• Show Date: 18/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Rachel Horler Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Dukeries [Notts] Gundog Club


Judge: Rachel Horler (Rackens)

Gordon Setter P 1 and BPIB - Whitings Locksheath April in Paris, 9m bitch – going through that rangy stage here. Prefer more stop. Lovely low earset. She has good bone, good angulation fore and aft with a super topline which she held on the move. Good depth of chest.  J 3 -. 1 and BOB Roberts Moonglade Lily Mae Magic 15m Loved this bitches head. Very feminine all through, all perhaps carrying a little weight at the moment.  Presents a lovely outline with great angulation, great forechest and super topline and best mover of the day. 2 Crosbies Moonglade Magic Pear to Heatherway.Litter sister to 1. Larger frame than 1st and a little bit bum high at the moment. Liked her head a lot. Good front and rear assembly and lovely tight feet. Bit erratic on the move today as unsettled. 3 Walker Lignum Teller PG 2– 1 Wrigley’s Kattandale Blac Highlander (AI) Larger framed bitch with plenty substance.  Very pretty, excellent forechest and front angulation. Gave her handler a hard time on the move today. 2 Walkers Lignum Lady of the Lake this bitch on stack is all Gordon.  A super shape. Feminine with substance. Sadly she did not want to play ball on the move at all. I’m sure with a bit of ringcraft she would do well.  Open  5,1a – Good Class although varying types 1 and RBOB Whiting Locksheath True Baloo won this class on her free movement and better depth of chest.  Good straight front and good rear angulations. In lovely coat and condition. 2 Ashley-Turners Hernwood the Botanist JW All male! Young dog full of style. Lost out to 1 on movement – steady but lacked drive today. Lovely head and expression. Liked his overall shape. Just needs to finish in body to finish the picture. 3 Smith Glenkinchie Soul Star