• Show Date: 21/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Rachel Berrington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Coventry & District Kennel Association

Coventry and District Kennel Association Open Show

21 May 2023

Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge Chihuahuas; this is a show I have always supported and shown at. Thanks also to my two stewards who kept the ring running smoothly.

Chihuahua (Longcoat)

Puppy (2,0)

1 Davis’ Chibull Wish Upon a Star. 7.5-month-old red bitch. A very pretty little girl in good coat for her age. Typical head with expressive eyes. Smart on the move, she shows herself off well, holding a level top line and correct tail set. A puppy of correct proportions with a good amount of bone. Dentition is currently undershot, which will hopefully improve as she matures. Her construction also needs to mature, will be interesting to see what she is like at 12 months old. Won the class on showmanship and confidence. BPIB

2 Hicks’ Torre Del Pilar Sandman at Casiatodo (Imp Esp). 8-month-old tricolour dog. A very smart looking dog with super typical apple dome head, although his head still needs to mature, with expressive eyes, correct dentition, straight in front, good turn of stifle, level top line, and tail is well set on. He is well proportioned, and I saw glimpses of free and brisk movement. Unfortunately, he has yet to gain his confidence, and this cost him first place today.

Junior (2,0)

1 Hicks’ Torre Del Pilar Kingsman at Casiatodo (Imp Esp). 15-month-old tricolour dog. From the same kennel as 2nd place in the previous head class with many similarities. Just the right amount of coat. Excellent head which is well matured and results in the saucy expression that a Chihuahua should have. Well set ears. Level top line, just the right amount of bone, good turn of stifle and demonstrates confidence, although he would benefit from a little more ‘spark’ in the ring at times to improve his showmanship. In the challenge I preferred the front on the BOB winner and the movement of the RBOB winner.

2 Armstrong’s Chinechi Mary Jane. 2-year-old chocolate and tan bitch. Another very pretty girl with a good head and muzzle length. Self-pigmented with ruby eye (perfectly acceptable in this colouring). Nicely coated with correct amount of feathering in the right places. Needs to develop her confidence; she has a tendency to tense her body which results in a loss of top line and makes her look short in body. Preferred the dentition and showmanship of 1.

Post Graduate (3,1)

1 Stangoe’s Stanghurst Top Gun. 2-year-old red sable dog. I have judged this dog before, and have always liked his qualities. He didn’t disappoint today. He is very stylish on the move, with brisk and accurate movement. He is full of confidence. Apple dome head which is not overdone, sporting correct dentition, large dark eyes and black pigment. Well balanced and proportioned, with a beautiful coat. Dainty and compact, he is one I would happily take home. BOB

2 Hicks’ Torre Del Pilar Move the Knight at Casiatodo (Imp Esp). 2-year-old tricolour dog. Kennel mate and from the same breeding as the previous two dogs from this kennel, and much of the same comments apply. Typical apple dome head with good dentition. In very good coat and well-constructed, a little more compact than his two kennel mates. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to like the venue today and was a little reluctant on the table and uncertain on the move, which cost him the class. He is a very elegant little dog who presents a lovely picture when he pulls himself together.

Open (3,0)

1 Hicks’ Chiquita De Oro Blans at Casiatodo (Imp Hun). 2-year-old fawn sable bitch. Very dainty and very full of herself! Good dentition, pretty head with large dark eyes and well pigmented, although I wouldn’t want her head any more domed than it is. Correct amount of coat. Very large ears flaring at the correct angle. Good turn of stifle, and whilst she is dainty, she is well boned. She is swift and brisk on the move, holding a level top line and well set on tail. A very stylish picture overall. In the challenge, I preferred the head on the BOB winner. RBOB

2 Davis’ Donami Samuel Button at Chibull. Almost 4-year-old cream dog. An extremely well-constructed dog who has fabulous movement both coming and going. He is compact with the right amount of coat, level top line, correct tail set and lovely angulation. I preferred the size and head of 1.

