• Show Date: 25/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Penny Roberts Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/01/2024

Eastbourne & District Canine Society

Eastbourne & District Canine Society

Open show 25th June 2023


Blazing hot day, so a fair few absentees, but some really lovely dogs to go over. Thank you to my steward and to the Committee, who did a great job and put on a lovely show. We made use of any available shade to ensure the dogs were comfortable.


Very pleasing entry with quality across both classes.

Post Graduate (6,2)

1. Lindsey’s Tykin The Latest Fashion. 18 mo handsome fawn male developing nicely. Liked his overall proportions, good bone, and masculine strength. Head still needs to broaden, but is correct and has good ears, correct stop and good skull to muzzle balance. On the moved he was very sound. BOB.

2. Bialkowska’s Toshirainu Hoshi Tora. Lovely and promising 7 mo red bitch puppy. Very feminine. Good head, ears well set, could be smaller; nice neck and topline; sufficient angulation and lovely bone and feet. Moved out well for one so young. BPIB.

3. Bialkowska’s Toshirainu Miyuki Mavies

4. Ghent’s Claudmist Aphrodite Beauty

Open: (6,2)

1. Ghent’s Sensha Angel Eyes at Claudmist. Attractive 6yo fawn bitch. Nice outline and retaining a strong topline on the move. Very feminine head and good, strong neck, correct bone and feet. Moved out soundly. Liked her a lot. RBOB

2. Lindsey’s Krav Addict Solid Snake for Tykin (imp Fra). A very handsome youngster. 21 mo – lovely red jacket. Strong masculine head, good body and bone. Standing, he makes a great picture and looks to be maturing nicely. Today he was not as free on the move as 1.

3. Bialkowska’s Toshirainu Hoshi Tora

4. Bialkowska’s Toshirainu Miyuki Mavies

Keeshond (absent)


Open (1)

1. Cheatham’s Ch Schipdale A Kind Of Magic. Really lovely 4 yo male of super type. Small and of correct outline and in great condition. Lovely foxy head, short neck good firm front, good bone and feet. Correct outline from above. Movement was brisk and very sound. A really super champion. BOB.

Tibetan Terrier:

Junior (5,1)

1. Gell’s Lasang Flo Joe. Super, feminine pup – lovely square outline, good head and quite haughty carriage, with lovely neck and front. Moved out very well. Shows real promise – just needs more coat to complete a very picture. BPIB

2. Ford’s Avaness Stars Shine Darkly over Setrique. Very nice junior male. Shown in lovely coat, well prepared. Good head and expression, squarely made and sound on the move.

3. Hadlow’s Kybo Santa Arizona at Quidditch

4. Dawson’s Sanchara Where You Belong

Post Graduate (4,1)

1. Dyer’s Tasica Absolutely Fabulous. Striking. Her well presented golden coat covered a very nice and square outline. Loved her head and correct bite. Good bone and lovely feet. Moved round with drive – very sound. RBOB

2. Inwood’s Boshanti Yashmina at Bedivere. Another nice square outline on this bitch. Heavier coated than 1, but shown in good condition. Attractive head with lovely expression. Moved well, but not the freedom of 1.

3. Dawson’s Sanchara Where You Belong

Open (5,3)

1. Williams’ Bul Ch Tashi’s Spirit Tiger Lilly (imp BGR). It was certainly a day for the ladies, topped with this very lovely girl. Square in outline, lovely head and expression, super attitude – she certainly knew her place in the world! Correct coat, presented well. On the move she was so clean and smooth, with real drive. BOB.

2. Chessell’s Araki Magic Snowflake. Very pretty bitch, white with ‘smoke’ shading was so very attractive. I liked her outline and her beautiful feet. Sound on the move, but not quite as tidy as 1.

Bullmastiff (absent)

Dogue de Bordeaux:

Post Graduate (1)

1. Spencer’s Debskay King Of The South. 2 yo male showing good development. With pleasing overall proportions, strong bone and feet. Was lacking confidence and handler using the chance to re-acclimatise him. On the move he showed drive and soundness. BOB.

