• Show Date: 04/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Rachael Stirzaker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Isle Of Ely Canine Society

Isle of Ely Canine Society


Firstly may I start by thanking the society for offering me this appointment. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was very well looked after. May I also thank my 2 stewards Ian and Magda who did a great job with the running of our ring. Lastly can I please take the time to thank all the exhibitors who gave me entries and who took their placings with thanks and showed good sportsmanship towards one another.

Griffon Bruxellois

Puppy (3)

1st Suggitt - Aptrick Dolly Mixtures

 Head turning red rough female puppy, amazing in outline held herself super at all times. Head fairly large with moderate width between small, high set semi-erect ears. Definite stop and relatively short and wide in muzzle. Chin prominent with good turn up. Eyes very dark and round showing a true alert expression. Neck of medium length and slightly arched with good spring to well laid back shoulders. Short in back with level top line strong in loin, with ribs well sprung. Tail high set and of moderate length curving gently over her back. In the rear, Stifles well bent with feet small and straight. In front good depth to for-chest and legs of medium length, straight, with small cat like feet. On the move she pushed with good drive from behind and kept level throughout. Absolutely delighted to award her best puppy in breed.

2nd Cooper - Griffwood Loopy About Eevee 

 Another beautiful youngster of just 11 months old, female red rough. Nice and alert in temperament. Pretty head piece fairly large with good width between ears. Definite stop with muzzle relatively short. Neat lips with good turn up showing prominent chin. Dark round eyes which sparkled. Ears semi erect and high set. Neck slightly arched flowing down to a short, level back. Ribs well sprung with short and fairly strong loin area. Good depth to chest with all legs straight and of medium length. From behind hindquarters showing good muscle tone to thigh area and stifles well bent. Feet tight and cat like. Tail high set of moderate length curving gently over her back. On the move again she showed good drive from behind moving level and straight throughout.

3rd Haigh-Tazanory’s Alcaraz

Junior (3)

1st Spurr - Zilcan Gin Ricky JW 

A truly handsome young dog of 15 months old super attentive to handler showing a smart, well balanced little dog. Head fairly large, Slightly rounded and moderately wide between the ears. Definite stop with muzzle relatively short and wide with nose pigment black and wide open nostrils. neat lips with good turn up, prominent in chin furnished with beard. Eyes round and very dark with good space between. Masculine and alert expression. Small high set ears semi erect used with alertness. Medium length and slightly arched in neck with good spring to well laid back shoulders. level in top line short in back, well sprung in ribs with short, strong loin area. Tail set high and of moderate length carried gently over his back. In the rear he had good muscle tone with thighs of correct length, stifle’s well bent with feet small and thick. In front good depth to chest with legs straight, of medium length and bone. On the move he pushed well from behind and straight in front Maintaining balance throughout. Pleased to award him Reserve Best Of Breed.

2ND Suggitt - Aptrick Buttersky

 Another cheeky female youngster of nine months old red rough and full of alertness. Head fairly large showing feminine expressive features, high set, semi erect ears, with eyes very dark rounded and good space between. Relatively short and wide in muzzle with lips neat and good turn up with chin prominent. Neck slightly arched flowing to a short, level top line. Good depth to body with ribs well sprung. Tail carriage high, gently curving over her back. Good muscle tone to thighs and of good length. In behind with legs being straight and enough bend of stifle. In front chest rather wide with depth and legs straight of medium length with feet being cat like. On the move she pushed with drive from behind showing straightness in front.

3rd Haigh

Tanzanory's Rafa Nadal

Post Graduate (3/1)

1St Cooper - Griffwood Eccles Cake

 Black and tan rough female of four years old. Square little dog being attentive to handler. Nicely sized overall. Head fairly broad with ears set high with width between. Eyes black rimmed very dark and round with alert expression. Definite stop between muzzle and skull, with fairly short wide muzzle neat lips and good turn up with prominent chin, furnished with beard. Neck slightly arched leading to a short level back. Square in body with well sprung ribs. Tail carried high set curved gently over back. On the move she showed good reach in fore quarters with legs straight and of medium length.

2nd Haigh - Foxfly Fast Love

A very pretty red smooth coated female of two years old. Lovely girl compact square little dog. head fairly large slightly rounded with moderate width between hi set semi erect ears. Moderately large, very dark eyes showing alert expression. Nose black with wide open nostrils definite stop with short wide muzzle. Good turn up with chin prominent. Slightly arched neck flowing to well laid shoulder placement. Short in back with level top line, Well sprung ribs. Tail of moderate length. Good muscle tone to hind legs with stifles well bent. Feet small and cat like. She moved well coming and going.

Open (4/1)

1st Suggitt - IR.CH Aptrick Time For Elevenses 

Wow what a super boy this dog was. Smart well balanced solid structured male. Six years of age, red rough With harsh wiry coat. Masculine head fairly large with moderate width between small, semi erect hi set ears. very dark round eyes, clear and black rimmed, very alert expression. Definite in stop between muzzle and skull with wide open nostrils to nose. wide in muzzle with good turn up prominent chin furnished with beard. Medium length to neck springing from well laid shoulders. Square in body with level top line, strong in loin area and good spring to ribs. Hi set tail of moderate length gently curving over his back. Well muscled hindquarters with thighs of good length, stifle’s well bent and hocks low. Good width and depth to for chest with legs straight and of medium bone. Feet Small and cat like. on the move, he was showing good drive from behind moving true coming and going remaining well balanced throughout. I was delighted to award this boy Best Of Breed.

