• Show Date: 30/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Petula Humphrey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 04/10/2023

West Bromwich & Wednesbury Canine Society

Chinese Crested

Junior 3:0

1st and BOB Mr A J & Mrs M Brookes – Karamouche Kiss This At Zetamaz

17 month black and white powder puff. Small, active and graceful with soft veil of hair. Tapering muzzle. Correct head proportions. Lovely length of body. Tail correctly set and carried well in motion. Long, flowing elegant movement with good reach and drive

2nd Mrs K Vidler – Epiphany Call of The Knight

12 month smooth hairless dog of deer type. Taller than 1st but still within standard. Correct bone. Tapered muzzle. Correct head proportions. Correct tail which was carried correctly displaying a happy temperament. Just needs to settle a little on the move

3rd Mrs M Farquharson – Shansal Man of Steel

Post Graduate 2:1

1st Mrs M Farquharson – Shansal Man of Steel

12 month Powder Puff dog. Well presented in good coat. Front okay but when stood stands at 10 tp 2. Good overall proportions. Moved with reach and drive

Open 4:1

1st, RBOB Mrs C Piper – Be My Dog’s Topsail Cody of Zanjero (Imp Deu) JW

5 year old hairless dog of deer type. Lovely head with dark eyes with correct proportions. Very good front. Level topline maintained stood and on the move. Tail set correctly and used well. Long, flowing and elegant movement with reach and drive

2nd Miss D K Boden – Ensidias You Me You Wish At Gemadar (Imp Swe)

3 year old hairless dog more cobby than 1st. Very good front. Correct head. Good overall proportions. Moved with reach and drive. Just let himself down as standing hunched at times so topline not always level

3rd Mrs Kerry – Godpeakiki Viva Andromeda


Puppy 3:0

1st, BPIB, TPG3 Mrs J Davidson-Postin – Elena Kolekcja Szuwarka Spinillons (IKC)

9 month tri bitch who exudes breed type. For one so young she jus5t knows her job and fills the eye. Dainty and well balanced with an alert bearing and intelligent expression. Very large mobile ears which are already heavily fringed. Abundant coat which is long, fine and silky. Lovely dark eyes. Maintained a level topline stood and on the move. Movement light, free-flowing, positive and unrestricted. I do hope she can get the recognition and the titles she deserves

2nd Mrs J Nash – Ookiimimi Serenity

11 month red sable and white bitch. Fine and dainty and very feminine. Well balanced and in very good coat. Displayed a lively, intelligent friendly temperament. Good head with well set ears with plenty of fringing. Good all round angulations. Moved well but needs to settle a little

3rd Mrs L Slater – Bresar’s Almeno Tu Nelll’ Universo In Zizula (Imp Ita)

Junior 1:0

1st Mrs K Milroy – Lafford Inspector Lewis At Farthinghall

13 month black and white dog in full correct coat. Lovely head with correct set dark eyes and correct skull proportions. Large, well fringed ears which are correctly set and used well. Good overall angulations. Correct tail set. Just a little uncertain at times. Movement a little stop/start and needs more fluidity

Post Graduate 4:1

1st, RBOB Mrs C P Lees Lafford Black Onyx JW

18 month black and white dog. Lovely head with correct proportions. Well set, fringed, large ears. Has a more solidly marked head. Tail well set on. Presented in excellent condition. A little unsettled at times, but moved well when settled

2nd Mrs J Nash – Ookiimimi Pirouette

3 year old red sable and white bitch. Good head but large, well fringed ears not as well set. Balanced proportions. Tail set good. Good front and rear, moved well

3rd Mrs K Milroy – Farthingall’s Candy Man

Open 4:1

1st, BOB, TG2 Mrs J Davidson-Poston – Dual CH Sky Butterfly Elven Cron Prince Spinillons SK Winner 23 (Imp Rus)