3 Stangoe’s Mona Liza Ot Vanilnoy at Stanghurst (Imp Rus)

Chihuahua (Smoothcoat)

Puppy (4,2)

1 Prinzi’s Manchino Miss Congeniality by Lollymoos. 6-month-old, blue fawn and white bitch. Won the class on her head; she had the best head in the class. Apple dome, large eyes, good pigmentation and large flaring ears. Dentition is correct. She is up to size but well balanced. A very exuberant puppy who thinks her job is to charge round the ring at breakneck speed, so she would benefit from more ringcraft training, and whilst I never expect a robot on the table, she is a fidget! However, I did see enough to be able to assess her top line and movement. She has good front angulation; rear angulation is developing. She kept her top line straight on the move. BPIB

2 Slavinec’s Charonchi Cassandra. 8-month-old, fawn and white bitch. More petite than 1, nice level top line and good tail set. Used her ears well and a good turn of stifle. Pasterns a little weak at the moment, but that should improve with time and exercise. A little unsure on the table, but moved out well and put down in excellent condition.

3 Mills’ Anadeia Heart Stopper at Lilareenie

4 Baker’s Daisy Bukovynian (Imp Ukr)

Junior (4,1)

1 Slavinec’s Charonchi Ignatius. 8-month-old, fawn and white dog. Litter mate to 2 in the puppy class. Maintained a good top line on the move, but can throw it on the stand. However, when he pulls himself together, he moves very well, and was the best mover in the class. Very large, flaring ears at correct angles. Large, expressive eyes. Similar in head to his littermate. A tad undershot at this stage but this should improve as he matures. Similar in balance and construction to his littermate, but prefer his pasterns and front assembly.

2 Mills’ Anadeia Heart Stopper at Lilareenie. 10-month-old, blue fawn bitch. Also placed 3rd in the puppy class. She has a pleasing head with good pigment and expressive eyes, with stop still developing. Good front and rear angulation and with the correct balance – body slightly longer than leg. She is carrying a little too much weight at the moment and her nails are a bit longer than the breed standard calls for; both of which means that her movement isn’t as swift and brisk as it could be. She has a good temperament and with some conditioning could place higher.

3 Hicks’ Uran Z Olteckeho Pelisku at Casiatodo (Imp Cze)

Post Graduate (2,1)

1 Smith’s Moltobello Pride and Joy of Hulawawas. 5-year-old, fawn dog. Another dog I have judged before, and he maintains the super movement I have seen from him before. I have actually written in my notes ‘goes like a train’! He has the swift and brisk action that this breed should display, and moves out with attitude. His tail is well set and he maintains his level top line on the move. There is no denying that his temperament is well suited to the show ring. In the challenge, I preferred the head on the BOB and RBOB winners.

Open (4,0)

1 Smith’s Moltobello Miss Myrtle of Hulawawas. 2-year-old, chocolate tricolour. I have always liked this girl and gave her BOB previously as a puppy. I have always maintained that she has some of the best movement that the smoothcoat ring has to offer at the moment. Whilst this is a ‘head breed’ (and she does have a very good head, expression, dentition and ears), for me, that should never compromise movement. She is totally free moving, brisk and effortless. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, effortless looking movement comes from correct structure. She is well balanced, well angulated, has super construction and comes in to the ring to tell you exactly what she has to offer and gives you a look of such sheer arrogance that just dares you not to place her first. BOB

2 Stangoe’s Stanghurst Time to Shine. 3-year-old, cream bitch. I liked this little girl a lot. She has a lovely head, defined stop, large dark eyes, good pigment and correct ears. A happy little girl who wagged her tail the whole way around. Very well balanced, excellent rear angulation and turn of stifle, which is lacking in many at the moment, level top line and excellent tail set. She moves very well, but I preferred the front assembly of 1. Unlucky to meet 1 today. RBOB

3 Davis’ Chibull Boom Shakalak

4 Prinzi’s Manchino Lilac Daiquiri of Lollymoos

Rachel Berrington