Open (1,1)

Greenland Dog:

Postgraduate (1)

1. Godfrey’s Infury Wolfey. 2 yo male. The most beautiful wedge head with breadth and strength; flat skull, good jaws, showing the correct taper. Good in body condition, nice topline and tail set. Would like a little more length and stronger bone – but a lot to like about this youngster, who moved out soundly.

Open (3,1)

1. Blaney’s Esp Ch Fenrirkin Can’t Be Late (SUI JCH). I have judged both these dogs before and they have changed order depending on the day. Today it was the lovely red and white bitch who was so on form, showing off her super outline and moving round the ring like she owned it – which she did. BOB

2. Blaney’s Esp/Sui/Int Ch Suna-Sanik’s Electric Noah of Fenrirkin (imp Nor). This handsome male is so impressive with his broad head and lovely outline and great bone. Today he was not enjoying the heat and lacked a little on the move. RBOB.

Tibetan Mastiff (absent)

Finnish Lapphund:

A lovely entry that gave me great pleasure to judge.

Junior (1)

1. Forsey’s Happy Lapp Rosy at Muzoku (imp DNK). Lovely 9 mo bitch puppy, very feminine, but not lacking in strength. I liked her correct head and lovely expression. Her overall proportions were very pleasing; strong in body and firm loin; sufficient bone. In lovely puppy coat which was well presented. Very sound on the move. BP

Post Graduate (4,1)

1. Pelling’s Tabanyaruu Aurora Ahkera. Very pretty bitch with lovely overall balance. Very good front assembly, in super coat. Moved out well. RBOB.

2. Aristides-Pickard’s Sambreeze Mikki Bear Cub. Liked the head on this boy, lovely eye shape. Good in body and bone. Moved out well, but not the drive of 1 today.

3. Fox’s Sambreeze Pingvini

Open (4,1)

1. Forsey’s Ch Arianrhod Black Sun Aeon. Very handsome and full of breed type; profuse coat, presented to advantage. Masculine with no trace of coarseness. Beautiful in head, good eyes, neat ears, which were well set. Made a very balanced picture standing and was so very sound on the move. BOB

2. Carlton’s Sambreeze Black Magic. Pretty, feminine girl with good expression. Overall well-constructed and very balanced, which showed on the move as she was sound and moved with drive.

3. Aristides-Pickard’s Sambreeze Tiianmaria

AV Minor Puppy: (25) Some absolutely lovely pups – a super class to judge.

1. James’ Aprika Fifth Avenue (Boston Terrier). Such a pretty girl with lovely head and compact build. So well balanced and combines strength with elegance. On the move she displays ease and the grace called for. A joy to watch.

2. Whitton’s Haggatty Callisto (Beagle). 7 mo male – confident and full of breed type. Sturdy and compact, with super proportions and lovely bone and feet. Lovely head. Moved out with reach and drive.

3. Ingram’s Jojavik Spangled Mob (Dobermann)

4. Draper & Khawaja’s Donaska Destined To Be (Poodle, Miniature)

5. Pett’s Rumwood Solar Eclipse (Retriever, Golden)

AV Good Citizen: (37)

1. Price’s Kierpark Moonlight Shadow among Silkdance (Whippet). Junior male with lovely outline. Very attractive head, long neck and in super body condition. Good front and rear construction and good bone and feet. Moved out freely and held his topline.

2. Thomas’ Penliath Could Be Trouble (Welsh Corgi, Pembroke). Lovely girl with very attractive head and real substance of bone and body. Feeling the heat a little – but determined to give of her best. Moved out soundly.

3. Smith’s Kessaku Bonbon (Japanese Spitz)

4. Pearn’s Bonmac Little Bo Peep (Boxer)

5. Bennett’s Helgen Romeo The Lover for Flyboron (Welsh Springer)

Penny Roberts (Archaeus)