Well, all I can say is wow! This 2 year old tri dog caught my eye. So well presented in full, fine silky coat. Head is of correct proportions with the most glorious, large fringed ears. So dainty and well balanced with an alert bearing and intelligent expression. Maintained a level topline both stood and on the move. Movement was light, free-flowing, positive and free from restrictions. This BOB gave him his final point for this SHEX. Would hope he gets recognition and awards at Championship shows

2nd Miss D Goodwin – Melangel Fabulous Man For Paplene

5 year old black and white dog of good breed type. Fine and dainty with overall good proportions. Lovely head with dark, correctly set eyes. Ears not as well set as 1st but very well fringed. Coat fine and silky and abundant. Front feet when stood turning at 10 to 2. Tail set not as good as 1st. Moved freely

3rd Mrs L Slater & Mr R Da-Silva – Magic Sunrise Brigand With Burghbridge (Imp LVA)

Miniature Pinscher

Junior 2:0

1st Mrs T Billington – Aquepins Phryne Fisher

Sturdy, compact 15 month black and tan bith. Moved with a precise hackney gait. Well proportioned head and skull with correct eyes and ears. Lovely front. Hindquarters well developed, muscular with good sweep of stifle

2nd BPIB TPG2 Mrs J James Jaegorson The Edge

8 ½ month black and tan dog. Towards the upper end of the height limit. Good head but neck could be a little shorter. Would prefer the length of back to be a little shorter as not exactly short coupled. Gait was more extended trot than the precise hackney gait

Post Graduate 2:0

1st BOB Mrs S Twigg – Teffys Felix Felicis

2 year old back and tan bitch. Well balanced, sturdy, compact, elegant and short coupled. Moved with a precise hackney gait. Wonderful head with glorious ear set and eyes. Strong but graceful neck. Good sweep of stifle. Presented well and at one with her young handler

2nd Mrs T Billington – Aquepins Agatha Raisin

15 month black and tan bitch, litter sister to 1st in Junior but a larger type, but not too close to maximum height. Many of the attributes of her sister but just a little unsettled on the move

Open 1:0

1st RBOB Mrs T Billington – Aquepins Jessica Fletcher JW

15 month black and tan bitch. Litter sister to 1st Junior and 2nd Post Grad. Many of the attributes of her sisters. Moved out well with precise hackney gait

Italian Greyhound

Junior 2:0

1st BPIB Mrs H Mack & Ms T Risca – Minitops Milo

9 month blue bitch who was very confident. Although very raw at present she was elegant and graceful. Lovely head, large eye, rose ears correctly set. Long, graceful neck. Lovely ‘s’ shaping. High stepping free movement

2nd Miss K Wallace Horne – Loutony Little Brother

17 month fawn and white dog. Stood hunched and with right front foot turned out. The hunched position made him appear to rise from the withers to the loin before sloping to the croup. He moved okay but appeared a little uncertain at times

Post Graduate 2:0

1st BOB, TG3 Mrs G D Bird – Tamiskene Hamilton

18 month fawn and white dog who stood out. Wonderful ‘s’ shaping with a slight arch over the loin. Most glorious head with large, bright eyes. Correct rose ears. Long, graceful arched neck. Well bent stifles with well let down hocks. Movement was high stepping and free with propulsion from behind

2nd Mrs F Righton – Zephyrelli Raphaella

4 year old fawn and white bitch Good shape and proportions. Nicely shaped head with bright attentive eyes Good length of neck. Ears not as good as 1st. Moved well

Open 2:0

1st RBOB Miss K Walace Horne – Skylar’s Chico

3 ½ year old fawn and white dog. Good example of the breed. Elegant and graceful. Correct head and skull, large bright eyes. Ears okay and well set. Long, gracefully arched neck. Back slightly arched over loin. Stifles well bent and hocks well let down. Good free high stepping movement

2nd Mrs F Righton – Zephyrelli Luciana

5 year old fawn bitch starting to grey around the muzzle. Slighter in frame than 1st. Overall nice type but standing hunched which affected the overall outline. Moved well

Judge : Petula Humphrey