• Show Date: 16/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Penny Roberts Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/12/2023

Evesham & District Canine Society

Evesham & District Canine Society

Open Show 16th July 2023

Siberian Husky, AV Working/Veterans


A really lovely entry and it was my good fortune to be offered this appointment when there was a club show happening on the same day. Thank you to all the exhibitors for their patience and for the chance to go over so many really good dogs.

Puppy Dog (1):

1. Johnson’s Atlanticbreeze Bailey by Lupinemoon (AI – IKC). Very attractive 11mo pup. Good head, liked his ear placement, good eyes. Correct for angulation and sufficient bone and length of leg. Nice overall proportions. On the move he was light with good foot placement, good in profile, and straight on the out and back.

Junior Dog (2): Two litter brothers of 17 months – and similar comments apply to both.

1. Goodall’s Cwnhpapus Master of Whispers.

2. Stimpson’s Cwhnapus King In The North fro Adellarz

Both attractive in head with correct eye; good neck and both had good front angulation and were good for leg. Pleasing for overall outline and proportions. Both moved well. Placement came down to 1 being more settled and maintained his topline better on the move. Two very nice boys.

Post Graduate Dog (5,1):

1. Johnson’s Kentwone Shooter at Lupinemoon. 2 yo more substantial boy, but still athletic. Liked his overall proportions. Good head and correct eye shape; ears a little small. Correct bone for size and good length of leg. Moved out well with good footfall.

2. Goodall’s Cwnhpapus Master of Whispers. Winner of Junior, see notes above.

3. Snelson’s Niflheim Blade

4. Bolsover’s Charmedkelz Fozzy Bear

Open Dog (7,2): Very mixed class.

1. Snelson’s Azgard Monticristo at Ashtrax. Really liked this 3yo. While I felt his head was a little strong, he had good ears and lovely eye shape. Correct neck flowed into a super front assembly, with sufficient bone and nice balance of leg to body proportions. Liked his length and loin and a good balancing rear. On the move he was so very sound and light on his feet. BD and BOB. An impressive male.

2. Morris’ Cwnhapus Innoko JW. 4yo. Preferred the head on this boy with correct eye giving a very nice expression. His overall balance and proportions were good, he did not have quite the power of 1. Sound on the move.

3. Patrick’s Ch Tom Bombadil of Poliarine Arktika at Coldasice

4. Crowther’s Kobuk Midnight Stargaser ShCM VW

5. Bolsover’s Charmedkelz Fozzy Bear

Puppy Bitch (4,1):

1. Cunningham’s Siberiadrift Daring Minx from Icebex. Very pretty and feminine 11mo bitch with foxy head, good ears, lovely expression. Lovely balance and leg length, strong top line. Super on the move – light and athletic. Lovely pup. BPIB.

2. Patrick’s Siberiadrift White Winter. Slightly heavier all through, but very pretty and feminine girl. Good head with good ears. Nicely angulated front and rear; good bone and leg length. Moved out well. Another very nice pup.

3. Spruce’s Mysticwolf Mo Cuishle

Junior Bitch (7,2). Junior coat drop across the class. Decision between 1 and 2 very close.

1. Caudy’s Arctictreks Goldilocks at Snodragon. Feminine youngster with very good head, lovely ears, good neck and very nice front. Liked her overall proportions, strong topline. Would like a little more rear angulation. Moved well.

2. Bolsover’s Charmedkelz’s Dreamfyre. Another nice and very pretty headed girl with very good front. Nice overall make and shape; a little too angulated in rear – which presented me with an interesting conundrum. Good on the move.

3. Snelson’s Sakino’s Envy at Ashtrax

4. Platt’s Keriquel Heart And Soul

Post Graduate Bitch (7) A nice class with some hair-splitting.

1. Hannam’s Charoite Sundance. Attractive girl of athletic outline, presenting a balanced picture with good length of leg. She won this class on the move where she demonstrated light, free movement and good foot placement.

2. Stimpson’s Cwnhapus Scirocco Avec Adellarz. Took my eye when she entered the ring and presented a lovely picture on the stand. While very sound she was not as balanced or easy on the move as 1.

3. Caudy’s Arctictreks Goldilocks at Snodragon

4. Bolsover’s Charmedkelz’s Dreamfyre

5. Stimpson’s Cwhnapus King In The North fro Adellarz

Open Bitch (7). A class of real quality.

1. Seward’s Elleonia Hear Me Now. Super head on this lovely bitch – who was just ‘right’ all through, standing and on the move. I noted her as both ‘workmanlike’ and feminine. In body she was balanced and of lovely proportions. On the move she was so sound - light and free. Delighted my eye. In the challenge she was a lovely counterpoint to the male. BB and RBOB.

2. Ferretti’s Arcticskies Super Trouper for Lyrvid JW. Another pretty and feminine girl with lovely head and good proportions throughout. Nothing overdone. Very sound on the move.

3. Norman’s Skimarque Shades of Midnite

4. Bolsover’s Charmedkelz All Seein Angel

5. Spruce’s Mysticwolf Diesel’s Dream

Tibetan Mastiff – no entries

AV Working

Puppy (9,6)

• Harvey & Bole Harvlin’s Mystification (Boxer). Delightful boxer bitch puppy – super feminine head, good neck and lovely shape. Good bone and feet. I loved the fact that she was such a happy show girl. Moved very nicely.

• Johnson’s Atlanticbreeze Bailey by Lupinemoon (AI – IKC). Siberian Husky puppy – notes as above.

• Love’s Gorsebern Question Mark

Junior (,4)

1. Goodall’s Cwnhpapus Master of Whispers. (Siberian Husky 1st Junior Dog - Notes as above in breed.)

2. Bolsover’s Charmedkelz’s Dreamfyre (Siberian Husky, 2nd in Junior Bitch – Notes as above in breed)

3. Stimpson’s Cwhnapus King In The North for Adellarz

4. Snelson’s Sakino’s Envy at Ashtrax.

Post Graduate ((7,6)

1. Snelson’s Sakino’s Envy at Ashtrax (Siberian Husky). 3rd in breed Junior bitch. Apologies, no notes.

Open (7,5)

1. Stimpson’s Cwnhapus Takhini with Adellarz. (Siberian Husky) 4yo substantial male. Well constructed and conveyed balance in outline. Very sound on the move.

2. Crowther’s Kobuk Foxtail Lily. (Siberian Husky). Very pretty girl with feminine head and sufficient length of leg. Not quite as tidy on the move.

Special Veteran 7-9 years (11,7) Super veterans.

1. Morris’ Zaltana Cwnhapus Tegan (imp Pol) JW ShCM (Siberian Husky) Very attractive bitch of more compact outline. In super condition and with some glamour! The most lovely front and so very sound on the move.

2. Simmons’ Ch Chepam Woronora ShCM (Bouvier des Flandres). 8yo bitch of lovely compact shape, feminine but giving an impression of power. So very fit and sound.

3. Seward’s Forstal’s Crystal with Elleonia JW

4. Bolsover’s Charmedkelz All Seein Angel

Special Veteran 10 + years (5,3)

1. Smith’s Ch Amical Snow White VW. From her lovely foxy head to her super overall make and shape, this 11yo showed no signs of the passage of time. Super balanced outline and so very sound on the move. What a lovely champion! Best Working Veteran

2. Crowther’s Kobuk Midnight Stargazer. ShCM VW. (Siberian Husky) Super head on this 12 yo. Lovely type and made a great picture standing. Couldn’t match 1 on the move today, but such a lovely veteran.

Judge Penny Roberts (Archaeus)