• Show Date: 19/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Rachael Stirzaker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Cleveland Dog Society

Cleveland Dog Society

19th February 2023

Would just like to say thank you to the society for offering me this appointment. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was delighted to see some amazing young people in these handling classes. As exhibitors, judges or parents it’s our job to let these youngsters gain confidence, get hands on, politeness and to have fun. It was such a lovely time for me with these classes and I’m grateful to all entries. Thank you

YKC Handling Classes

Class A Ages 6-11 yrs

1st Ruby Ross aged 9

Smart young lady, very attentive throughout. Showing a Bedlington Terrier and seemed to have a wonderful relationship with who was also aged 9 years. Ruby listened to clear instructions on what I asked of her. She demonstrated good handling of her dog and while on doing table work, she told me details on her dogs breed and age. Ruby showed me her dogs teeth all round and as I moved around to assess the dog, she positioned herself as to not be in the way. On movement Ruby set her dog away with her at a good steady pace again not coming between myself and her dog and paid good attention as to where I was. Excellent handling for such a young lady and I look forward to hearing good news on further results from this wonderful partnership.

Class B ages 12-17 years

1St Scarlett Costello aged 15

 Very smart young lady held good confidence throughout. Listened to clear instruction from me and set away with her Chow-chow leading the class round. On Assessment Scarlett told me her dogs details age, breed etc., all sides to teeth shown by her. Scarlett showed good knowledge as well as being politely spoken. On instruction, she listened to what I was asking of her and moved to the pattern I asked for very confidently and for a young lady of 15 years old, she did so with passion. I’m sure Scarlett will have a wonderful career ahead in handling, do keep up the hard work.

2Nd Mia Rogerson aged 12

Another young lady who came into class very smart and showing good confidence. Showing a beautiful male whippet who together worked very well. On Assessment Mia interacted with myself confidently and answered the questions I asked of her very politely. Mia aged 12 years old, had good knowledge of her dogs details and demonstrated good positioning as I went over her dog. On the move Mia and her dog worked in unison together and did just as i asked of them on pattern work. Was very close between 1st and 2nd and I’m certainly sure between these young ladies positions could change weekly. Very well done Mia.

3Rd Eryn Williams aged 17

4th Katie Read aged 12

5Th Kelsey Humble aged 15

Class C ages 18-24

1st Charlotte Westerman aged 21

What a lovely, pleasant young lady Charlotte is. She showed a wonderful relationship with her Miniature Pinscher today. On first view she came to the ring ready and waiting, as her little dog was giving her much attention. Charlotte demonstrated to me such professional experience throughout. She made good use of the whole ring when asked to go around. Moving on to table work, Charlotte gave me her dogs age and also showed me teeth when asked to. On the move, both maintained parallel to each other working together as they listened to my instructions. Charlotte despite being on her own in this class, she never made a mistake and was fully aware of her surroundings and where I was. A delightful young lady to be proud of.


1st Amelia Richardson aged 7

Very pleasant young girl, full of smiles and excellent ring presence. Very confident for such a youngster. Was able to give me her dogs details, show me teeth etc. Listened to instruction and was away with pattern work. She showed me a beautiful relationship with her St. Poodle who was also aged 7 years old. Very well done young lady.

2nd Catherine Chandler aged 7

Another pleasant young lady who came in the ring almost riding the back of her Pyrenean mountain dog. What a wonderful pair these 2 were. Very smart in presentation with good confidence throughout. For a dog so large as this male, he was a pure gentle giant and behaved so well for his handler. Catherine was able to show me his teeth and give me some details of her dog. Worked super together on movement. Keep up the good work.

3rd Thomas Ross aged 6

Now this little man so young and innocent was just a dream. Came in the ring very smart and handsome. Handling his Bedlington terrier today who again made a delightful pair. Thomas was able to give me details of his little dog and on movement he listened very carefully as to what I was asking of him. A super young man who I hope continues to grow with confidence and to have a lovely handling future ahead.


1st Katie Read aged 12

Confident and smart young lady as she entered the ring. Handling her G.S.P today who working together held a fantastic partnership. Katie demonstrated good ring presence throughout giving me details of her dog when asked. On movement pattern work was as i asked and both Katie and her dog moved together as one. Well done Katie.

2nd Scarlett Costello aged 15

As above class B. Just to add Scarlett was handling her pug in this class of 1 years old. Scarlett did correct herself on one occasion so well done for observation of where i was and to not come between myself and her dog. Very good relationship together. Well done Scarlett.


1st Eryn Williams aged 17

Confident and relaxed young lady. Smartly dressed with excellent ring presence. Handling her Siberian Husky aged 2 years. Gave me good details of her dog and whilst I was assessing, Eryn kept moving so to not hinder me from going over her dog. On movement Eryn and her dog where in unison together throughout. Did pattern work as I asked with clean straight movement. Super attentive to each other showing a great respected relationship together. Very well done Eryn.


1st Sean Ross aged 36

Smart and confident handler. Showing his Bedlington Terrier who again was very attentive to handler. Sean demonstrated excellent ring presence throughout. Very professional like but relaxed. Good table manners as I went over his dog giving me details age, showing teeth etc. On movement Sean did pattern work as I asked of him moving in unison with his dog together making a great example of how a partnership between handler and dog should be. Very well done Sean.


Mandy Corbett aged 45

Super smartly dress lady. Handling her Smooth coat Chihuahua. Together I could tell they shared much love for one another. Mandy was equally as attentive to her dog as she was to her handler. On the table, Mandy settled her dog and reassured her for me to assess. Due to a previous scare, the little dog did just perfectly today allowing me to assess bite and around her head with no issues. On movement Mandy listened to all i asked of her and moved off as a team with her dog. Keep up the good work Mandy , your Confidence is growing.


1ST Lesley Read aged 46

Wonderful partnership for this pair. Excellent ring presence from the start. Entered very professionally and confidently. Handling her G.S.P female who was a delight and very attentive throughout. Lesley demonstrated good pattern work maintaining straight lines on the move keeping watch where I was so not to come between her dog and I. Smart lady whom I’m sure does very well. Well done Lesley.

2nd Patricia Rogerson aged 58

Another lady showing me a beautiful relationship between herself and her German Spitz Mittel. Lovely ring presence throughout giving equal attention to her dog as he did his handler. Handling confidently, Patricia moved to the pattern work I’d asked for and kept to a steady straight pace. Good table manners being polite when spoken with. Another lady I’m sure will do very well in handling. Well done Patricia.

Rachael Stirzaker (Ameliachi Chihuahuas)