• Show Date: 17/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ray McDonald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/01/2024

Boston & District Canine Society

Well when you get invited to do BIS at one of the most prestigious local shows then you forego the chance to exhibit under your breed judge and accept. Thank you to Leila and her committee for the invitation.

First job of the day was the YKC Stakes, a lovely entry of 19 but when it clashed with a lot of classes many either missed it or chose not to come along. Lovely to see a large goody bag for the winners.

1st. Collis’ Ch Riplington See Your Dreams. Parson Russell Terrier. A very smart D well presented. Loved his outline and attitude. Masculine head of good shape flowing into well made forequarters. Correct through rib to a well muscled rear. Moved free with purpose and drive.

2nd Hanes’ Janmark Man In The Middle JW. Bedlington Terrier 13mth D. Loved his outline. Good head shape and proportions. Straight front through to a deep chest, nice arch over the loin to a well made rear. Moved well.

3rd Norbury & Adams’ Medogold Bamalam At Heartbury OSW JW ShCM ShCEx. Pointer

Res D'arcy & Duffield Paavali's Rocket Man JW. Pomeranian

Next, just before BIS was a class close to my heart. Best British and Irish Native Vulnerable Breed. Thank you to Boston CS for supporting these breeds with classes and what a privilege to judge so many of the BOBs from the day.

Best B&INVB in Show – Gaylor & Robertson’s Heniveruce King Of Brewers. Now 3 years old this Welsh Springer Spaniel has matured nicely since I last judged him. Presenting a very good outline on the stand he is lovely to go over. Well made fore and aft, level topline over well sprung ribs and today carrying a good coat with his rich red shining. Clean and true on the move he commanded top spot and he got it.

Reserve Best B&INVB in Show – Nichols’ Chantalle's Ink Spot. A very smart 2yr old Smooth Fox Terrier. Pleasing through head and neck and a well made body. Well muscled throughout. Strode out round the ring with purpose, true from all sides.

Best in Show was shortened to 6 dogs as the Utility winner had to withdraw and just do a lap of honour as he was my son’s Miniature Schnauzer. Joe did admit he didn’t realise I was judging BIS when he entered but will be checking in the future. 😊

Best In Show – Waldron & Gray’s There's Something About de Chester at Snowmead JW (Imp Fra). A very close call between the 2 winners but on the day this 16mth Bearded Collie B just took my eye a little more. Lovely shape and size, feminine all through with a good coat that sits over a very well made body. Good length and spring of rib under a level topline. She flowed round the ring with ease. On the stand, she looked a picture and could not be denied top honours.

Reserve Best In Show – Bowler’s Sh Ch Winterwell Iggy Inch JW. This 23mth German Shorthaired Pointer certainly knows how to show himself. The first word in the breed standard is ‘Noble’, and he certainly is. Another quality youngster, lovely clean outline, super forequarters with good forechest. Well muscled and correctly angulated rear which he used to drive effortlessly round the ring. He already has his title and I feel he has a lot more winning to come.

Best Puppy in Show – Moore’s Cloudside Vincent. 8mths Wirehaired Dachsund D.Another very close decision between these 2 lovely puppies but the Dachshund just won through. Loved his outline on the table, good length and shape to head, Clean neck into super forequarters with prominent keel. Lovely length to body to a well rounded rear. Strode round the ring with attitude and drive.

Reserve Best Puppy In Show – List’s Haydengold Moment In Time 8mth Golden Retriever B. Oh my, what a gorgeous baby. Loved her from the moment I first saw her. Super shape and size, Feminine head of correct shape, lovely forequarters with good forechest. Level topline over deep ribs back to a well angulated rear. Moved round the ring with ease. One I will watch.

Best Veteran in Show – Thompson-Morgan & Morgan’s Ch Belleville Anjo De Noite. Portuguese Water Dog. Loved this 12yr B. I have judged this lady a few times over the years and she has never wowed me until today. Still in super condition, loved her head and she is well made throughout. She looks lovely on the stand but it was on the move that she excelled, light but covered the ground with ease.

Reserve Best Veteran in Show – Robson’s Sandytrail Scheherazade Meslabrit. 7yr Pyranean Sheepdog (Long Haired) B. Won a very close battle with the Japanese Spitz. Another who took my eye on the move. Well constructed with a lovely head and expression. Good length of body and well ribbed back to a short loin and a well muscled and angulated rear. Moved with ease.

Ray McDonald - Roanjora