• Show Date: 28/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Penny Roberts Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Wellingborough & District Canine Society

Wellingborough & District Canine Society

28th January 2023

Judge’s critique – Kooikerhondje

Thank you to the committee for this lovely appointment and thank you to all the exhibitors who came out on the day. A super, quality, entry which was such a pleasure to go over. This lovely breed deserves closer attention – they are joyful and busy, full of personality and fit for their intended function!

Puppy (2)

1. Purser’s Twybrook Charming Prince. Litter mates but quite different. 9mo male, well up to size; up on leg, and needs to drop into himself, but time enough for that. Sweet expression and lovely, correctly set ears with the most attractive ‘earrings’. Good clear coat colour of correct texture. Good in body and very sound on the move. BP

2. Stewart’s Twybrook Sweet Princess. Really liked this neat pup with her lovely head and ears and nice outline. Good for bone and correct feet and liked her overall balance. Unfortunately was a little distracted, and while she did relax and move soundly, I preferred the topline and ‘easy’ movement of 1 on the day.

Special Yearling (2,1)

1. Wallis’ Gladsheim Veritas. What a star! 20 mo male with real presence. Handsome head with lovely pigment, correct ears and earrings growing beautifully. Good neck, lovely balanced angulation, correct off-square outline and clear, rich colour coat. Lovely topline, croup and tail with abundant plume. He topped this with super sound movement. RBOB.

Post Graduate (3,1)

1. Williams’ Gladsheim Arunika. Pretty 5yo bitch. Attractive head, eyes of good colour but perhaps a little round. Nice for size with lovely neck and good front, with balanced rear angulation. Pleasing balanced outline. Nice bone and good straight legs. Nothing overdone. Moved well.

2. Gutteridge’s Bentin Trojan. 3yo male with a huge personality and a lovely voice. Handsome head, with lovely expression, good neck and balanced outline. Coat of good colour and well presented. Loved his plume with the black ring. Movement good in profile, but not as clean out and back.

Limit (6,2)

1. Stewart & Sstraaijer’s Qunack’s Favor Light for Twybrook (imp NLD). Very attractive 3 yo bitch with lovely front and balanced outline. Good head, but ears could fall closer to head and are missing some fringing. In super coat and shown in lovely condition. Scores on the move where she is so sound.

2. Sutter’s Genetika Wake Up Aurora. This 5 yo has the most lovely headpiece, and well placed ears. Thick coat of good colour, with some attractive black tipping. Nice for bone, balanced outline. Another sound mover. This was a close decision.

3. Williams’ Cairnbraid Onwaba Lukimbi of Gladsheim (imp Bel)

4. Guy’s Gladsheim Eleodoro

Open (6,1) 1 & 2 were tip-top veterans and so lovely to go over them. Standing together they presented a great picture.

1. Sutter’s Cirtaps Hertogin Freya Van Qira-T at Genetika. I did not believe that this lovely bitch was 10 yo. So very sound and full of type and personality. Sweet head and expression, good ears with earrings. Lovely size, balanced and very correct outline, solid topline, croup and super plume. On the move she was outstanding. Could not deny her BOB.

2. Williams’ Daniella Vom Thyrowberg to Gladsheim (imp Deu) ShCM, VW. Another cracking veteran, this one 10.5 years. Lovely head and ears, good neck and lovely body shape. Both these girls shown in lovely condition and so fit. Another very sound mover. A joy to go over.

3. Stewart’s Duckhills Thistledown Dance of Emmi over Twybrook (imp Swe)

4. Guy’s Cirtaps Prinses Bynton Ida Rose MK (imp Swe)

5. Sutter’s Chriskoois Octavius at Genetika

Penny Roberts