2nd Haigh - Datiro Marmalade Beautiful rich red smooth female of 2 years old. Well balanced smart little dog. Head fairly large with moderate width between small high set ears, semi erect. Eyes dark, rounded and black rimmed. Muzzle short and wide with good turn up prominent chin. Medium length neck flowing to well laid shoulders. Short in back, level topline. Square in body with depth to sprung ribs. Strong in loin area. High set tail of moderate length curving gently over her back. Straight in legs of medium bone with depth to for-chest, well muscled thighs to hindquarters. Feet small and cat like. She moved out well with drive from behind.

3rd Rouse - Settrenda Smooth Operator

Japanese Chin

Puppy (0)

Junior (1/1)

Post Graduate (1)

1st Pearce & Hann - Rakuchin Rumour Revealed

A smart lively little dog of 19 months old, male black and white with lovely markings. Very handsome in head with skull moderately broad with ears small set wide apart with nice feathering. large dark eyes showing correct small amount of white in inner corners and forward facing. Muzzle short and well cushioned. Neck of moderate length flowing down to a square and compact body, level in top line. Tail set high and plumed over back with nice feathering. Legs nice and straight of fine bone, Good turn of stifle to the rear with plenty feathering on the back of thighs with feathering of plenty down to the feet in front. Feet of true hare footed and feathered. On the move He did his best enough to see good reach and elevation. His coat was long, soft and of silky texture covering his body just nicely. Reserve Best Of Breed

Open (1)

1st Pearce & Hann - CH Rakuchin Kenjina

I felt very honoured today to be able to get my hands on this dog for assessment and well he did not fail. The most elegant smart compact little dog, profusely coated and such a happy gentle boy. Now 7 1/2 years old yet still showing good condition all round for age. Black and white in colour with very nice markings all round coat long soft and of silky texture. Fairly masculine in head yet such a gentle expressive face. Moderately broad in skull with ears set wide apart small and well feathered. Eyes moderately large set far apart and forward facing, true look of astonishment. nose large with open nostrils with muzzle short wide and well cushioned, Jaws level. Neck carried proudly and of moderate length flowing down to a square and compact body. Tail set high closely plumed over back and profusely feathered. In the rear legs straight with good turn of stifle and again profusely feathered on the back of thighs. In front legs straight of fine bone and well feathered down to slender hare footed feet with feathering at the tips. On the move he moves straight and stylish showing me he had done this many times before. With good reach and elevation on the move with good drive from hind movement. This boy was super attentive to his handler at all times and you really must get hands on to appreciate this dogs qualities. Delighted to award him Best Of Breed.

Lowchen (little lion dog)

Puppy (0)

Junior (0)

Post Graduate (2)

1St Godfrey & Peacock - Cleeview unlocked spirit in Godpeaki 

 On first view I saw a beautiful active well balanced happy little dog giving her handler much attention throughout. A delightful young female of three years old black and cream in colour with coat clipped in traditional lion trim. Very feminine expression with head being fairly broad with skull flat between the ears. Well defined stop with strong short muzzle, scissor bite with strong jaws. Nose dark with nicely opened nostrils. Beautiful round dark eyes showing great intelligence. Ears of moderate length with long fringing. Neck of good length proudly arched fitting into well laid shoulders. In body short yet strong and well proportioned, level in top line with ribs well sprung, loin strong with moderate took up. tail of medium length carried gaily on the move with a tuft of hair resembling a plume at the end. Well muscled in hind legs with good turn of stifle. In front forelegs straight with round bone but not too fine with feet being small and rounded. On the move she glided freely around the ring moving parallel at all times. Nicely marked coat of silky texture and fairly long, Clean and groomed correctly. Delighted to award her Best Of Breed.

2nd Reynolds Mrs j - Hollinsclose One Love 

Very attractive male of two years old strongly built active happy little dog. super attentive to handler throughout. Head fairly broad with skull flat between ears, well defined in stop, strong in muzzle with nose dark in pigment and open nostrils. Eyes round dark relatively large showing intelligent expression. Ears pendant shaped of moderate length with long fringing. Correct scissor bite with jaws strong. Proudly arched neck flowing to a strong level topline. Short in body with ribs well sprung, strong loin with good tuck up. Well muscled hindquarters with good turn of stifle. Straight in legs with feet small and rounded. In front, forelegs were straight with good bone. He moved freely coming and going and showed great attention to handler. Clean soft silkly coat with long, wavy hair in traditional lion trim. I’m sure placings could easily change.

Open (2/1)

1st Godfrey & Peacock - Golbourne’s Dark Obsession

A lovely black and cream handsome male. Nearly 5 years old and still showing fabulous attention to handler throughout. Cheeky boy with a look at me attitude. Strongly built, alert happy dog. Fairly broad in skull, defined in stop with strong muzzle, scissor bite with strong jaws. Eyes round with true intelligent expression. Moderate length to ears with long fringing. Neck arched proudly flowing to well laid shoulders. Strong in body with level topline. Strong loin with moderate tuck up. Ribs well sprung. Tail carried gaily on the move, clipped with tuft of plumage. Well muscled in rear, straight with good turn of stifle. In front, round in bone, strong and straight. On the move he showed such enjoyment, pushing with rear drive and parallel reach in front. Pleased to award him Reserve Best Of Breed being beaten by his kennel mate for BOB.

Rachael Stirzaker 

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