very good account of herself. 4. Crooks’ Leonberger Alfross Tulabo Aberyscir. Fairly raw youngster but of good frame, overall outline and balance for age. Pleasing in head with good shape and proportions between muzzle and skull. A giant breed and obviously needing time, but very sound and easy moving to deserve a place here.

AV Puppy Stakes (39 22)

1. Parker & McDonald’s Violis Storm Tracker Miniature Schnauzer. Impressive boy of 11 months with excellent line through neck to hindquarters highlighting his lovely balance for one so young. His head pleased me from all angles with lovely proportions of skull and muzzle, excellent dentition. Super neck and sloping topline. His well matched angles back and forth gave him the opportunity to flaunt his outline which he did with aplomb. Very good coat and so well developed for age. On the move he was smart with a “dare to defy” attitude and carriage. 2. Mardle & Barton’s Portuguese Water Dog Auldhelm Charmed One. This lovely lad continued to press hard, but slightly lost his sparkle in this class and I don’t blame him - it was a long day, but there was no keeping this boy down. 3. Collett’s Tibetan Spaniel Velrok Ringing Gold.

AV Open Stakes (31 18)

1. Baldwin’s Bedlington Terrier Woolytop Leading Lady. I was quite enchanted with this well balanced lady and her flowing outline. Lovely head with pleasing unbroken line from occiput to nose. Wonderful dentition. Her good neck lent itself well to her carrying her head high. Good straight forelegs and well laid shoulders. Very pleasing smooth lines for both topline and underline with lovely arched loin; absolutely nothing overdone about her. Lovely strong hindquarters which were moderately angled. She moved out very well, purposeful and without exaggeration. 2. Whitcombe’s Miniature Schnauzer Arkangath Zola Bud. I last saw this little lady as puppy last year and it was a pleasure to see her again. She looked very well, filling nicely into her frame and fulfilling her obvious potential. I found her to be very honest with the good quarters lending themselves so well to present a square outline. Her coupling is lovely with firm, slightly sloping topline. She gave the winner a run for her money, but she is still young and I feel another few months would have given her the edge. Easy and smart on the move she commands attention. 3. Parker & McDonald’s Miniature Schnauzer Violis Wait n’See.